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Extra details for Tablo’s NaNo Challenge

Hi there,

Day 3 of NaNoWriMo! Hope your writing is going well and you're setting aside enough time to write each day.

Here's a few extra notes to help with submissions to Tablo's NaNo Challenge:

- Share your novel gradually as you write chapter by chapter or you can submit it at the end of November.

- Please ONLY share novels in this space – no short stories, no non-fiction etc. Thanks.

- If you published your book before November then it’s not part of NaNoWriMo as the challenge is to write a new novel afresh. We will be moderating entries to only show eligible books and we’ll have to discount novels written before November from our challenge.

- We know the whole idea of NaNoWriMo is to write a draft, it's not final - the publishers know this and are looking for novels with potential.

We're already enjoying what you've shared - looking forward to reading more.

Jemma x

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Hello! I’ve been submitting my novel as I write, but I can never seem to find it in the “submitted entries” section, do I need to do more than submit it?

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Catherine sorry I missed this! It sure is there - have seen it in trending - fyi only a certain amount of books come up in those carousels you can see, but if they've been added they're there for us to see. Good luck with the final few days!

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Hello! I've been uploading my Nanowrimo novel in batches of five chapters every few days, would that penalise me at all or is this method OK? :)

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No problem! Regularly updating/adding will give you more chance of going into trending along with the amount of reads...all the best with it!

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Just added my book. Hopefully, it qualifies. I started it earlier in the year but took a break until now. I need to finish it up. :) So whether it qualifies or not, I am working on it. :)

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Hi, Jemma.

I have revised and rewrote my novel from scratch since the NaNoWriMo month began, is it still eligible?

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Hi there - if the novel was previously shared on Tablo (i.e. before 1 Nov.) then it's wouldn't be eligible - it has to be a new submission. But there's a way around that if you've revised and substantially changed it etc - you could just create a new book and add it since it's a different version.

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added my book , i was working on two stories so won 50 000k across both but still working on both, too >u< only uploaded one though :/ ahh biting off more than i can chew, wrote 2 190 000 word novels since last nanowrimo plus these now and another random 130k in between >u< my wrists hurt :'(

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Hi. Is it still possible to keep adding new chapters to my book that I entered in the NaNoWriMo challenge even though the deadline has passed?

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Sorry for the (long!) delay here Bethany and Catherine, just saw your questions above. That's ok since the bulk of it was added during the legit period.

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Oh Jemma I've continued writing mine should I not I didn't know we had to stop oops should I stop adding to it now

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HI Susan - it's ok since the bulk was added during that NaNo period specified. Thanks

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