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Online marketing and SEO in 2020

I know a lot of people who has a beautiful website but for some reason barely have anybody finding it. It can be very frustrating especially if you run some type of business where you try to sell your services or products on your website.
In this book I will try to explain a little bit about how you can use SEO (search engine optimization) to get your website more visible in the search engine and making it easier for people to find your site when they search for the info, products or services you have on your website. 
Online marketing and especially SEO are for many an important part of their website traffic. One of the reasons is that traffic from the search engines often convert really well, meaning that more of the people visiting your website from the search engines are likely to become a customer compared to people from social media like Facebook or Instagram. Which social media marketing has it qualities, it’s often far less useful for selling your products or services compared to search engine traffic.

What is SEO
SEO is a bunch of basically a bunch of techniques which can be used to optimize your website, so it’s easier for the search engines to crawl your website and get an idea of your content. For instant if you got a website about webdesign and wants to be more visit when people are searching for things like webdesign Aalborg, then it would make sense to have a page on your website just about webdesign, for instance with the keyword webdesign or webdesigner in the URL, the title, and in the various texts you have on your website.
Another aspect of search engine optimization is technical SEO where you make sure that there are no broken links on your website, that all the small technical details are working properly according to how the search engines crawl your site, and that the website itself is loading fast.
The final aspect of SEO is linkbuilding where Google uses a sites backlink to determine its authority.
Having some good and relevant backlinks is a good way to tell Google that people actually like your content and are willing to refer others to it. Especially if it's a backlink from a large well known site.

Here in 2020 SEO is still a very important part of most companies’ online marketing.

Getting started on SEO

Search engine optimization doesn’t have to be complicated to get started with. First of all you should get a good keyword analysis. Here you can use Google Keywordplanner, Ubersuggest or hire a local SEO agency to help you out with this part. Often the money spend on a keyword report are money well spent, as this will be the pillars upon all your future SEO are based upon.
With a keyword report you can see how many people searches for your products or services in average per month, which makes it easier to optimize your website aimed at some of these keywords.
It’s also useful when writing new content on your website, so you know which keywords to use in your text.
When you have your keyword analysis, you can getting started with On Page SEO. First part here is to check where your website are currently ranking for keywords you found in the keyword analysis.
Check if some of those pages are the right one that the keyword it’s ranking for, or if you will need to create more new pages for those keywords.
It’s then time to optimize the various pages for the keywords you want them to rank for. For instance if you want to rank for webdesigner, make sure that your pages title includes webdesigner, and that it’s also included in some of the headings on the website, in the text and maybe even in the image alt tags on your website. A few internal links with the keyword to the specific page isn’t a bad thing either.

Optimizing your websites technical issues

Next part is what we like to call technical SEO, which can be a little tricky for most people. If you don’t know buzz words like broken links, canonical url’s or schema markup and don’t want to spend a lot of time learning what this is, then you might as well skip this part and hire a SEO or webdesign agency to help you out with this part.
One of the most important parts of technical search engine optimization these days are page speed, so the faster your website loads, the bigger boost will you get on the search engines. Now a day it’s mainly the mobile version of your website that Google checks for.


The final part of our SEO 2020 Guide is linkbuilding. As I mentioned earlier its important to have other sites link back to yours. But keep it within your niche if possible. Can you get a link from a big local news site, it’s fine, but you shouldn’t be getting to many low quality none relevant links. For instance if you got a webdesign website, then getting a link from your cousins hairdresser website isn’t a good idea (unless your cousin is a famous hairdresser, then by all means go for it). Getting a link from a blog with webdesign tips on the other hand would be a good idea, so depending on your niche try to get relevant links as this is likely to improve your rankings on Google (and most other search engines too).
One way to get links is ask your supplies for reseller links, your friends if they have websites which may be relevant for yours, or to write some good content that people like and are willing to link to naturally.
Getting the good backlinks can be hard, and can take some time, but it’s really one of the best ways to boost your websites placement on the search engines.
This was my little book about SEO in 2020, I hope you get a little bit better understand about search engine optimization and what it requires to get better placement for your website here in 2020.


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Sports Guy

Great guide on SEO. It's to find info on how to do search engine optimization and online marketing in general here in 2020. Most of the guides are just the same old 2018 or 2019 stuff that has been given a new name, but nothing new in it beside that. Having a small online webshop it's important for me to always have the latest SEO knowledge so guides like this are pretty useful for me.


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