Mad Love


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Chapter 1

It had been another fun filled day for Jeremiah trying  to sway his so called best friend Bruce over to his side by targeting both Selina and Bruce. While his plan failed, he could see Bruce getting closer and closer to his breaking point. Luckily Jeremiah escaped and his hiding in an abandoned hotel. 
Milena walked down the street and looked around, trying to find a place to stay but she couldn't find anywhere. She saw an abandoned hotel and smirked. She walked to the abandoned hotel and walked in. Jeremiah smiled at a portrait of Bruce that was hung on a wall.
"You were so close I could feel it" his smile faded and was replaced with a frown. "WHAT does it take to make you see that your living in a fantasy world!" 
She stood behind him and looked at him quietly. She smirked and cleared her throat. 
"Ahem." She said, getting his attention.
Jeremiah swung around to see a woman standing before him.
"And just what do you think your doing here?" He asked her. 
"I need somewhere to stay." She started. "Anyways I'm just like you."
"Like me?" Jeremiah raised an eyebrow. "If your like me then what do I believe in. What is sanity to you?"
"Sanity is being normal. Like following societies rules and laws." She started. "But fuck them! Society is trapping our minds and brainwashing us!"
A smile crept up on Jeremiah's face. 
"That is correct. You are like me and for that, you can stay here. Otherwise who knows what might have happened to you." He said cheerfully.
"Interesting" Jeremiah thought for a moment. "Perhaps you be of some use to me for a personal matter with my best friend."

"Bruce Wayne?" She said, walking to the picture and touching it. "This asshole threw me away in Arkham yesterday! He's going to pay for that!"
Jeremiah turned back to the picture and smiled bigger.
"The only thing Bruce will be paying is for his stubbornness" he said, staring into Bruce's eyes. "I know he wants to be like me. I can see it, but he just refuses to give in."
"I can manipulate him and mold him." She said, walking closer to him.
Jeremiah spotted the same jack in the box which was used for Jerome's insanity gas laying on the window sill. He kept it as a reminder to always be better than his brother. 
"I just thought of a perfect plan" he said, walking to the window and grabbing the object.
"The jack in the box with the insane gas?" She smiled. "Perfect idea!"
"I am going to use this on that bratty little girl" Jeremiah said while holding the jack in the box "When she becomes infected Bruce will be sure to follow. But if not, you could persuade him."
She smirked and grabbed the jack in the box. She looked at it and touched it. 
"I could just persuade him." She said.
" This is perfect in everyday" Jeremiah looked at her and went to say her name but realizes she hasn't introduced herself yet " What's your name?"
"I'm Milena." She said, flipping her hair and held his hand. "You are handsome."

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Chapter 2

"Milena." Jeremiah's voice purred. "I like that name. This is going to be the start of a beautiful relationship." 
he shakes her hand and she shook his hand back.
"Yes of course." She said. "I can't wait to cause chaos in this city."
"This is going to be so much fun." He said, putting the jack in the box down. "But first, I'll need to make the insanity gas strong enough and then we can go looking for the cat."
"Okay." She replied.
"Outside at the back of the hotel, there's a black van with an insignia you'll be familiar with." He said, digging into his pocket and brings out a set of keys. "Get it and read it while I get the equipment needed to make the gas."
"Okay." She said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.
Jeremiah smiled.
"There's a good girl." He said. "Do you know the way to Ace Chemicals?" 
"Yes I do." She said, smiling.
"Excellent because that's where we are going." Jeremiah said.
"Okay." She said, getting in the car and slamming the door.
Jeremiah quickly gather his equipment and joined Milena in the van.
"And away we go." he chuckled.
She turned the car on and put her seat belt on. She popped her gum and pulled the ignition to drive, gripping on the steering wheel with one hand. 
"Hold on tight." She said. "It's going to be a crazy ride."
She stepped on it and they drove off super fast. Jeremiah grinned and looked at Milena while she drove the van.
"I'm starting to like you more and more. I enjoy how fast she was driving the van." He said. "Not even my dimwitted brother Jerome could pull something of such as this."
"That's good." She said, continuing to drive. "I do love you."

