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There are three levels of book editing. Each level is priced per word. Share your rough word count above and we'll tweak all of the estimates below.

1. Copy Editing

Copy editing is all about consistency. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, tense, and tone are all reviewed by a professional set of eyes. A Tablo editor will work with your story to make sure it's accurate and consistent from the beginning to the end.

Think of copy editing as a professional polish. Line by line, we work through your story and make edits according to the Tablo Style Guide. We typically make hundreds of edits in each novel. We'll share all of our edits and suggestions with you, along with a letter from the editor to discuss the changes, and a vocabulary list that's created from your story. If you're self-publishing, or thinking about submitting a manuscript to a traditional publisher, copy editing is a crucial process to consider.

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2. Deep Copy & Line Editing

Deep editing is where things start to get serious. We'll read through your story multiple times and, in addition to copy edits, we'll advise on your story's structure, plot, characterisation, and overall feel. The outcome for deep editing will be a book that's ready for publication.

A big requirement for deep editing is that we pair you with the right editor. It's important to work with someone who has experience in your genre, so pairing is a big part of the application process. As deep editing involves a critical observation of the story's overall feel, you can work with the editor over a number of weeks until you're completely happy with the feedback that they've shared.

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3. A Complete Editing Experience

Professional editing, we believe, is all about the relationship you build with your editor. A complete editing experience involves three to five rounds of deep editing of your story, providing guidance on everything from copy to structure, and ongoing professional support to help your story continue to improve in the future.

This is by far the deepest form of editing, and it will see you grow the most as a writer. You'll have scheduled, ongoing calls with a professional editor who will work hard to ingrain themselves in your story. It's the best package to prepare your story for publication, and we'll work hard in the background to connect you with the right publishers.

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