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Community Guidelines – Read First

Welcome to Yarra Plenty Regional Library’s (YPRL) Tablo community! We’re here to support local writers and connect you with other writers, readers, industry experts and potential publishers. We also hope to encourage readers to discover emerging local talent and help shape and support growing stories.

We have a team of enthusiastic staff that manage this Community. We will let you know about events of interest at our library branches, start discussions, share tips, writing prompts and of course answer any questions.

To make sure everyone has a good experience and gets the most out of the YPRL community please take a moment to read through the following guidelines that all members are expected to abide by and respect.

• Be respectful
We may have different points of view, but please always remain respectful of others and their opinions.

• Protect your privacy
This is an online public community. Post only what you’re happy saying in public and don’t give out personal information about yourself or others.

• Respect copyright
Only publish material that belongs to you, unless you have permission from the owner to share their work. Don’t post anything unlawful or encourage others to do so.

• No spam
Don’t post advertisements, requests or offers, or anything else that could be considered to have a commercial motivation.

Reply below if you have any questions about these guidelines or the community. You can also contact us directly at

So let’s get started! Add your books, start a discussion and connect with other members. As we grow, we'll feature regular discussion topics with authors and industry experts to provide advice, motivation, writing techniques and editing tips.

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Thank you for sharing the community guidelines for Yarra Plenty Regional Library's Tablo community. These guidelines promote respectful strands and constructive interactions among members, which is essential for fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for writers and readers alike.

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