"Really?" Jeremiah's face lit up. "I haven't heard someone say that to me...." 
He paused for a moment and thought about what else to say. 
"Not since Ecco. But she's gone now and she ain't coming back." he revealed. 
While he isn't sure yet if he loves Milena, he does know is he is warming to her. 
"Yes I do." She admits. 
"This day just gets better and better. Tell me something..." Jeremiah looked at the window. "Were you a fan of Jerome? I wont be mad if you were. Disappointed but nothing here will change."
"Eh kind of." She said. "His art was interesting."
"Short sighted he was." Jeremiah nodded. "Jerome had some style. He doesnt the intellect to pull of what I have plans for this city."
"He's a psychopath like me." She said. "That's what I like about him. He's crazy."
"He wanted to destroy things and drive people insane. While it's all good fun, there was no long term plans where Jerome was concerned. Me on the other hand.... destroy Gotham of course but rebuild it for people like you and me to live in. Free from the shackles of what civilization pretends to be." Jeremiah explained.
"I destroy things but I do it in a organized and beautiful way. Jerome hated how I did things." She said, chucking.
"That's my brother for you." Jeremiah smirked. "If you were a planner or did things he didn't like, he'll let you know about it."
"Oh he did tell me." She said. "He told me that he hated it."
"Heh, you made the right choice in coming to me." Jeremiah stated.
"I sure did." She said.
Milena smiled and held his hand with her free hand. Jeremiah looked down at their hands, he gave her a gentle squeeze, held it slightly and kissed her hand and eye winking her. She smiled and blushed. They finally made it to the ace chemicals building and then parked the car.
Jeremiah smiled at her before seeing the huge Ace Chemical sign.
"Home sweet home or second sweet him." He lets out a slight chuckle, letting go of her hand and then grabbing his equipment. "Time to get to work."



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Chapter 3

"Yes." She said, turning the car off and opening the door.
Milena got out of the car and closed the door tightly. Jeremiah carried his equipment inside the factory, making his way over to a supervising office. He places the equipment down on a desk and opens the bottom draw to bring out a small chemical bottle.
"Oh I can't wait." She said excitedly.
"What I'm about to make is a much higher dose than made previously. This will turn the cat into a grinning cheshire cat. Then Brucie will finally break free." Jeremiah laughed as he began creating the insanity gas. "If you really want to pay Bruce back, then kill the cat once Bruce gives in."
"Oh I love that idea." She said. "It's fucking perfect."
"Oh and the butler." Jeremiah said while looking at her with a grin. "You can have the butler as well and do as you please."
"Of course." She said
"This is going to be great." Jeremiah continued his work and mixed chemicals together. "Once Bruce is ours, I may create enough to infect the entire town."
"Yes." She said. "But what about Jim Gordon? He'll be in the way." She said but heard gunfire.
"Hmmm." Jeremiah stopped what he was doing for the moment and began to think. "Good question. Keep him and Bullock busy until I'm done."
"Okay." She pulled her gun out and loaded it with bullets, cocking it. 
She smiled and started to shoot at the cops while they shot at her also.
"Note to self. Hire a couple of goons." Jeremiah said quietly as he continued making the insanity gas.
"Give it up Jeremiah. We know" Gordon ducked from Milena's bullet. "I stand corrected. This is why we should have had backup." he said to Bullock while hiding behind a wall.
Bullock shrugged.
"How the hell was I suppose to know, Jeremiah had another maniac girlfriend?" Bullock snarled.
"Maniac is putting it lightly." She snarled, cocking the gun again.

"This town is getting worse each day." Bullock said as he made a leap forward with his gun aimed and fired a bullet.
With the guns firing in the distance Jeremiah continued making his insanity gas and almost near completion.
She shot Bullock in the arm and cocked the gun but then Jim shot her in the shoulder. She dropped the gun and fell onto her knees.
"Ah!" She yelled in pain, holding her shoulder. "Fuck."
Jeremiah tilted his head towards the window.
"Having fun without me I see. Well..." he finishes creating the insanity gas and inserted it into the jack in the box.
He winds it up, closes the lid, places it under one arm while using the other to get his gun out. 
"Goddamn it." Milena muttered softly. 
"Jimbo how nice of you to drop dead." Jeremiah snarled, shooting Gordon's shoulder.
Gordon groaned and fell onto the floor, holding his shoulder. Milena breathed hard and healed immediately. She looked at Bullock and smirked. 
"How pathetic." She snarled at Bullock.
Raising her arm, she pointed the gun at Bullock and put her finger on the trigger. She cracked her neck and pulled it, shooting Bullock in the chest.
"We'd love to stay but we have places to be and people to see. It's been real fun though." Jeremiah aimed his gun at a chemical tank near Gordon and Bullock and shoots two holes causing chemicals to leak out. He then shoots the other tank which made it impossible for Bullock and Gordon to follow them. "Come on Milena. Let's blow this pop stand."
"Bye bye." She said, running towards the back door with Jeremiah.
"It would be fun to kill them now. But I've got my insanity gas with me and this dose is only for that special little cat." Jeremiah opened the door and went over to the van.
"Let's do this." She said, opening the door and getting into the van.
She slammed the door and buckled her seatbelt. Turning on the van, she smiled and looked at Jeremiah.


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