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Hey i actually had a few questions
Im new and i would like to know how to edit my profile and how to change the cover of my story.

I hope someone will be able to help

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It depends what device you're using, but on desktop if you click the drop down menu in the top right, there's a settings menu and you can edit your profile there. You can edit your books cover by clicking "publish on Tablo" at the top centre and then it will give you the option to upload a file, or through my books > details

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What about on an IPhone 5s

Thumb 0430e1d4 dc80 4081 8d4b 1dd30566bf9e

I don't have one sorry so I don't know how that works! There should be a help section though where you can ask?

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Amazing to share this guidelines and its really a informative discussion. they are so effective from accessing your system control panel and it will be provide a many simple ways to make simple to finding this control panel.

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Heyyyy I've just recently turned 13.
I've just started a book called Empire Of Souls:Pride and if someone could read that and get back to me here I'll give you my email so we can get in touch more easily and you can tell me what you think!
Thanks anyway!!

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Thumb 559bc6a1 ff02 4894 b5b2 be6ff6128a7b

Hey I've red up to the 4th chapter so far (I'll read more later) and I think that your story is very easy to read and even though it's slightly complicated it isn't in a bad way. It leaves a lot of gaps in the story for plot twists to make the readers want to read more. Overall the only things I could see that could put the readers off is how big your writing paragraphs are. This can put readers of before they have even started which would be honestly really bad because your story is actually REALLY good and gripping!
I hope you think mine is good, but I haven't had much experience so it probably isn't. Any negative things you might say just improves my writing so thanks!!

Thumb 876031ea 7243 43bd b544 fdc6dd0e6f1d

I started reading the story Lexi and Dax. I think the beginning is well thought of, and a typical bicker between a guy and girl. Lol and i did think the paragraphs were a bit too big. But I wanted to keep them long, so I could fit details that were happening in that time.

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1c247d433506425bfe4503ca6817b0c8.png? avatar default thumb

How do I comment on works? This might not be the right place to ask, therefore I am sorry. I am new and find this application abit difficult and hard to use. I am on a iPhone.

Thumb 559bc6a1 ff02 4894 b5b2 be6ff6128a7b

Hi izzy I am on iPhone as well so I can help you. To comment or put a cover on your story you have to go on the website. Hope this helped

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