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Pros And Cons Of Online Gaming Platforms

As technology continues to advance in innovation, it continues to have several impacts on the human race. This has made it more exciting for people to try it more.

It has been making life more convenient as technology continues to permeate the daily lives of people. Societies are now being driven by technology. One such instance is the Smart City in Dubai, where technology has become part and parcel of the people.

This has also made it possible for online gaming. Traditionally, game developers produce game boo and pad for their buyers to enjoy in the comfort zone. But with the aid of internet technology, it has now gone beyond just playing it within the confine of your house. 

You can now avoid going to that old brick house, stay behind the machines and stake your bets. Now you can play your slot games, roulette amongst another genre online as most of the traditional casinos are now going online while partnering with top developers along the way.

Internet and technology has therefore made online gaming possible and very popular with teenagers and in modern society. This innovation has brought about rivalry and challenges to the players, leading to a high level of excitement that will make them play more. This can also lead to addiction - more of the reason for this topic as technology has its pros and cons. Looking for online gaming platforms? Wild tornado is your go to website where you can play various casino games online for free.

Without further ado, let's look at the pros and cons of online gaming.


  • They are mostly free: Most of the time, online games are available for download and free to be played without restrictions or time limits.
  • Readily available: Since online games can either be played on the internet or from another computer network, they can almost be found anywhere on any gaming platform such as PCs, consoles, mobile devices. There are several types of genres, including first-person shooters, real-time strategy, and massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG).
  • Easily accessible:  Online games are easily accessible using a phone or a tablet. These devices have become a significant factor. In this way, you don't need to purchase the box that comes with the traditional games.
  • Easy to use: The gaming industry has now advanced with easy-to-understand software that will make players embark on playing the games almost instantly. They even go ahead to provide a demo so that the players can get the instruction quite fast.


  • Addiction: This is the number one cons in online gaming. Too much of such leads to addition; This is common among children, who can easily play games anywhere anytime, affecting their time for their school and social life. 
  • This can also lead to huge debt for an addict who can't do without playing the game. Such a person even goes as far as borrowing to bet, expecting that he will win the money back. Such addiction can even lead to frustration, suicide and other social vices.
  • Unnecessary aggression: This is common amongst kids that have become addicted to fighting games. Most of them want to try the moves they used in fighting games in real life, ending up injuring their peers or being aggressive.
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