Small Packages (Harborview Immortals Extra)


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Small Packages

A Harborview Immortals Story

Written by Emma Peterson

Copyright 2015 by Emma Peterson/CLI

Cover image courtesy of PublicDomainPictures at Pixabay

This story is a work of fiction. References to real people, places, or historical events are used fictitiously. All other characters, names, events, places, and so on are strictly products of the author’s crazed imagination. Any resemblance to actual places, events, or persons—living, dead, or zombie—is completely coincidental.

This story contains adult content.

For Yuki.

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Christmas Eve 2006

The view outside of the living room window was far more breathtaking than many of the Christmas-themed pictures and paintings that Jacob had ever seen. There was snow as far as the eye could see, about three or four inches of it, blanketing the massive front lawn and driveway. The street beyond was covered as well, though the sound of the plows two blocks over indicated that would not be the case for much longer. Snow fell in large clumps from the bare branches of the sugar maple tree in front of the house across the street. All of the neighbors’ houses were festively decorated with numerous strings of bright, blinking lights that cut through the darkness with alternating flashes of red and green. Some of the houses displayed Nativity scenes while others had Santa and his reindeer. The Taylors, who lived two houses down on the other side of the street, had both. It was a combination that amused Jacob to no end—even more so because of the zombie garden gnomes that were acting as stand-ins for two reindeer and one of the Wise Men.

“We should decorate the outside of the house one of these years.” He turned his head slightly to the right to acknowledge the vampire who had joined him at the window. “Maybe the neighbors would like us then.”

“Do you really care if they like us or not?” Dominic asked.

“No, but it would be nice if they didn’t stare at our house like it was a part of some circus freak show.”

Dominic leaned forward to peer through the glass, his chin resting on Jacob’s shoulder. “We are a gay, interracial couple living in a conservative neighborhood, Jacob. Holiday decorations aren’t going to make much of a difference to most of these people. I can only imagine how they would react if they knew that we were vampires.” After a moment, he added, “Are those zombies?”

“Yeah,” Jacob replied with a grin. “At least we’re not the only weirdos on the street.”

He closed the curtains and turned around. While the view outside was indeed lovely, it was the view in front of him that pleased him most. A fire burned steadily in the fireplace, filling the room with enough heat to counter such a cold winter night. An enormous Christmas tree sat in the corner, adorned with huge, twinkling balls and stars, blinking lights, endless tinsel, and some of the handmade ornaments that Xan had made over the years that Jacob couldn’t bear to part with. Piles upon piles of prettily wrapped presents were under the tree, most of which were reserved for the fourteen-year-old who sat on the floor beside them while eagerly waiting for the clock to strike midnight. Speaking of which…

“Come on, Dad,” Xan said over the sound of Bing Crosby’s velvety vocals, staring at Jacob with his big blue eyes. “It’s almost midnight.”

Jacob smiled warmly at the boy, who looked like he was about to burst out of his skin with excitement. “You’ve waited all year for this. You can wait twenty more minutes.”

When Jacob failed to succumb to his charm, Xan turned to his other father. “Domi?”

“Twenty minutes,” Dominic repeated. “You’ll survive.”

“I’m not so sure about that,” said Dominic’s identical twin, Demetrio, from his chair by the tree. He offered Xan his empty wine glass. “Why don’t you get me a refill? That’ll take at least a minute. Or two, if you take your time.”

Xan groaned and took his uncle’s glass. “Can I have a sip?” he asked suddenly, his impatience temporarily forgotten in the hopes of scoring some booze. “Domi lets me have some champagne every New Year’s Eve.”

Demetrio looked to Dominic, who looked to Jacob for a final answer. “Last I checked, it wasn’t New Year’s Eve.”

“No fair,” Xan pouted, though it was plain to see that his heart wasn’t truly in it.

Jacob strolled over to the teen and helped him up. “Poor baby,” he said as he ruffled Xan’s blond hair. “You have the meanest parents in the world.”

“I know!” Xan’s adorable scowl gradually melted into a smile. “Well, maybe not the meanest, but close.”

