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How to choose a thesis topic 📘 current topics

When choosing the topic of the thesis, it is important that the direction of research is understandable and interesting for the student, since the defense involves not only listing scientific facts, but also their comparative analysis with the expression of their own point of view.

Often, the easy topics offered by the departments are not enough for all senior students, so it is better to make a choice at the beginning of the academic year, when the approved list has not yet been shared by classmates.


Basic strategies for choosing a topic for a graduation project
Students approach the choice of the topic of their final research in different ways. Sometimes the project becomes a generalization of term papers written in previous years. In this case, the student does not waste time thinking about which topic of the thesis to choose, since he outlines the range of problems that will be covered in advance.

Accordingly, the supervisor can give specific recommendations in advance, and the graduate gradually selects literature and outlines tasks for the practical part of the diploma.

Sometimes the curator does not welcome the initiative on the part of the students and assigns the topic himself. But such a solution can become a problem for the student if he is not familiar with the proposed question. In addition, the teacher usually recommends difficult topics for which there are not enough sources for the analysis.

The student can propose a topic independently. Many teachers will only be happy with such an initiative. But it is better to prepare several topics in advance, so that the scientific instructor has plenty to choose from.

Graduates planning to seek help do not hesitate to choose a topic. Often they take any on the list, realizing that they will not have to spend energy on analyzing it. However, this is the main mistake of careless students, since on defense they can get confused even from a simple question from the certification commission.


Recommendations for choosing a topic
Before moving on to the choice, you need to think in advance about observing several important points:

  • The research topic should be suitable for the profile and specialization of the research supervisor and the department.
  • It should be interesting and not indifferent to you.
  • Try to look into the future and connect the topic with your potential profession. This can play in your favor with further employment.
  • If after the bachelor's degree you are going to enter the master's degree, try to take a topic that can be further developed into a master's degree.

Self-selection rules
Senior students who want to get a high score for their project need to know how to choose the right topic for their thesis. They should focus on the following points:

  1. It is better to focus on relevant and topical topics that are in contact with modern scientific trends. For example, theses of graduate theses in psychology involve carrying out different methods with two groups of people. At the same time, it is important to select tests and questionnaires developed using innovative techniques.
  2. The issues under consideration should be linked to practice. For example, topics of diploma theses in economics are selected taking into account the characteristics of the enterprise, which provides the documentation necessary for practical analysis.
  3. The problem under analysis should have an extensive base of freely available sources.
  4. The described area cannot be based on several definitions. The graduate should not pay attention to highly specialized topics that do not provide room for maneuver.

Is it possible to change the topic of the diploma after approval?

There are cases when a student did not analyze the process of choosing a topic enough and made a mistake with it. Not sure what and how to write about this topic and want to choose another one?

This can be done if the approval order has not yet had time to go out and receive a signature from the administration. Otherwise, we advise you to directly discuss the issue with your supervisor and come to a common solution. Or seek help from professional experts like pay4writing. They will provide you well-written work before deadline.

The student should choose an urgent and interesting problem within the framework of the scientific and practical vector that interests him. The analyzed question should be based on the evidence and achievements of other authors.

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