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    What if there is that person you actually like, but he lived way ahead of your time? Can a whisper bring back all the memories and the feelings you have inside?

    Isabella is just three months away from her 20th birthday and she couldn’t be any happier.  “Finally, I will be free,” she excitedly reminded herself. Until one night, a whisper woke her up as she felt the cold breeze of air kiss her cheeks. “My love, I’m back.” 


     We always have memories that keep us alive. Faces of people, names of places, and even photographs to make sure that those memories truly happened. But, what if there are some connections that we have (or had) that we can never explain. Will we still be able to trust our memories? Who are we exactly?

    In this new story that I am writing, I hope to present some possible answers. These are some of the feelings and ideas that have bothered me for a while, which I think will be better when shared and written. Let's hear the story of Isabella, who may even be any of us before, now, or in the future.

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Chapter 1: Chances are Taken, Choices are Made

    “Isabella, hija, it’s time to go,” a familiar voice called out to her. “Yes, Mama. I’m almost done,” Isabella replied gently as she brushed her long, black, curly hair in front of her full-body mirror.

    This is it! I’m finally going to be free. In time, I will be on my own.

    She reminded herself as a sweet smile forms on her lips. As she threw her brush on the bed, she gave reflection a quick wink and a kiss. Isabella finally run to the door, swiftly slid her way to the small, round, metal staircase. 

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