“Then we’ll just have to try harder.”

Xan stuck out his tongue and ran into the kitchen before Jacob could swat him on the bottom.

“I can’t believe how much he’s grown this year,” said Becky, the British vampire who was also the family’s closest friend. She yanked on the front of her Mrs. Claus outfit, which had slid down her sizable cleavage to dangerously revealing levels. “He’s almost as tall as you, Jacob.”

Luca Melani, the muscular human who watched over Xan during the day, nodded in agreement. “At the rate he’s going, he’s going to pass you soon. He might even end up as tall as Dominic.”

“Probably.” Jacob took a seat on the floor while Dominic joined Luca and Becky on the sofa. He wasn’t ready to think about craning his neck to look into his son’s eyes or what it meant having to do so. The baby who had taken their hearts captive fourteen years ago was becoming a man. Time was passing by far too quickly. “What does everyone have planned for tomorrow night?” he asked, wanting to steer his thoughts away from the inevitable.

“Sex,” Demetrio replied.

Dominic grunted in disgust, as he often did when his brother opened his mouth. “Do you have even the tiniest bit of shame?”

“Not really.”

“Perhaps you should try having some.”

“And perhaps you should try removing the stick from your ass.”

“Stop it, both of you.” Jacob tried not to laugh; Luca and Becky were doing enough of that for him. It simply wasn’t a family gathering if Dominic and Demetrio weren’t snapping at each other. Jacob couldn’t begin to understand how two siblings who undoubtedly loved each other bickered so much, but such had always been the case for the twins, who were opposites in every way aside from their identical faces. “What about you, Becky?”

“After I bring the rugrat back—”

“I’m not a rugrat!” Xan claimed as he reentered the living room with a glass of wine for Demetrio.

“—I’m going to spend some time with a few friends,” Becky concluded.

“You have friends besides us?” Dominic asked with genuine curiosity.

“If you count personal massagers,” Demetrio muttered.

Xan, who had plopped himself down on Jacob’s lap after giving Demetrio his wine, blinked at the vampire and wanted to know, “Are massagers for sore muscles and stuff?”

“Only if she’s doing it right—”

“Demetrio.” Dominic glared at his twin, agitated but not surprised.

“Moving on,” Jacob spoke up before war erupted. “What about you, Luca?”

“I imagine the Old Man will want to stay in and have a few drinks,” the big man replied. “So basically the same thing we do almost every other night of the year.”

“The two of you are more than welcome to join us at the shelter,” Dominic offered.

“I’ll ask him about it.”

“Are you lot handing out gifts again this year?” Becky asked.

“We sure are, aren’t we?” Jacob looked at Xan, who nodded emphatically. “It went over pretty well last year so we decided to make it a yearly tradition.”

They spoke for a little while longer about the Dawson House, which was the homeless shelter that Dominic and Jacob opened thirteen years ago for the public purpose of providing free lodging and food for any who needed it. Privately, the shelter was their primary source for obtaining the blood they sold and traded, though the residents had no recollection of making any donations because their memories were wiped immediately afterwards.

Xan checked the clock above the mantelshelf and informed them all that there were only five minutes left until midnight, just in case they hadn’t noticed. Then, after another failed attempt at getting a sip of Merlot from Demetrio, he boldly announced that he was going to drink an entire bottle of the stuff the second he turned twenty-one.

“You do that and you may never want to drink again,” Luca warned him.

“But first I’m going to get some tattoos,” the boy told everyone. “I can do that when I’m eighteen.”

Jacob glanced at Dominic, who merely shrugged. Xan had been going on and on about getting tattoos for the better part of the past year. Jacob had no idea where the fascination came from and he secretly hoped that Xan would change his mind before he was old enough to permanently mark his body. But if he didn’t, then… well… whatever made him happy. That was the only thing that mattered to Jacob.

“And I want to get my ears pierced,” Xan continued. “I can do that now if Dad and Domi let me.”

“Your ears are already pierced,” Jacob pointed out, tugging on the platinum hoops in the teen’s ears. “You want more?”


