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Here is a sneak peek of a new book that I will be writing after “ A Year In The Life Of London Rose”. Here is what I have so far but obviously I will be focusing on writing “ A Year In The Life Of London Rose”, so it wont come out for a LONG time. Anyways, here it is…



This was it. Finally, the funeral of my father, Albert Miller. He passed away almost a month ago in a car accident. Mom has been a mess. She almost got fired last week. She's a therapist but in my opinion, she should have her own therapist. Probably needs it. Mom never told me how she got in trouble so I don't really care . Besides, she doesn't really talk to me anymore. When I do see her, she's usually drinking or in bed, sick. I miss dad too, but I'm the only one handling it. 

I slip on my black heels and dress. I can hear mom walking down the hallway. She knocks on my door.

¨Come in mum¨ I told her quietly. 

She turns the knob and steps in, quietly shutting the door behind her. 

¨ Hey Suzanna are you ready to go?¨ she asked me . Her voice was scratchy. I could tell that she hadn't slept well. 

¨ Am I ever ready mom?¨ I ask her, raising an eyebrow. She looks down. Mom definitely wanted to smile but she didn't have the guts to do it. When I turn around to grab my purse, I decide not to. Instead, I grab my hairbrush. And fix my hair. It's long, straight and light brown . My father loved to brush my hair. He said it made me look younger. Right now I don't feel so young. Being fifteen is hard when you have to move away from your friends. Mom says it'll be a fresh start. I don't believe it. She's crazy in my opinion. I run down the stairs and almost trip over a heavy box. 

¨Mom! Packing?! Already?!¨ I yell . My toes hurt. ¨ I thought we were not moving until next week¨ I noticed that the kitchen chairs were gone. Mom sat on a cardboard box and held a cup of coffee in one hand. 

¨Plans changed sweetie. We're leaving tomorrow. After the funeral we're heading straight back home to pack and I'll be staying at grandmas tonight. Kathy's parents invited you over to stay the night at her house. It should be nice, considering you will get to say goodbye one last time. Things are finally starting to work out hey?¨ she said while sipping her coffee. Told you. She's crazy. She didn't sound as sick. I haven't seen her this happy in so long but it wasn't a good kind of happy. Not in my opinion. 

¨NO MOM! Nothing is working out! We can't leave tomorrow!¨ I scream. Then I burst into tears. When i look up she is still smiling. I have a psycho mom. 

¨Suzanna get in the car now please. All plans are final. Now hurry up or we're going to be late for your fathers funeral.¨ mom told me. She stood up and grabbed her purse. Her brown hair looked darker than usual . I wanna fight back, but i just can't. I glare at her and she steps closer. I give up.  She was right. We couldn't be late to dad's funeral. 

I grab my small black wallet, run outside, and meet mom in the van. It was dark blue and super old. Mum drove fast, dodging 3 red lights.  When we got to the church, I hadn't realized that mom parked on top of a giant puddle, until I hopped out of the car. Good thing my dress was black, otherwise that would have been embarrassing. When we walked into the church, the reception had already started. Mom took my hand and I tried to pull it away. She was too strong. We sat in the front row and people gave us looks. When we sat down, I looked around and spotted Grandma and Grandpa sitting in the back. The priest began talking again. It was boring but I knew it was all for dad. That made it much better. My dad was an english teacher. He was bald and wore glasses. Mom looked like me but older. She looked odd nowadays. She never did her hair anymore and she never made me breakfast. It had been a tradition for so long, even though I was perfectly capable of making my own. When the reception ended I stood up to go out back where the party would start but mom pulled me back down. 

¨Suzie lets go. You need to pack up. No time for this. ¨ and with that she stands up. 

¨ What!? Mom! You're crazy! This is dad's funeral! We can't leave yet!¨ I scream, but she yanks me out to the car. I knew if I said anything else, she would do something even worse so I shut my mouth. The car drive felt shorter this time. It was quiet. After about 10 minutes, mom put on her country music. I hate country music. When we pull up in our driveway, I get out of the car and slam my door. When I get inside, I start with the big furniture things and try to carry them downstairs. When mom heard me struggling to bring down the bed frame, she told me to just leave it and then we could get a new one. After I finish packing up, we load up the furniture into the big white moving van, and we put the small things in our car. Mom gets in the van with me after three minutes of phone calls, and we drive away. Hopefully, Kathy enjoys having a grumpy guest over. 

When mom pulls into the driveway, I step out of the car and walk to the front door. Mom doesnt even say goodbye. Not that I was expecting her to anyways. Kathy Patterson has been my best friend since grade 3. We stopped talking to each other since my father passed away. I knew that this was going to be awkward. When I ring the doorbell, Mrs. Patterson answers the door. 

¨Suzie! Hello! Hello! Come in! Kathy has been so excited!¨ she yells. She squeezes me with a big hug. I absolutely doubted that Kathy was excited for this. I certainly wasn't. Mrs. Patterson closes the door behind me and takes my bags. I smile at her and walk upstairs to Kathy's bedroom.  She was sitting on her bed. 

¨Hey Suzie.¨ she says while looking up at me. Then she looks back down at her nails. Fresh manicure. 

¨Hey.¨ I greeted her. She stands up and I notice something. ¨you look taller.¨

¨It has been a month, you know.¨ 

¨Right.¨ i finished. I roll my eyes. It was true though. I could tell that she had changed. Probably found a new best friend. Bad role model. That's my guess. Usually Kathy never wears makeup. Now she had a thick layer of mascara and blush on. She's wearing ripped jeans and a black sweater. Her blonde hair has blue hair dye streaks. She probably thought it was cool. I think it looks childish. 

¨ New friend?¨ I ask her. She nods her head.

¨ How could you tell?¨ she asked me. I don't say anything. She knows the answer. Classic kathy. I use my fingers and open her blinds. It's dark. Like dark, dark. 

¨ Should we go to sleep?¨ I ask her. She crinkles her nose. I could tell that that was a no. I didn't care. I sat on my air mattress right beside her bed and pulled the blankets over me. After reading for half an hour, I lay down and sleep. 

The air mattress was no bed, but when I woke up the next morning with a bucket of cold water, I was not happy. I could smell bacon. Kathy wasn't in her bed. It was like 7 in the morning. I groan. I knew who threw the water. Did I mention that Kathy had a younger brother? Well, if not, you should probably know him. His name is kasper. And he is the most annoying 9 year old. Ever. I run to the bathroom and dry myself off with a towel. The best thing to do is forget it, so i go downstairs for breakfast. They were all sitting at the table. Mr and Mrs. Patterson, Kathy, and Kasper. They hadn't waited for me. Breakfast was almost gone. 

¨When is my mom picking me up?¨ I asked Mr. Patterson. He didn't need to answer. The doorbell rang. I answered it and it was my mother. she went inside, grabbed my bags, and followed me back out to the van without saying a word.

¨Thank god you're here. I hate it there.¨ I tell her when she opens the car door for me. She smiled and it creeped me out. When we drove away, she turned her music back on again. I knew that this was going to be a long, long ride.



Sneak peek ends here.

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