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Tablo's NanoWriMo Challenge with Publisher Partners

Hi there!

NanoWriMo is just around the corner (seriously, it's tomorrow)! This year we've partnered with two amazing publishers to read and review select manuscripts that are written on Tablo. Between 3 and 5 authors will have the chance to be reviewed for publication.

To enter, all you need to do is write your NaNoWriMo novel on Tablo and submit it to the NaNoWriMo Community. Here's everything you need to know:

Dream of Being Seen by a Publisher? 
Tablo is partnering with publishers Pantera Press and Hardie Grant Egmont, who will be reading the top 3-5 novels shared in Tablo’s NanoWriMo community. 
Getting read by a publisher could be the first step in your literary career! If you’re one of the winners, there’s a chance you’ll get valuable feedback too. 

 Submitting Your Novel
1. Start by writing your NaNo novel as a new book on Tablo.
2. Add your NanoWriMo novel to Tablo’s NanoWriMo community by clicking ‘Submit Your Novel’, and it automatically goes into the running. 
3. Entries are accepted from 1 November - 30 November. 
4. Don’t forget to add an enticing synopsis!
5. Tablo will use our reader engagement insights, and our editorial opinion, to prepare a shortlist.
6. If you’re one of the 3-5 manuscripts chosen, we’ll be in touch to ask for a few details, and then share your book with our publishing partners.
You'll have the best chance of being discovered if you're updating your book regularly and attracting a strong readership. Just keep in mind that we’ll need your final entry submitted on Tablo by the end of November. 

Who’s Eligible?
The publishers are Australian but will read English-language submissions from around the world.  

What our Publishing Partners are Looking For
Pantera Press
Pantera Press is an Australian publisher focussed on nurturing the next generation of writers and readers. “At Pantera Press, our editor Lucy is looking for the winning combination of a strong voice, an intriguing plot and engaging characters. She wants a clean, easy read with well-developed themes and writing that makes her lose track of time while she’s reading. Something that draws her in and gives her just enough description of the setting to lose herself in the world without it becoming too dense. She wants to become emotionally involved in the story and experience the highs and lows of the characters. Lucy would love to see the next Liane Moriarty, Jane Harper, Melina Marchetta, Matthew Reilly or Tim Winton.”

Hardie Grant Egmont
Based in Melbourne, Australia, Hardie Grant Egmont publishes bestselling and award-winning fiction for children and teenagers. “Our publisher Marisa Pintado is currently seeking books for readers aged 5–15, with a particularly interest in contemporary, mystery, adventure, thrillers and horror stories. Whatever the genre, the most important thing is a fantastic hook – Marisa wants to be immediately intrigued by the premise, and think, Huh! I hope this writer can pull that off because it sounds awesome. She’s also keen on books with a sense of fun about them, even if they explore important or serious topics – we all need more humour and liveliness at the moment!”

Start drafting! Good luck. And have a great NanoWriMo!

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Quick question, is it ok to submit a work in progress, and continue to write it as we go through the month, or do you only want submissions once they've cleared the 50k mark?

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It’s absolutely ok to submit a work in progress and continue updating through the month 😊 Publishing progressively will likely get you some more attention from readers too, which will lead us to pay more attention to your book when we review entries come December.

Good luck!

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that's just works in progress that are not already on tablo isn't it. A lot of my stuff on tablo are works in progress. Loving the challenge but as working on two books. I doubt I'll have 10,000 in each of them. ah well it's fun and keeps me motivated so thanks very much sláinte x

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Do we have to finish the first draft by the end of November? And once we hit the 50k do we have to notify you somehow? Though I imagine that's pretty clear to you guys as you have the manuscript lol!

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Hi Lyn - about to announce a slight (just a few days) extension of the deadline (to come). We are not affiliated with NaNoWriMo and have not specified a word length for entries - in fact fine if people submit much less than 50,000. Even 10,000 words will give us a good idea of potential but of course we'd love to get the whole draft too! And that will give us an even more concrete idea.
All the best in this final period!

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This is a great competition. I'm very inspired by such events and give strength for working creativity. And also sometimes it saves from bad mood and depression. I'm a person of society and this kind of communication is important for me. Recently, I had a depressed state and needed the support of not only family and friends, but also people with whom I communicate in society. I read about a similar situation here And I realized that I'm not alone and some people also need the support of even unfamiliar people.

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