“How many more?”

“Lots more. All the way up. And my tongue. And maybe a nipple.”

Jacob sighed. His son was never one to aspire to anything half-assed. “How about we stick with your ears until you’re older?” he suggested. “After you’re eighteen, you can poke as many holes in your body as you want. Deal?”


Jacob pressed his nose against the back of Xan’s neck, inhaling the combined scent of soap and shampoo. He wouldn’t get too many more chances like this since the boy would soon reach the age when he felt that sitting on his father’s lap was for babies, so he wanted to enjoy it as long as he could. Unfortunately, the chiming of the clock brought the moment to an end far sooner than he would have liked.

“Merry Christmas!” Xan screamed as he scrambled to his feet. He pecked Jacob on the cheek and then made his way to the others, sliding in his socks along the hardwood floor as he quickly dispensed obligatory hugs and kisses to all of his family and friends. With that out of the way, he returned to the floor and dropped to his knees, then looked expectantly at Jacob. “Now?” he asked, practically foaming at the mouth.

“Now,” Jacob agreed.

Presents were passed out and plenty of pictures were taken; Jacob had an entire photo album reserved just for the occasion. Everyone unwrapped their gifts and expressed the appropriate shock and gratitude, which made Jacob feel much better about the fortune he and Dominic had spent to find the perfect things for each of their loved ones: diamond earrings and an antique earthenware tea set for Becky, a thick platinum and gold bracelet for Luca, and a stunning stainless steel Rolex for Demetrio that was worth as much as a brand new car. Xan bounced and squealed when he saw the Playstation 3 and accompanying games, then the manga, then the comic books, then the action figures, then the shirts with clever gaming references that Jacob didn’t understand, and finally the first generation Transformers that had been damn near impossible to find. Jacob feared the kid wouldn’t have a voice left the way he carried on, but it warmed his dead heart all the same to see him so ecstatic.

The floor was now covered with piles of torn wrapping paper and ribbons and bows. Luca offered to clean up but Dominic stopped him, telling him that he would take care of it himself later. Then he presented Jacob with his gift and sat back, waiting.

Jacob pushed aside his presents from the others and crossed his legs. He slowly unwrapped Dominic’s gift, partly because he could never bear to rip up something that someone had taken such time and care to wrap and partly because he knew it drove Xan—who was a dedicated wrapping-destroyer—crazy. He then opened the plain brown box that held the mystery item and looked inside…

“Oh my God.” Jacob gawked at Dominic.

“What is it?” Becky asked, stretching for a closer look and coming close to spilling out of her top again.

Jacob carefully picked up the first edition of Booker T. Washington’s Up from Slavery, a book he had always treasured about the life of a man he deeply admired. He opened the cover and gasped loudly when he saw that it was signed. “Oh my God,” he repeated, for lack of any other phrase to express his astonishment. “How on earth did you find this?”

“It took a lot of searching, but I had some help. Isn’t that right, Alexander?”

“That’s right,” Xan happily concurred.

“Thank you.” Jacob kissed Xan on the forehead and slid across the floor to where Dominic sat. “And thank you,” he said, pulling him down for a kiss.

“How sweet,” Demetrio said.

“How gross,” Xan mumbled, which earned him a kick from Jacob. “Can we do Domi’s present now, Dad?”

“Yes.” As Xan dove under the tree to get the last remaining gift, Jacob got up from the floor and placed his new old book on the stand near the right arm of the sofa. “Do you mind swapping places with me, big guy?” he asked Luca, who was sitting next to Dominic.

“I don’t mind at all.”

Jacob sat down in the spot vacated by Luca, who moved behind the sofa to watch them. He took the small gift from Xan and handed it to Dominic while trying not to appear too anxious. Xan was doing a fair enough job of that for the both of them.

Dominic turned the tiny present over in his hands, admiring the glittery red wrap and gold bow. He looked at Xan and then Jacob, his green eyes narrowed questioningly. “It’s small.”

“You know what they say. Good things, small packages, so on and so forth.”

“Is it a ring?”

“… Sort of.”

