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    I woke up this morning to silence in its purest form. No children running around next door. No cars passing my window. Nobody yelling at each other across the street. Clearly something was amiss, but I couldn't entirely put my finger on it. My house stood silently as it always had, my dog Abby laid in the bed next to me still asleep. After a bit of morning stretching I got up and got ready to do my normal morning procedures. Bathroom, shave, shower, feed the dog and finally take her to the dog park down the road for a bit. She seemed extremely eager to get outside, she ignored her food and stood staring at the back door. I shrugged and grabbed her leash and her "fetch toy". She was always really good when it came to off leash walking but I still kept it around just in case.

    The streets sat quietly, not a single car or bike passed by me and I was completely ok with that. It's still really early, maybe nobody is awake yet. I thought to myself. Did I believe it? no. But I was starting to feel uneasy. Usually this community is completely alive by 630am. Abby seemed none the wiser. Her nose posted to the ground she was looking for somewhere to go to the bathroom. To keep her attention and to prevent her from shitting on the neighbors lawns I would periodically squeak her "fetch toy" and she'd glance up at me excited and completely forget about what she was doing.

    The park was just a little bit further. I could see a couple dogs romping around in the grass so obviously some people had to be there. As I came upon the gate all I could see were the couple dogs in the park. They were standing at the gate, eyeing me up and down and trying to get out. They were both covered in morning dew making me think they had been there overnight. I let Abby in with them but they had no intentions of staying. Both dogs shoved their way out of the fenced in area and away they ran towards their respective houses. This is starting to get extremely spooky. Where is everyone?

    The walk home was just as quiet as the walk to the park. Maybe someone will be at work? I placed Abby in her crate and headed out the door. Alone on the side roads, alone on the highway, alone in the parking lot at work and alone in the office. I took some time at my desk to boot up my computer and start working on the project I'd been struggling with for the last month. I then stopped and looked around. Why am I wasting my time doing this crap when nobody else  was here? "Screw it" I said, dropping my keyboard and mouse into my desk drawer. I headed to Mr. Vaighn's office and sat down in his big comfy chair and flipped open his laptop. A giant pair of fake tits was his background. They must've belonged to his wife. "I wonder if the silicone was left behind" I joked around to myself. I gave an uneasy laugh and went back to rifling through his personnel files. He had files of every person he had employed. It looked like every post they've ever done on Facebook and every piece of non-work related items they'd viewed on their work computers. "So they can track this shit." I said as I double clicked on my folder and emptied it out. There was no need for them to see me browsing my normal joke websites and my NSFW videos involving "little women and big giant-" well you get the picture.

    I opened his desk drawers to find the keys to his Porsche 911 turbo that he keeps in the parking garage to take perspective clients out to lunch. He couldn't bring his home because his big breasted moron of a trophy wife would probably crash that into a tree like she did with every other car she's ever come in contact with. I snatched them up quick and stepped into the elevator at the end of the office. Parking Level 1a, was on a sign as I left the elevator. It sat beautifully in the corner. High-gloss black with twenty-two inch rims sparkling in the low light. I clicked the unlock button three times and the automatic started roared the engine to life. Once in the drivers seat I knew what was wrong. "I've got to be dreaming" I said. Only one way to test it. I cocked my open palm back and slapped myself hard in the face. "Nope, I'm definitely awake." I said, rubbing the pain out of my jaw. JOYRIDE TIME!

    The car easily got up over one hundred miles per hour on the completely empty highway. It took me eight minutes to get home when its normally a thirty minute drive. I threw Abby in the back and off we went. A quick pit stop to the mall yielded some free expensive sunglasses, a beach umbrella, a 24 pack of my favorite beer and a nice beach chair. Forty minutes later we were sitting on the beach. Empty as the drive down here. Empty as my office build. Empty as my neighborhood. Whatever happened to everyone, good riddance. I've never been this happy in my life. I've never been this... lonely in my life.

    Life's never going to be the same. Every opportunity I could have taken in my life has now been nulled and nothing really matters anymore. I can do what I want when I want and no harm can come from it. I don't know where and I don't know why but I'll happily remain this free forever. I plan to collect every animal I can find and make sure nothing goes hungry. I plan to live and keep living and to never stop searching for other people.

    "Hey God! It looks like the lottery was a success!" Krishnu yelled from the control terminal. "I don't know how you managed to choose this guy but it seems he's perfectly happy by himself." Together the gods of young and old gathered together to peer down on their only surviving soul. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad and all the gods of their own religions held the tickets in their hands. "As usual the Christian gods just HAVE to win" said Zeus. "Listen, its not my fault." Jesus chuckled This stupid powerball tumbler is just that good."

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