The Best Online Casino Bonus 2020


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The Best Online Casino Bonus 2020

The best online casino bonus is not easy to spot among the huge amount of offers available on the Internet. That's why GreatCasino now offers the great option to find the right casino bonus for you - effortless, lightning-fast and up-to-date: You often have to beware of particularly aggressive advertising campaigns by some online casinos. A 200% casino bonus on the first deposit may sound tempting, but it can also include some uncomfortable terms. Good control is therefore particularly important to us. That is why all of our bonus offers are checked and verified in detail with regard to the terms and conditions, so that we can only offer you the best casino bonus. 

What is a deposit bonus?

 A casino bonus is known to be an extra credit that you either get completely free of charge or on a deposit. In this sense, a deposit bonus offers additional credit for the amount of the deposit made and more playing time. However, the bonus credit is linked to conditions that must be met before real money can be paid out.

Such a casino bonus is very often credited as a percentage of the deposit, for example a 100% bonus on a deposit of € 50 results in a € 50 bonus and thus a total credit of € 100. As a rule, this amount must then be implemented several times. l If the wagering requirements are 30x, you simply calculate 30 x 50 €, so you have to play a total of 1500 €.

What types of casino bonuses are there?

Basically, an online casino bonus can be sorted into five types:

Deposit Bonus - Deposit Bonus or Match Bonus

This bonus gives you (additional) game credit. Usually the casino doubles your deposit. Then we are talking about a 100% deposit bonus. There are also bigger - 200% bonus - or smaller deposit bonuses - 50% bonus. The bonus balance is subject to wagering requirements and cannot be paid out directly.

No Deposit Bonus

With a no deposit bonus, you get a bonus on your account without investing your own money. The bonus is extremely rare, but is occasionally given to loyal players and in rare cases even to new customers. The bonus balance is also subject to wagering requirements, as a rule these are set higher than for the deposit bonus

Free Spins

Free spins are free spins on slot machines. They can be given out for deposits, as a gift or in the form of a tournament. The free spins can be available for one or more games, or you can get a general number of free spins that can be used on all available slot machines. Free spins winnings are subject to most wagering requirements. It is very rarely available without sales and directly as real money. Then there is always a maximum amount that can be achieved with the Free Spins.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is used to draw new players' attention to themselves. In our list you can see the welcome bonuses of the best casinos in Germany at a glance. They are all subject to different requirements and conditions. The devil is in the details and we will tell you about them in our extensive casino tests. In the meantime, there are more and more welcome packages that apply to multiple deposits and, in addition to bonus money, also hold free spins.

Money Back - Cashback

Cashback gives you back lost money. With a 10% cashback promotion you get 10% of your losses back. Usually a week (7 days) is used for the invoice and only if you have lost money over this period can you get money back. The cashback can be linked to wagering requirements or can be credited as real money. That depends on which casino you get the cashback from.

Benefits of a welcome bonus

A welcome bonus in any form is an exciting entry into new online casinos. In addition to extended playing time, a deposit bonus offers the opportunity to use a more flexible strategy. In this way, an online casino can be explored with less equity.

Disadvantages of a welcome bonus

Some more experienced players waive the welcome bonus because fulfilling the conditions is too frustrating for them. If you win, you want to pay off your profit quickly and a bonus can hinder this if the necessary turnover has not yet been achieved. Modern online casinos without registration do not offer a welcome bonus customary in the industry anyway. But they have many other advantages to offer.

Terms and conditions for a casino bonus

Every online casino bonus is subject to conditions that reputable online casinos clearly state in their terms of use. I briefly introduce you to the most important points of the bonus conditions.

Maximum amount

Each bonus offer has a specific limit, which varies from provider to provider. No casino offers to double or even triple your deposit to infinity, after all, that would also mean infinitely high wagering requirements.

100% casino bonus up to € 100

This is the most common bonus in online casinos. The casino will double up to € 100 of your first deposit. If you deposit less, less will be doubled. If you deposit more than € 100 in this example, you will still only receive a € 100 bonus.

100% casino bonus up to € 400

If you want to have more casino bonus balances, choose a casino with higher balances from our list. Use the "Bonus" filter option above the casinos presented. In this example, your deposit will be doubled up to € 400.

Implementation of an online casino bonus

Every online casino bonus must be wagered by you before you can withdraw it. Here are two examples of how that looks in detail.

  • 100% casino bonus up to € 100 with 35 times wagering requirements

Suppose you deposit the maximum of € 100. You will then receive a € 100 bonus, which you will have to wager 35 times on casino games before the bonus is converted into real money and you can then withdraw it.

  • € 100 (bonus) x 35 = € 3,500 wagering requirements

So you have to wager € 3,500 on slot machines to turn this bonus into real money.

100% casino bonus up to € 400 with 45 times wagering requirements

In this example, you deposit € 250 and since the bonus is up to a maximum of € 400, your full deposit amount of € 250 is doubled with a bonus. In this example, it is subject to 45 times playthrough requirements.

  • € 250 (bonus) x 45 = € 11,250 wagering requirements

Until you have wagered at least € 11,250 on slot machines, you cannot withdraw your bonus or your original deposit.

Validity of a casino bonus

The validity of a bonus for new players varies between 1 and 180 days after registration. All time frames are possible and only in exceptional cases is there no expiry date to be able to claim a bonus. After activation, there is also a time limit in which all conditions must be met. As a rule, this is between 7 and 30 days.

Limited game selection

Bonuses on slot machines or slots have the greatest benefit. There are restrictions on wagering requirements for other games. With classic table games such as blackjack, roulette and poker, the house edge is low, which gives the player a better chance of winning and can be influenced with a good strategy and skill. Stakes on such games traditionally contribute very little or not at all to the wagering requirements.


Everyone is into unlimited fun, but unfortunately you have to get used to some limits with the bonus. These affect either the stake or the win. Betting limits apply to every game round. You choose either a maximum bet per game line on a slot or a total bet, which for most providers is between € 5 and € 10. However, profits can also be limited.

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Einzahlungsbonus – Deposit Bonus oder Match Bonus

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