The Great Unending


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Chapter 1 - Darkest Point

The darkest points in the world still shine.  Light permeates everything in this universe and cannot be dimmed by any type of natural phenomenon.  It was built this way by The Creator.  You might be acquainted with him as under his nom de guerre, God.  My experience with the creature is far more complicated, and carries a great weight of history with it.  As for me, I've had many names over the years.  Some I've liked.  Others I've simply rejected for their banality and lack of imagination.  The name most of the universe is familiar with is that of Death.

You may be wondering why I'm telling you a story and given my reputation - why you would continue reading such a tome?  The truth is that I have a few stories to tell.  I could regale with the many famous people I've had the occasion to supervise in their last moments but it wouldn't leave you warm.  The chill would break your bones, and cleave your heart into frigid bits of humanity.  The romantic vision of the last few moments of a person's life is a lie.  It is a moment in which life leaves the body, a soul is culled, and the light within is snuffed forever.  There is a complex and complicated process undertaken by my Reapers.  The early days were rough.  Messy.  Since that first stumbling foray into our responsibilities we've become quite exceptional at our jobs.

I don't sit in an office all day if that's what your thinking.  I'm out in the field with my teams working the scenes, the moments, and the bodies.  We each have our focuses and disciplines.  An specially trained unit is assigned to children.  Even in our state as cosmic entities, there is a small space of us can ache and hurt.  Every Reaper has a partner, and we've taken to employing some as counselors. The Creator's influence has infected even myself, old as I am.  We've argued before who is the older of us, and we seem to have forgotten who came first.

I could wax poetic about tabloid stars and stars of years past, present and future.  I'm sure it would sell a great many books, and maybe even make it to the small, or even the big screen.  Those are stories you already know.  The stories you don't know, or those that need to be told - that's the kind of story I'm going to tell you.

A fair warning - any story I tell will rankle your nerves and unsettle your psyche.  I am Death, after all.  My interactions drip with blood, and slosh with the guts of the, well, dead.

You can't say you weren't warned.  Let's see…who shall we start with first?  Ah, yes.  The man with a most unfortunate name.

James Matthew Saint John.

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