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By Appointment Only

Originally appeared at The Erotic Woman.

This was the third apartment he’d shown her that week. It wasn’t exactly in her price range, but it didn’t matter. She was there for another go with Hyde.

The moment she’d met Hyde in the condo overlooking the canal, Penny wanted him between her thighs. She’d gotten what she wanted and would have it again, but first he took his time and made her wait through his spiel.

He was a natural salesman, eager to point out the spa-like bathroom and the gourmet’s kitchen, all the while sending her hot looks filled with promise.

“It’s not much of a view,” Penny said, moving away from the window.

“You don’t come into Victory Court for the view,” Hyde countered. “You come for the address.”

He slipped his strong hands on her shoulders and pressed against her. His cock poked against her ass.

“I shouldn’t let you fuck me again,” she said. Already slippery and wet, she wanted it as much as he did. She reached down and tugged her skirt up.

He hooked her panties with his thumbs and pushed them down. Penny wasted no time stepping out of them.

“That’s what you said the last time,” he said.

The grit in his voice sent a shiver through her. His tongue curled around her earlobe as he rubbed two fingers between her pussy lips, and she could have died from the heavenly throb where he touched her.

“You shouldn’t let me fuck you again,” he went on in a murmur and pushed her against the arm of the sofa. “Lucky for you, that’s not what I have in mind today, at least not yet.”

Penny opened up for him as he went to his knees. She closed her eyes as his fingers probed her slick cunt. His mouth was so sinfully hot as he sucked her, tongue snaking out against her clit.

He didn’t tease. Round and around her clit he licked her while giving her the most glorious finger-fuck. Standing on her toes, Penny reached down and twisted a handful of thick hair. As she ground against his mouth, the tempo of his tongue and fingers sped up and worked her into heart-drumming insanity.

She gave into it completely and rocked against the edge of the chair, moaning, panting, urging. The hot surge of her orgasm flared up where his tongue lapped, wet and explosive. Penny gasped and held on.

As she fought to catch her breath, Hyde rose and wiped the corner of his mouth with his thumb. “I really don’t think this is the place for you. There’s another condo downtown I want to show you today, say around four?”

Penny sucked in a deep breath and puffed it out. “I’ll clear my schedule.”

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Two Man Job

Originally appeared in Sudden Sex, edited by Alison Tyler.

Seventy-six Windy Gate was a small triangular house that resembled a pointed hat, or that appeared as if perhaps there was a larger house under the ground that was beginning to sprout. A hedge of wild roses shielded the neat lawn from the road. At the end of the gravel driveway was a sign, painted purple and green on black, that read Thistle Studio & Tearoom and beckoned passersby to stop in for a visit.

Not today, though. A sandwich board on the opposite side of the driveway read CLOSED ON SUNDAY. No fresh scones or tea with sugar cubes for aging vacationers. No delightful view of the garden with butterflies for the little ones to chase. Tourists following road signage to the award-winning establishment could hammer on the front door all they liked, but Gracie Hammond wouldn’t be greeting them with a smile.

Sunday morning was for church, and Sunday afternoon was for getting a week’s worth of sin in the few short hours she had off.

On that particular Sunday she was still in the violet pumps that matched her crochet handbag, but gone was the modest yellow dress she had gotten so many compliments on at the tea social after the service. That particular garment had been lost in the kitchen. Ruined, no doubt, when it had been ripped off of her.

Two hours of church mingling had been enough torture for Jonathan. The twenty-year-old lacked patience, but the young divorcée had tempered his urge to fuck fast and hard by pinning him beneath her, her knees on either side of his face. His hot tongue glided in and out, the slow kind of tongue-fuck she’d tutored him in from the first day they’d met, when he’d shown up to install a birdhouse in the garden.

She moaned, the sound coming out as more of a gurgle as Jonathan’s cousin worked his hips in tune with the steady suction of her lips around his cock.

Grace was still surprised Jonathan had agreed to bring Keith to the Thistle on Sunday. After she’d quizzed him about the young man she saw him with in town he’d sulked about sharing, but in the end it was just another lesson for him. If he wanted a slice of her time on Sunday, he would have to learn to play nice.

After all, she could find another like him if she wanted. For now, she’d have them both, one at a time.

Her thighs quivered as his soft tongue worked a circle around the hard flesh. One hand splayed across her ass, the ring finger exploring. The other hand crooked under his chin, fingers gliding into her pussy to the knuckle.

