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In the place called Earth there was once a war occurred, a war between Angels and Demons. But the war was ended by the King of Heavens, Solomon. It ended like a blink of an eye without anyone knowing who really won. Peaceful days ended so fast when the demons planned to repeat the history again. Knowing this, the king of heavens, Solomon, separated the world into three.

The first was the A class also known as the Heaven’s Gate. This place consists of Angel’s and Gods, a place where the word “Eternal Happiness” exist. It was too perfect that it made it more mysterious.

The second one was the middle class; it was a place that separates the Angels and Demons. It was a neutral place where humans live. Noises, smokes, tall buildings, human world was a carefree world where everyone is free to choose the things they want to do. That fact was something the heaven’s lack.

The third one was a place full of hatred, fear, and other negative things, it’s called the demon’s lair. Both humans and angels are forbidden in this land, once you cross the demon’s line you can never go back again.

Solomon separated the world to stop the war between two creatures but doing this he lost almost his spiritual power that made him weak until he died. He disappeared from the world and turned into a beautiful ring and was given to his beloved daughter Alexiel. But no one knew that they have to fight something stronger than any other enemy they fought with. It was fate.

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