Looking for inspiration? Try our author interview series, The Secret Life of Writers.

The Secret Life of Writers is a series of rambling conversations with some of the world’s most interesting and visionary writers and creative icons about how they got where they are, what they’re working on now, and how they balance art and life. These warm and personal interviews take you behind-the-scenes of the writing world.

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Featured Episodes

Sylvia whitman tablo

Sylvia Whitman on running Shakespeare and Company bookshop in Paris.

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Andy griffiths tablo

Andy Griffiths on the wild ride from punk band to rockstar children's author

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Evie wyld tablo

Evie Wyld on the landscapes of her life, not tying things up neatly, trusting the subconscious, and our remaining monsters.

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Anna funder tablo

Anna Funder on the magic curtain of language, 'Stasiland' thirty years after the Berlin Wall fell and what she’s working on now.

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Inua ellams tablo

Inua Ellams on poetry as freedom, theatre for the human spirit and the oral storytelling tradition in Nigeria.

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Luke davies tablo

Luke Davies on going from starving poet to one of the most in-demand scriptwriters in Hollywood.

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