“Hurry up and open it, Domi,” Xan insisted as he wedged himself between his parents.

The vampire did as he was told and studied the little black box resting on the palm of his hand. He removed the lid and pulled out a keyring on which dangled two keys.

House keys.

“What is…?” Dominic didn’t need to finish the question. He knew exactly what the keys unlocked, and he stared at Jacob in disbelief. “Jacob, you didn’t.”

“I most certainly did. You are now the proud owner—well, part owner—of the ridiculously gigantic modern style house at 1974 Shore Harbor Drive, complete with backdoor access to Lake Erie and more rooms than we will ever possibly need.”

Jacob waited for the news to sink in. Facial expressions of any sort except complete seriousness were rare for Dominic; the stunned look on his face was well worth the house’s hefty seven figure price tag.

Before they brought Xan home to live with them, he had often mentioned moving to the exclusive community located in the heart of Harborview. Although the subject was dropped in order to focus on their new son, Jacob had always suspected that Dominic never surrendered his dream. When they found out that one of the houses was up for sale—which didn’t happen often—the couple arranged for a late night walk-through. Dominic hadn’t said much as they roamed all 5000 square feet of the immaculate dwelling. However, Jacob could tell how much he wanted the place, even though he didn’t say the words. What choice did he have but to buy it for him?

“I thought you didn’t want that house,” Dominic said.

“I never said I didn’t want it.” Jacob touched his arm. “I don’t care where we live, Dominic. To me, home is wherever you are. You love the house, and I love you. So as far as I’m concerned, it’s home.”

Dominic yanked him into a kiss, much to the horror of the teenager trapped between them. After they parted, he looked around the living room at the knowing gazes of the others. “Did all of you know about this?”

“Yes, we knew,” Becky admitted while Demetrio and Luca nodded.

“I couldn’t have pulled it off without them,” Jacob added. “Especially Luca, who was my daytime accomplice. You’d be surprised how bitchy real estate agents can be when you call them at one in the morning.”

Dominic chuckled. “I can’t believe you did this. Thank you, Jacob.”

“You’re welcome. Merry Christmas.”

“Are you guys going to make out again?” Xan asked. “If so, I’m out of here.”

The couple did him one better by seizing him in a firm embrace from which there was no escape. Xan scowled as his cheeks were peppered with kisses—another rarity for Dominic, whose affection was normally much more subdued—but he soon gave up the fight and resigned himself to being a hostage to his parents’ adoration.

Later, after Dominic and Xan picked up all the paper and Jacob refilled everyone’s wine (and non-alcoholic eggnog for Xan), the group sat and talked and enjoyed the music and each other. Luca sang along with Bing, his smooth, baritone voice a delight to the ears. Xan was particularly entranced by his singing, which further fueled Jacob’s suspicion that the boy was harboring a massive crush on his guardian.

Just before 2 a.m., they called it a night. Luca and Demetrio left first; Demetrio and Dominic even managed to stop insulting each other long enough to hug and exchange a few words of endearment in their native Italian language.

“Make sure he gets some sleep,” Jacob instructed Becky while Xan went to his bedroom to grab a change of clothes. “I know he doesn’t like to do too much of that when he’s with you but I don’t want him dozing off at the shelter tomorrow night.”

“And no junk food,” Dominic piped in. “No matter how much you try to convince us that potato chips are a vegetable.”

“They’re called crisps,” Becky corrected, rolling her eyes. She spotted Xan entering the room with a heavy black coat in one hand and an overstuffed Star Wars backpack in the other. “Ready to go, Xanadu?”

“Yep.” Xan handed her the backpack so he could put on his coat and gloves. “Crisps is a silly word.”

“Yes it is,” Jacob agreed.

Becky lightly smacked Xan on the back of the head before covering it with the dark grey cap she had knitted for him two winters ago. “To hell with both of you,” she said, slinging the backpack over her shoulder.

Jacob snickered as he stepped toward his son. He ran his hand along the young man’s ear and pulled it away to reveal a quarter pinched between his fingers. “Have fun, goober,” he said, dropping the coin onto Xan’s gloved palm.

