10 Reasons To Stay Alive


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              ~To the pain that made me stronger, 



                                        ~I will never give up

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Before you start:

You might be struggling, and that’s probably why you chose this book. Or you probably are interested in the title and want to know what's in here. Just know that these poems are ten reasons why shouldn't give up, and at the same time, they're reasons why you might want to give up. I know that not all of our struggles are the same. I also know that you might not relate to each and every poem. It’s ok. We’re all individual beings and we have different and unique experiences. Know that even if you couldn't relate to ANY of these poems, you're not alone. There's always someone out there that relates to you.  

Stay strong…

Read on…

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Reason 1: 


In a crowd of people

Feeling empty

While all the feelings are surrounding you


Without any specific reason

Feeling hopeless

Although you’re the most hopeful person ever

Crying and burning inside

Missing every precious moment of your life

Not knowing what to do 

Not knowing why to live

All that,

While nobody’s beside you 

Trying to heal yourself by yourself

Trying to achieve your goal with all that pain

And finally, still standing although you’re falling apart

For what?

For that dream that’s going to rescue you from your nightmare

The dream that'll make your world happy again

Where you feel loved

Where you feel safe

But a question still wanders in your mind


You are very lost on the inside

And the outside 

You don't know where to go

Or who to tell

How is everything going to ever fall in place

When everything is out of place

When your last bit of motivation was spent on making a cup of coffee

When nothing is alright 

The question still remains


How will anything get better

When it's all just bad

You still don't understand 

Yet there's a fiery passion inside of you

But you still haven't discovered it

Nothing seems to be going right

It never did

Yet something still tells you that you will be okay

There’s still a reason

An unknown one

But it's there

You have a passion

But you still haven’t discovered it

The time hasn't come yet

But indeed,

You’re going to change a world

Even if it was yours 


In this world

We all have a purpose 

And it is 

To rescue a soul

Even if it were our own

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Michelle Anne Noonan

Hi Abrar, i loved it. I liked the way it flowed and it read really well aloud. It raised enough questions to get my interest. It evolved much like a flower in my mind. A great message of hope running through. Thank You for sharing.

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Thank you so much for your feedback. I appreciate it so much. I'm very sorry that I didn't see your comment and replied to it earlier. Thanks a lot (again)

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