With Keith’s calloused hand at the back of her neck, it was Grace who was forced to rein in the need to fuck—and she wanted it bad. Moving her hand from his balls to the root of his cock, she grasped him and poured the pleasure Jonathan’s tongue was creating into sucking Keith off.

When she couldn’t stand the triple effect of Jonathan working from beneath her, when she became so wet from Jonathan’s adept tongue and fingers, she pulled away.

Gracie knelt on the carpet next to Jonathan and turned her full attention on Keith. Crooking a finger at him, she beckoned.

If Jonathan had any arguments about being second, he kept them to himself as his cousin slipped on a condom, instead creeping close to her and reaching between her legs as Keith entered her from behind.

Keith’s thrusts were steady, the perfect combination with a cock that was thick and curved. Her toes curled inside her pumps as each stroke brought the fat head over her G-spot.

She parted her lips as Jonathan claimed her mouth. Tongue twisted with tongue, as chaotic as his fingers rubbing her clitoris. She felt his movements as he jerked his cock one-handed.

The heat that flashed through her body was a powerful reminder of why she continued to reject any attempted to end her singlehood. She’d been married. Her husband had never made her come as hard as she was now accustomed to and expected.

Sweat spraying from his chest to her bare back, Keith came first, bruising the plumpness around her hips with digging fingertips, grunting, thrusting without breaking pace until his cock throbbed between her slick walls.

Jonathan didn’t waste a second. As soon as Keith rolled away, Jonathan wrapped his dick and mounted her. Longer and slimmer than his cousin, he worked his cock in and out, long and deep. Grace went down as though in supplication, one hand digging into the carpet while the other took up the task of rubbing her clit.

The time for patience had passed. Her orgasm was upon her almost immediately. Her whole body was slippery and rubbery and her hand was coated with the juices that smeared her pubic hair and the inside of her thighs. She suddenly couldn’t breathe and didn’t care, not when every part of her body was being rocked by her climax.

She heard Jonathan moan, felt his cock twitch where it was buried deep and squeezed by the hot muscles surrounding it.

When lethargy ebbed into a glorious satisfaction she stood, stretched, and looked from one to the other.

“You know, Mondays aren’t nearly as busy as I’d like them to be. I’m thinking a half day would suffice. If one or both of you could pop in at about one o’clock…”

As they exchanged looks she grinned.

“I’m sure I can find some use for both of you.”

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Helluva Thing

Originally appeared in Sudden Sex, edited by Alison Tyler.

“Not that I’m complaining or anything, but what are you up to?”

Tabitha raised her gaze to meet Duke’s, but she could hardly be expected to answer, at least not while his cock was sliding over her tongue.

She should have knowned it wouldn’t take him long to figure out something was up. It wasn’t often she brought him a home-cooked meal. It wasn’t often she bought him the expensive rum. It wasn’t often she put on the really slutty underwear and blew him before dessert.


She made a small sucking sound and lifted one shoulder.

Duke didn’t look convinced. Blissful, yes, but sceptical. “Did you put a dent in my car when you were pulling out of your driveway?”

“Nggh-nnn,” was her only possible response. She closed her eyes, grasped his shaft and closed her lips around the circumference. He pushed against the floor with a grunt. His ass came up from the cushion and his dick went deeper into her throat.

True, she was after something, but it’s not like she didn’t enjoy being in this position. She liked sucking him off. She liked the sounds he made. She liked feeling like the only woman alive who knew how to get him off just right.

Duke sagged against his pillow as Tabitha slid her tongue along the underside of his cock. She teased him at first, watching his expression go from calm to strained, and was contented that she had thrown off his investigative groove.

He parted his lips and a strangled sound preceded his words, “God, I love how you suck me.”

Duke twined his fingers in her hair and pulled her head up until only the fat tip remained between her lips. With a smile, she ran her tongue along the groove on the underside of the head. Duke groaned and sleepily watched while she coated her lips with the cloudy dew that oozed from the tip. The salty tang popped on her taste buds as she licked every drop.

It was what could have pushed him over the edge, but she drew back. Duke clenched his teeth and growled, but he gave no argument as she stood and adjusted her garter belt and stockings.

“Come on,” she said in a husky tone. “I’m ready to go off.”

“Not until you tell me what you want.”

Tabitha could have screamed. She could have stamped her foot and busted some shit over his head. Instead, calmly, she said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” but she knew it was pointless.

