Her Scars Will Never Fade [Completed ✓]


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Chapter 1

Third Person POV

In Gotham City, Milena was walking down the street alone with a beer bottle in her hand. She was drinking alcohol but then, she got a certain flashback from her horrible childhood, almost giving her a panic attack. She never knew that this flashback would replay in her head.

"Where the hell did this come from?" Milena asked herself softly. "Why did this certain flashback come back to her and replay over and over again?"


Milena POV

I was riding in the backseat of the car while my mother drove the car. We were moving to Gotham City for some reason but I didn't know why but I was somewhat excited. I looked out of the car window curiously and sighed softly.

"Dad where are we going? Why did we move away from our hometown?" I asked. 

My father turned around and looked at me with the creepiest smile. Chills went down my spine and all I could do was give him a nervous smile. He was so damn creepy and I did not understand why he was like that.

"Oh you will see." He started to say. "We have some big things in stored for you when you get older." 

What does he mean by that? I do not understand.

"But I do not understand what you mean by that. You are scaring me." I replied, shaking in fear. 

Immediately, my mother hit on the brakes and made the car screech really loudly. I covered my ears while car screeched until it finally stopped. My mom turned around and looked at me evilly. 

"Milena shut up!" My mother snarled. "When we get to our new home, I am going to punish you!"

Looking down, I fidgeted with my hands and tears rolled down my cheeks but my face got grabbed roughly. She smacked me super in the face and all I could let out was a whimper. 

"Stop crying you idiot!" My father yelled, balling her fists up. 

I tried to scoot back but my father grabbed my arm roughly and looked at me with an evil glare. I looked up at my parents and gulped, not wanting to anger them any further but I knew it would help me right now.

"I-I'm sorry." I stuttered. "Please don't hurt me." 

"Do you want to get your ass beaten again?!" My father growled. 

I shook my head at them in disagreement. Lisa smirked at me sadistically and more chills went down my spine. I was so scared of my parents and I didn't know if I was ever going to escape them because they know that I am too scared of them.

"That's what I thought." my father smirked. "Now shut up before your punishment gets worse."

When we got home, my mother grabbed the key and unlocked the front door. All three of us walked into our new home and I knew that things were going to get super ugly.

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Chapter 2

Milena POV
I sit in my cell at West Hills, looking out of the window with grief and sighed. 
When the fuck will I ever get out of here? It's not my fault that I ended up the way I did.
I never understood why my parents did bad things to me. Did I do something wrong? Is it my fault? I always wondered what I did wrong because I thought it was my fault.
I heard my cell door open but I ignored it and continued to look out of the window. 
"Milena it's time to take your meds and then you have to go to the lunchroom for lunch." says Jake. 

Here we go again. I sigh in frustration. The workers are always on my case twenty four seven. It's gets annoying after a while.
"Why the fuck do I have to take meds?! I hate this shit! This isn't fair because I have to take extra meds! I'm not taking my meds!" I yell in anger.

"Guys I need help because she's refusing to take her meds again!," says Jake sternly. Suddenly, I hear footsteps coming up the stairs and my eyes instantly widen. I see the other good guys run in as I start to back up but they hold me down. 
"Get the fuck off of me! You are hurting me!" I say as ken forces my mouth to open and I start to squirm. 

I feel Ken put the pills in my mouth.
"Here's the water." says Jane with a sigh. 

God. Fuck my life! I hate it when they do this to me! 

So, I see Ken grab the bottle of water and I squirm more while I'm being held down. I feel ken pour the water in my mouth and I start to get really bad anxiety. I feel the water sit in my mouth and I turn my head away so I can spit the water out but Dark Bobby forces my mouth shut.
"Mmmm." I say with annoyance.
"Swallow the pills, Milena! The pills are going to help you!" says Dark Bobby. 
Finally, I swallow the pills and I cough as they let go of me. I absolutely hate my life because I'm a broken girl. I got labeled 'the whore', not a normal girl.

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Chapter 3


Jake POV 

Thank god we got Milena to take her meds. I hate it when she acts like this. I feel bad for her because of what happened to her. 

I look at Ken and shake my head. Ken gives me a confused look and sighed, wanting to know why I shook my head.
"What's wrong? Is everything okay, Jake?" says Ken with a concerned look.
"I guess. It's just that I'll never understand why Milena's parents put her through so much hell. It just doesn't make sense," I say with a sigh.
Ken looks at me while he thinks about what I just said. 
"You know, it's not her fault that she is like this. Her parents are psychopaths. And besides, she doesn't know any better." Ken said. 
He's got a point. She really doesn't know any better. It's really sad to see her fall apart and have violent behavior. 

"You got a point, Ken." I replied.
"Jake!" I hear Milena say. 
"I'll be there in a minute, Milena!" I replied back. 
I never can get a break from her but it's my job and I have to do this. 
I walked up the stairs and went straight to Milena's cell, not knowing how she will act.
"Milena what is it? Are you okay?" I say with concern.
"N-no. I keep getting flashbacks and I'm scared. Make the flashbacks stop." Milena said.
I opened the cell door and went over to her. Sitting next to her on her bed, I immediately comforted her and sighed, rubbing her back softly. 
"Milena I don't think I can help you with that but you can talk about it with us because we are here to help you." I said, looking at her determined for an answer. 

She sighed in frustration and got up, running her hand through her hair and rolled her eyes. 
"Jake, I keep having flashbacks of my whole childhood! It won't go away!" she yelled.

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