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Pay per click (PPC) advertising was pioneered in 1997 by, which was later renamed Overture Services. Forrester Research recently forecast the pay per click advertising spend to reach $11.6 billion in 2010 becoming the dominant form of advertising on the Internet. Today the market is dominated by Google and Yahoo!, who bought out Overture in 2003. Ask Jeeves recently launched their own proprietary system and MSN will be entering the market in late 2005-early 2006. There are also a number of second tier players, including Find What and Look Smart that have been competing in the market for a number of years.

Pay per click advertising allows a company to bid on a keyword in a live auction marketplace. These keywords along with ad copy appear on the results page that a search engine returns for a user query. PPC ads are usually displayed at the top and bottom of each search return page and along the right hand side surrounding the natural / organic search returns. Pay Per Click Service provider can also be displayed on web pages that incorporate contextual marketing links, such as Google's Ad Sense program and the new Yahoo! Publisher Network. The ads are displayed based on the web page's content and are regulated by the same bidding mechanism that is used for determining ad placement within the search results pages. Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a guaranteed, paid source of any amount of traffic to your website. It has been most popularly promoted in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) programs and large companies devote a good portion of their advertising budget to PPC advertising as it delivers! So it is worth your while to give it a try when nothing else works for you!

Pay Per Click Service provider Optimization:

Before you can succeed with PPC, and run a campaign, the cart, you should be pretty good with your keywords, the dangling carrot.

So how do you optimize a PPC campaign? Yes, with specific long-tailed keywords that is less competitive, less costly. This brings you highly targeted traffic and thus higher click-through rates, and conversion rates.

If you want to find those keywords that your competitors are bidding on and how many clicks a day they get by, you can use a free PPC web spy. With a PPC web spy, you'll be able to trace all of the money-making keywords used by successful businesses. Just take those keywords and advertise your own business.

Pay Per Click Service provider Management

Your campaign success depends also on how you monitor your visitors, and your keyword strategy.

You can start your campaign with the help of tracking and return-on-cost statistical features of Adwords, or Yahoo. You can download Adwords PPC Editor, the most powerful PPC software to help you with keyword grouping. Or you can outsource your campaign to the campaign management services instead.

Pay Per Click Programs

The 2 best PPC advertising programs with the greatest market reach are Google's Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing

PPC advertising reaches its target market very quickly and it generates high quality sales leads. But it can be costly and it depends on leads conversion to sales.

PPC advertising offers several benefits to advertisers. First and foremost PPC is an effective tool for driving sales in a short period of time. Unlike SEO campaigns which can take months before any significant results are seen, pay per click advertising campaigns can start generating leads within minutes of launch. Advertisers only pay when an ad is clicked on so in theory every click is a potential sale. The reality of the market is somewhat different but nonetheless PPC advertising has proven itself to be a highly effective direct sales vehicle.

Pay per click advertising is also effective for increasing brand awareness. A recent Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) study tracking the branding effect of search engine ads and PPC contextual ads found that on average respondents asked to name a specific leading brand within a tested industry were 27 percent more likely to name the brand displayed in the top spot in the PPC search results compared to a control group not exposed to the ad. For PPC contextually targeted text advertising the text ad caused a 23 percent brand awareness lift among respondents that saw the ads. As more ad spending switches from television to the Internet the importance of branding through PPC ads will become even greater.

Paid Inclusion Trusted Feeds

Currently the only major search engine to offer a paid inclusion program is Yahoo! with their Search Submit program. Paid inclusion guarantees that your pages will be indexed by the Yahoo! search spider but it does not guarantee where your listing will appear in the search results. Each time someone clicks on a listing a fee is paid to Yahoo! for including it in the search results.

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