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Our vision is to provide the most author-friendly book printing and publishing experience in the world.

Creating an author-friendly printing and publishing experience means making publishing easy, fun, and fair. It means putting all of the tools to create a book, publish it, track sales, and print copies at your fingertips so that you can build your career as a writer. It means offering the fairest prices, with the most author-friendly terms – you keep all of your rights and royalties. And it means offering a caring, collaborative arm of customer support to help you achieve your goals, both before and after publishing.

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We care deeply about creating the best possible self-publishing experience for authors — one that's simple, enjoyable, bares no gatekeepers, and lets you publish globally with the fairest possible terms. More than 100,000 authors, from debut writers to bestsellers, love using Tablo to publish their books. We hope you do too.

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