“I will.” Xan kissed both parents on the cheek and followed Becky to the door. “Goodnight!” he exclaimed with an enthusiastic wave.

Jacob and Dominic waved until they were gone. After they left, Dominic locked the door and turned off Bing mid-croon. Now the house was silent save for the crackling of the dying fire.

“Well, that’s that.” Jacob sank down on the sofa with a deep sigh. “I hope everyone had a good time.”

“I think they did,” Dominic responded, sitting down beside him. He took Jacob by the hand, weaving their fingers together. “I still can’t believe you bought me a house.”

“Don’t go expecting one every year.”

“I think I can make do with just the one.”

Jacob regarded their joined hands as Dominic fiddled with the ring he had given him long ago. “Xan is gone and Luca has the day off. We have the house to ourselves until sundown tomorrow… Whatever will we do?”

“I presume you have some suggestions.”

“Only one. But it might take a few tries.”

The gleam in Dominic’s eyes promised all manner of forbidden pleasures. “Let’s find out.”

He pulled Jacob into a long, lingering kiss, his tongue gently exploring the depths of Jacob’s mouth. Jacob shivered as cool fingers trailed along his skin, over his cheeks and neck, and down his chest and stomach, stopping just as they reached his belt.

“Tease,” he panted after they broke apart. He bucked his hips, hoping that Dominic would take the hint and keep going.

“I’m not teasing you. I just thought that you might like to continue this in our bed.” Dominic grabbed a handful of sinuous brown hair and pulled Jacob’s head back. “Or should I have my way with you right here on the sofa?” he murmured, dragging his tongue along his partner’s neck.

Jacob hissed when he felt fangs running over his sensitive skin. He had no idea why he found the threat of teeth so tantalizing since it was a vampire’s bite that ended his human life, but the sensation never failed to shoot straight to his crotch and make him hard as a rock. And this time was no different.

“Well?” Dominic asked.

“… I’m trying to decide.”

Knowing how long that might take, Dominic stood up. “Come on,” he said, extending his hand. “The things I want to do to you require much more space than the sofa provides.” After helping Jacob to his feet, he looked down, smirking at what he saw. “Are you going to be able to walk down to the basement with that?”

Jacob looked down as well. He wasn’t the only one dealing with a sudden growth. “I could ask you the same thing.”

They put out the fire and shut off all the lights, and then, after taking one last moment to admire the eerie gorgeousness of the Christmas tree that lit up the dark room, they went down to the basement. Jacob tried to pounce, with no intention of wasting any more time, but Dominic guided him to the bed and told him to sit down.

“What are you doing?” Jacob inquired when Dominic kneeled down and untied his shoes.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“You’re not going to do anything weird to my feet, are you? Not that I wouldn’t be into it, but I’m just wondering.”

Dominic smiled as he peeled off Jacob’s socks and tossed them on top of the shoes he had set aside. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Jacob was about to offer a witty retort about his lover’s apparent willingness to incorporate feet into their lovemaking when Dominic’s head came to rest on his left knee. He shifted to get a better look at his face, which was partially concealed by his long black hair. “What’s wrong?”

“I was just thinking.”

“About what?”

Dominic went quiet for a spell, his fingers tracing a path around Jacob’s ankles. “I was just thinking that I don’t know what I would do without you.”

Jacob was overcome by a surge of love—pure, unrestrained, and infinite. There wasn’t a single thing that he didn’t love about Dominic, but if he had to pick the one thing he loved most of all, it was this, the infrequent occasions when the reserved vampire laid bare the truth of his heart.

“Well…” He tried to keep his voice even. “I’m not going anywhere so you don’t have to worry about that. You’re stuck with me forever. I know that’s just a figure of speech to most people, but for me, it’s actually true.”

Dominic raised his head and Jacob swept his hair back, tucking it behind his ears to reveal the elegant face that had captivated him for the past 202 years. He would never understand what possessed Dominic to take an interest in a half-breed runaway slave with a scarred body and a broken heart in the first place, but he was thankful all the same.

