The Mafia Wants Me


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Chapter 1.

Today I turn 21. Nothing changes besides getting old and having a boring life. My friends enjoy getting wasted and hooking up with random guys, except me. I'm more of a good girl that stays home on a Friday night studying instead of going out and clubbing. My best friend Amy insisted that I had to come to the club with her. Since today was my birthday it was a must that I had to go. Which I agreed to go. I wanted to be like those 21 year old girls who would go all crazy. I wanted to have fun tonight! Get drunk, dance all night, and hook up with some random guy and lose my virginity for once. I have had boyfriends before, but I actually haven't done the dirty with them yet. Tonight that's my wish.


'Hands up, and suddenly we all got our hands up

No control of my body

Ain't I seen you before?

I think I remember those eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes  

Cause baby tonight, 

The D-J got us fallin' in love again 

Yeah, baby tonight the D-J got us fallin' in love again 

So dance, dance, dance, 

like it's the last, last night of your life, life 

I walked back to our table, tired of dancing. Damn I should of brought extra shoes with me, my high heels are killing me. Taking a seat I glanced over at the dance floor all my friends are dancing. Amy was grinding on some random blond dude. Who by the way was grinding his groin and grabbing her butt. Emily, my second best friend was making out with a dude.

I got up and made my way towards the bar.

"Can I have two shots of Vodka, please?" I asked the bartender guy.

He placed my drink in front of me, I gulped it down fast. Ignoring the burning sensation, I put my hand up trying to get the bartender's attention. I wanted to get drunk, and forget about my boring life.

Before the bartender turned around, I felt a hand wrapped around mine. Confused I pulled my hand away, almost falling out from my stool. Gladly, the mysterious man saved me from falling and embarrassing myself. If I fall, he's coming down too. I thought to myself. 

"Don't you think you have had enough, sweetie" the mysterious man whispered in my ear. He had a very deep husky voice that can make any female girl's leg melt.

"What?" I managed to say.

I turned around to see the mysterious man. I looked up to see his brown eyes. He was very tall. Compared to my 5'4 small frame. He seemed to be a successful businessman by the way he dressed.

He let out a small chuckled, "I said that you have had enough for today, don't you think, sunshine"

"Excuse me? You don't have the right to tell me when I have had enough" I tried sounding mad, which wasn't even close to it. Since I was half sober and half drunk. I was feeling fragile in his arms and my body wasn't acting like my own. Daymn you body! I was craving his body, his touch. What's happening to me?

He raised his eyebrow, it looked like he was reading my mind. He knew the effect he was giving me. Was he a mind reader?

"You heard me, princesa" he said bringing me closer to him. I loved the feeling I was getting. His cute nicknames he was giving me. I don't want to admit it, but he was giving me this feeling that none of my past boyfriends gave me. Ever. The feeling of protection, love, and desire.

I wanted him to take me and claim me as his. I was imagining the things he would do to me in bed. How it would feel to have him inside of me tangled in his bed. Wow, it must be the alcohol effect or something. Control yourself Scarlett! He's just a stranger, he could have a girlfriend or even a wife for all I know. 

"I need to leave" I said. Trying to fight this feeling in between my legs. I can't let my body take over. 

"Okay. Goodbye and my apologies for anything I have said." He said and walked away. 

I turned around to see him for one last time. I felt sadness when he left. Isn't that what I wanted in the first place? I just ruined my chances of being with him. 

I walked back to the table where my friends were at. 

"What are you doing?" Amy asked.

"What do you mean?" I said confused.

"Why did you let that guy leave? And don't act innocent with me. I saw you with that super hottie" she said smirking. 

"I don't know. I'm scared okay!" I whispered. Today was my chance and I totally blew it. 

"Aww babe, give me a honest answer. Do you want him?" She asked. Already knowing the answer. 

"Yes, but I'm a coward okay! And plus he must of left already" I said feeling defeated. 

"Are YOU sure about that babe?" She said laughing and pointed towards a table where the mysterious man was at. 

I slowly turned to where she was pointing and saw him sitting down with a drink in his hand. Glancing over where I was. 

"He's been staring at you since you made your way to the table" she said. 

"What if he doesn't want me?" I asked, taking my eyes away from him. 

"Babe, if he didn't, he wouldn't have that look on his eye. As if you are the only girl in this room right now " she said smiling. 

"Don't think about it too much babe. If you want him and to him. If not don't, I don't want you to regret this opportunity." She said hugging me. 

