Tom Riddle and the Life Threatening Boy


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Chapter 1 - Alone

Tom Riddle sighed and leaned against the doorway. It was another day at his orphanage with little food, little space, and little money. Tom had once had a dream of being extremely rich before he was dumped here. He longed more than anything to be that rich again. But that was just a dream.

“Tom!” his caretaker, Mrs. Cole, called to him. “Could you be a dear and come help me with the laundry?”

“Coming.” he replied, muttering under his breath as he went to help her.

It was like this everyday for as long as Tom could remember. He was constantly being asked to do things and ordered around like he was a slave. One day, he told himself. I will be the one in power. And mark my words, I will make them pay.


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Sorry I haven't posted on this in so long, lol. I've been working on my Drarry Fanfic a lot. I may add more in the future, I am still researching!


It was strong and well thought of, good job I found this book from your Scratch Profile I am @-Cherryleaf- UWU

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Thank you!

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