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Tablo is the best place to create, print and publish a
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Tablo is used by all writers, from debut novelists to New York Times bestsellers, to create, print and self-publish their books. Creating a book with Tablo is easy, and you'll have the tools that you need to print, sell and build your writing career. Join over 100,000 others and become a published author with Tablo today.

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It's so easy, you'll want to write even more.

Creating a professional looking book with Tablo is incredibly easy, and fun.

Publishing doesn't need to be hard. With Tablo, you can upload a Word Document and PDF, or create a book from scratch. It's as simple as creating a blog post or a website –– picking themes, adding images, and formatting text –– but the result is a paperback or hardcover book that you can hold in your hands.

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It's the largest distribution network available to authors.

Self-publish and sell your books worldwide, from Amazon to your local bookstore.

When you publish a book with Tablo, it will be available with nearly every bookstore in the world. There are 40,000 bookstores and 30,000 libraries in Tablo's network, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and thousands of physical brick-and-mortar stores.

Anytime a reader purchases your book, it will be printed and shipped from the closest available printer. You'll have global availability, without the overheads of inventory, and earn a profit on every book that you sell.

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Perfect for hosting a book launch, or selling directly.

Print paperback and hardcover copies of your book with the click of a button.

Whether you're publishing your book to stores, or creating a book for private use, Tablo authors can print any quantity of their books with the click of a button. Books can be printed and shipped to your door in less than two weeks, and to almost anywhere in the world. They're perfect for hosting launch events, book signings, selling directly, or sharing with family and friends.

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Track your sales and royalties every day on a beautiful, insightful dashboard.

You can see a detailed breakdown of your book's sales including the type of book sold, the bookstore and country that it was sold in, and the total royalty earned for every sale. Your royalties are paid automatically via PayPal once per quarter.

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Engage our professional editors and cover designers to bring your book to life.

We love working with authors at any stage of their writing process to edit, design covers, proof and publish their books. To find out more, send us a message sharing a little about your book, and we can prepare a custom project for you.

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It's free to join Tablo and create your books.

You can use Tablo to print copies of your book, publish your book to bookstores, or both.

Book Publishing Plans

From $99/yr
  • Publish your book as an eBook, Paperback and Hardcover book.
  • Distribution to 40,000 bookstores and 30,000 libraries, including Amazon.
  • On-demand printing and distribution.
  • All ISBNs provided
  • Set your own price, keep all of your rights and royalties.
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Book Printing

From $4.99/copy
  • Print small or large quantities of your books, with volume discounts.
  • Print in Paperback or Hardcover.
  • Create your book inside Tablo, or upload finished PDF.
  • All ISBNs provided
  • Shipping to nearly any country.
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We provide all required ISBNs.

When you publish a book with Tablo, we assign ISBNs for you. A single ISBN typically costs a new author $150, but as a publisher, Tablo can include them in your publishing plan. If you already have an ISBN, that's ok. You can supply your own too.

We format and typeset your manuscript.

When you create a book inside Tablo's writer, our platform will typeset and format your book for eBook and for print, in the theme of your choice. Tablo transforms your writing into a professional, publish-ready book with the click of a button.

You keep all of your rights.

We're authors at Tablo, so we care about your rights. Tablo doesn't seek anything — only a non-exclusive permission to publish on your behalf. You'll always maintain the full rights to your book, so you can publish, cancel or change services at any time.

You keep all of your royalties.

You'll receive 100% of your sales proceeds, after retail commissions and printing costs. When you sell a book on bookstores, the print cost is automatically deducted from your royalty, so you'll earn a profit on every copy that you sell.

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Blurring the lines between self-publishing and traditional publishing.

Tablo is the only self-publishing platform that also offers traditional representation to authors.

We care deeply about disrupting the traditional publishing industry and supporting the next generation of great writers. That's why we started Tablo Tales, a publishing imprint that offers traditional representation to the most extraordinary Tablo authors. Tablo represents authors like NYT Bestseller Claire Messud and Instagram sensation Liz Climo. We believe that this model, where self-publishing and traditional publishing work together, is the future of our industry.

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Our goal is to provide the most author-friendly book publishing experience in the world.

Creating an author-friendly publishing experience means making publishing easy, fun, and fair. It means putting all of the tools to create a book, publish it, track sales, and print copies at your fingertips so that you can build your career as a writer. It means offering the fairest prices, with the most author-friendly terms –– you keep all of your rights and royalties. And it means offering a caring, collaborative arm of customer support to help you achieve your goals, both before and after publishing.

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Create your book with Tablo today.

We care deeply about creating the best possible self-publishing experience for authors — one that's simple, enjoyable, bears no gatekeepers, and lets you publish globally with the fairest possible terms. More than 100,000 authors, from debut writers to bestsellers, love using Tablo to publish their books. We hope you do too.

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