They kissed again, light pecks and nibbles that soon grew deeper. Dominic, now recovered from his brief bout of emotional turmoil, got up and pulled off Jacob’s shirt. Jacob shuddered as the cool air of the underground room hit his exposed skin, but then Dominic pushed him onto his back and unfastened his pants, and he grew warm rather quickly.

After stripping Jacob naked, Dominic climbed on top of him. Jacob reached for his shirt, wanting him to be equally naked, but he was denied the opportunity when Dominic pinned his wrists against the bed. He started to complain but let out a sharp yelp instead when teeth clamped down on his neck, not puncturing but hurting just enough to feel good.

Dominic slid down Jacob’s body, kissing and licking and biting everything along the way. Jacob tried to move his hips, longing to soothe the ache of his erection by grinding against Dominic, but the other vampire held him to the bed, limiting his movements.

“Damn it, Dominic,” he growled, trying and failing to free his limbs from his much older and stronger lover.

“Patience,” Dominic cooed.

“To hell with patience.”

Jacob felt lips curve upward against his hip. Dominic eased up just enough to position himself between Jacob’s legs and licked a slow, deliberate trail along his cock, from base to tip.

“Tell me again how you’re not a tease,” Jacob whispered shakily.

Dominic proceeded to prove that he wasn’t by taking him completely into his mouth and sucking him hard and fast. Jacob writhed beneath him, all but consumed by desire, his cock twitching and swelling between Dominic’s lips. But just as things were getting good, Dominic pulled away. He let go of Jacob’s wrists and hooked his arms beneath the vampire’s thighs, lifting his lower half off the bed. Then he parted Jacob’s legs and dipped his head. And from there, things got even better.

Jacob cried out the names of all the deities he could think of as Dominic’s tongue licked and prodded him everywhere and in every way. His hands, now free to move about, grasped the hair that was fanned out across his abdomen. He widened his legs even more, giving Dominic better access to his most intimate area. The things that Dominic could do with his tongue always drove him to ruin, and tonight was no exception.

“Dominic, please,” he begged when he could take no more.

Dominic glanced up from between his legs. “Please what?”

For one who didn’t use profanity very often, he seemed to take a great deal of satisfaction in hearing it during sex. Had Jacob been any less aroused than he was now, he might have refused to answer right away, prolonging the game. But Dominic had known exactly what he was doing in whipping him into a frenzy first; being coy was the last thing on Jacob’s mind.

“Fuck me,” he said, rubbing himself against Dominic’s face for good measure. He thought that he could have gotten off just from doing that, and he had to force himself to be still because the mental image of spurting all over Dominic’s face was almost his undoing.

Dominic lowered him and got out of the bed. He made a slow show of taking off his clothes, revealing a lean and flawless body that was as perfect as any Italian sculpture. Jacob swallowed hard as he stared at Dominic’s thick, full cock, and he wanted it inside of him in the worst way. He took the lube from the nightstand drawer and handed it over, then leaned back with legs open wide.

But Dominic had other plans. “Turn over.”

After a split second of hesitation, Jacob complied. Even after all these years, he wasn’t completely comfortable with having his scarred back on full display, but he was far too turned on to care as much as he usually did.

Dominic crawled back into the bed and guided Jacob to his knees. Jacob closed his eyes when fingers lovingly traced over the twenty reminders of the time when he lost what little faith he had in the human race. Fortunately, he wasn’t given a chance to fully reflect on the tragedy of that night because those same fingers, now slick with lube, worked their way inside of him, stretching him open.

He rocked back, fucking himself on Dominic’s fingers. His cock twitched again, moisture pooling at the tip, and it briefly occurred to him that they hadn’t gotten a towel for the bed as their intense couplings sometimes had a way of getting messy. Too late to worry about it now.