They’d been friends for so long there was little point in hiding anything from him. She had known Duke since the first grade. In high school they’d developed an on-and-off fuckbuddy rapport. When his marriage went into the shitter, she’d been there for him. When hers did the same, he was waiting for her.

If they could have made it a whole week without getting into a screaming match, they’d have had a hell of a thing. For now she’d settle for a good screw and a smidge of sympathy.

Leaving him in bed, Tabitha wandered to the window seat and peered out at the quiet, suburban street. She’d make him come to her. A moment later the bedsprings creaked. She heard the snap of latex and then Duke was turning her in his arms.

She closed her eyes and breathed him in until it seemed like there was nothing else in the world but that scent, his warmth, and the heaviness filling her abdomen.

“How do you want it?” he asked in that low, growly voice that gave her the shivers.

“You know.”

His fingers found her clitoris swollen and her cunt slick. “Right now I just want to play with you. Switch places with me.”

She sat on the window seat and leaned back on her hands. Excitement skittered through her belly as he nudged her thighs apart and rested her feet against his shoulders.

Grinning, Duke ran his middle finger along the cleft. When he raised his glistening fingertips to his lips and licked away her juices, she curled her toes with anticipation. She held in an elated breath as he teased her stiff clitoris with the tip of his sheathed cock.

“You’re dripping, Tabitha.”

She lifted her head and looked down her flushed body, and then at his. Duke was magnificent, pure sex. His biceps flexed as he gripped her leg just above her small foot, and his shoulders rolled as he positioned himself to penetrate her.

He fucked her hard and steady. Hookups that had become a regular thing in the past few years had given them a cadence that never got boring. He went balls deep, pumping to build his tempo. His balls slapped against her ass, jarring a moan out of her each time.

The sounds he made, those stuttering grunts from the back of his throat, made her crazy. Though in his clutches, she was able to rock and bump with each thrust. His fat cock rubbed her G-spot, and he bumped her clit with each pass. It all combined to send her spiraling up into that hot, liquid vortex.

Abruptly, he lifted her and in a blink they were on the bed, Duke resuming his position and pace immediately. Her breath trapped at the back of her throat and her whole body pulsed. As hard as it was to do, she fought to keep from closing her eyes and shutting out the glorious sight of Duke before her: the scrunching of his brow and the splotching on his cheeks coincided with the way his cock throbbed between the slick inner walls that milked him.

His fingers tightened around her ankle. He arched his back and shoved deep. His euphoric tension bled into her, keeping her electric even as her body grew heavy with satisfaction. She tipped her head back and sighed as he surged.

The next few moments brought only the hush, the panting and stroking, the awareness of each other via long looks and sleepy smiles. He shook out his shoulders and released her. Tabby stretched out like a cat and fell back with a sigh, then watched his shadow in the bathroom as he cleaned himself up.

Strolling back to the bedroom, Duke dragged his feet and yawned, then flopped down on the bed. Face squashed into the bedding, he mumbled something she couldn’t understand.

She rolled over, her arm draped over his back and her hand on his ass. “What did you say?”

He turned his head. “You can tell me what you want now. I’m pretty sure I’d sign over the house to you at this point.”

She gave his ass a squeeze and went silent for a moment. “I want to have a baby, Duke, and I want you to be the father.”

Nuzzling into his shoulder, she bit her lip and waited for his response. First, nothing, then his eyes grew wide and he pushed up like a shot. “What? Are you fucking kidding me?”

She gave his ass another squeeze and laughed. “I’m fucking with you. Jesus, are you fucking kidding me? No, I lost my job and I want you to help me find a new one.”

Down he went, flopping on his back with his hand covering his face. “That was a shitty thing to do.”

“No, it wasn’t. It was a joke. Your brains are just congealing at the end of a condom right now.”

He peeked through his fingers at her. “Okay, so you want me to help you find a job. All the fanfare was for this? The food, the booze and the sex?” He tucked his hands behind his head and grinned at the ceiling. “I think that this afternoon should be a starting point to favors rendered.”

Tabby narrowed her eyes at him. “Oh, really? You want a home-cooked meal every night?”

“Let me fuck you like that every day after work and I’ll have dinner waiting for you.” His gaze cut to her and his smirk widened.

Tabby basked in the little pop of jubilation at the thought of a regular and vigorous schedule with Duke. “That sounds like a deal to me.”

Duke raised his hand, pinkie out.

Giggling, Tabby hooked her finger with his.

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The New Emily

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Six Sides of Steel

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The Dealmakers

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