Dominic removed his fingers and grabbed him by the hips. He rubbed his cock against Jacob’s ass before pushing forward, penetrating him gingerly, allowing him to feel every inch until he was all the way inside. A noise escaped Jacob, one that was part moan and part whimper, and he rode out the initial discomfort until his body adjusted. Dominic brought his arms down beside Jacob’s, their fingers intertwining and his upper body draping across the vampire’s back. He burrowed his face in the crook of Jacob’s neck and waited for him to signal that he was ready. When he did, Dominic began, each thrust slow and deep and right to the hilt. The bed creaked and the headboard banged against the wall, but both of those sounds were drowned out by Jacob’s cries, which grew increasingly louder the longer Dominic fucked him.

He reached between his legs and grabbed his neglected cock, matching Dominic stroke for thrust. His balls tightened in anticipation of release and a feeling of warmth spread throughout his entire body, heating up his cold blood and making him feel alive again. Sensing his closeness, Dominic wrapped his arms around Jacob’s stomach and hauled him upright. He started ramming up into him, skin slapping against skin, bodies colliding, and the change in angle and pace was enough to tip Jacob over the edge. With an empty house and no reason to hold back, he threw back his head and roared at the ceiling as he came all over the bed. He was still pumping his cock when Dominic froze behind him, grunting into his neck, fingernails digging into his skin and leaving scratches that were already healing.

When Jacob felt that he could move, he lifted an unsteady hand and clumsily cupped Dominic’s cheek. He managed to turn his head just enough for their lips to meet and he kissed him, tasting wine, tasting himself.

“We forgot to get a towel,” Dominic said afterwards, looking over Jacob’s shoulder at his contribution to the comforter.

“Yeah, I thought about that, but I was… occupied.”

Jacob’s smile turned into a cringe when Dominic pulled out of him. He fell down to the bed and Dominic took a spot beside him, on his side with an arm curled under his head. His hair was everywhere and his skin wasn’t quite as pale as it usually was; Jacob knew that he was extremely biased but even so, he was convinced that there wasn’t a more beautiful sight in the world than his Dominic in such a relaxed and carefree state. And nude. That always helped.

He winced as he accidentally rolled over into the mess of his own making. “Ew.”

“Stop wallowing in it,” Dominic said, amused by his reaction.

“I’m not wallowing in it,” Jacob insisted. “Besides, I’m already gooey on one side, may as well be gooey on the other.”

Dominic shook his head. “What am I going to do with you?”

“You just did it. And I suspect you’ll do it again before the night is over.”

“I will. Unless you object.”

Jacob inclined his head. “I haven’t objected once in two hundred years. I’m not about to do it now.”

He pulled Dominic toward him and nuzzled his cheek. Dominic curled an arm around him, holding him close. They remained that way until the heat generated by their lovemaking dissipated, leaving their naked bodies chilled.

“Get cleaned up,” Dominic said, sitting up. “I’ll take care of the bed.”

“It’s the least you could do since it was your idea to fuck me from behind.”

Using his vampire speed, Jacob was out of the bed and at the bathroom door before Dominic could grab him. And because he hardly ever acted like the 227-year-old being that he was, he stuck out his tongue for added effect. Xan would have been proud of him. (And then subsequently scandalized by the circumstances.)

“I’ll make sure you put that to good use later,” Dominic said.

“I bet you will.”

Jacob stepped into the bathroom and closed the door, grinning from ear to ear. However, he felt a pang of sadness when he realized that moments like these, in this house, were now numbered and would soon be no more. He hadn’t been lying when he told Dominic that he didn’t care where they lived, and he certainly didn’t regret purchasing the house on Shore Harbor for his partner. But when he thought about all of the milestones that they had experienced—including the night they brought a human baby home and decided that they didn’t want to live without him—he acknowledged that there was far more to their house than a bunch of walls and a roof. And he was going to miss it.

“Jacob?” Dominic called out from the other side of the door.

“I’m coming!”

“That won’t be the last time you say those words tonight.”

Jacob snorted and started the shower. When the water was warm enough for his liking, he hopped in and washed up quickly. There was no need to be too thorough since he was going to have to take another one later. By the time he finished and dried off, he was already thinking ahead to the next round, and he walked out of the bathroom naked and ready… but not before grabbing a towel.



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