"Okay" I managed to said. I started making my way towards him slowly. He put his drink down on the table and watched me like a hawk. Like if he was a predator ready to prey on his victim, which was me. 

"What are you doing here, babe" he slowly asked as I reached his side. 

"I'm here to beg you to f*ck me" I wanted to say. 

"Umm..." I didn't know what to say. My face was probably red from embarrassment. I didn't dare looking at him. I felt his finger underneath my chin as he slowly raised my face till my eyes made contact to his. 

"Hi" I managed to say. My voice was small. I doubt he hear me. 

"What's your name, babe" he said smiling at me showing me his beautiful smile. 

"My name is Scarlett" I said licking my lips nervously. When was I ever nervous around males. He had this affect on me that I couldn't control. He brought his eyes on my lips. I heard a low groan from him. 

He got my hand and brought it up to his lips and placed a small kiss on my palm. I wish that kiss were on my lips instead. 

"What a pretty name for a pretty lady. I'm Emilio" he said smiling again. Oh god! Was he handmade by god himself?

He pulled me closer to his body. He opened his legs and I let out a gasp as felt his hard c*ck as I was standing between his legs. 

"This is the effect you have on me, princesa. Tell me what you want. I won't do anything you don't feel like doing" he said in my ears. 

I felt myself getting wetter by the second. This was my chance and he was willing to give it to me. 

"I want you" 


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Chapter 2

 (CONTAINS EXPLICIT SCENES) (recommended for 17+ please read at your own risk)


"I want you" 

As the words left my mouth, Emilio crashed his lips on mine. His kiss was sweet and hungry. Like if he hasn't eaten all day. 

I moaned in his mouth, he took this as a chance to explore my mouth. As he slowed down with the kiss, I was panting hard, like if he was the oxygen I desperately needed to survive.

"Your lips are so soft, the most beautiful lips I have ever kissed" he said placing another kiss onto my lips. "I don't know if I can control myself. I need you so much right now" he said panting. 

"Please, don't stop" I said putting my hands over his neck bringing him closer.

"Princesa..." before he started I cut him.

"Please don't make me beg, Emilio. I want you and you want me" I said placing a kiss on his lips. 

I patiently waited for his response, when he didn't say anything. I took this as a response that he didn't want me. I moved away from him. 

He pulled me back, and crashed his lips on mine again. "Are you sure you want this, princesa?" He asked leaning his forehead against mine. 

"Yes. Give me what I desperately want" I said breathlessly. 

He got my hand and started pulling me towards the door. 

"Wait" I gently pulled his hand and he stop turning back. 

"I need to tell my friends where I'm going. They will send the whole swat team to look for me if I don't tell them my whereabouts" 

He nodded and placed a kissed on lips. "Okay. I'll be right outside" he said turning towards the exit door. 

I went to find my friends. After a while of searching, I saw Amy at the dance floor with the same guy. She smiled when I made my way to her. 

"Hey babe. How did it go?" She asked looking confused of why I wasn't with the hottie. 

"About that" I said nervously. "I'm going home with him." I whispered. 

"Go girl" she smirked. "You better tell me all the details tomorrow" she said shooing me away. 

I nodded. And before walking away I went to hug her. "Thank you" 


Once I was outside, I saw Emilio sitting down on the bench. He turned when he hear me coming to him. 

"Hey princesa, are you sure you want this. We can stop if you want?" He asked pulling me closer to his body. I know he wanted this too. I loved that he cared what I thought. 

"Emilio, I want you badly" I said leaning towards his ear. 

I can feel his heart beating fast. I knew he wanted this as much as I wanted him. There was no doubt that I had a effect on him as I felt his member go hard against me. 

As a tease I moved my hand against his groin. And placed a kiss on his neck making him hiss. 

"F*ck, princesa" he breathlessly said. 

He put his hand on mine, making me feel how hard he was for me. My core was dripping and throbbing. I gave him a squeeze through his jeans. His eyes were hungry. He leaned down and gave me a hard demanding kiss. This kiss wasn't a sweet one like before. It was a desperate one. 

"You don't can't imagine how much I want you right now Scarlett. It's going to be a hard f*ck. I don't think I can take my time on you" his voice was a rough Mexican accent. 

I liked my lips nodding at his response. I couldn't find my voice. My body was burning with excitement. I couldn't tell him that he was going to be my first. I was scared that he wouldn't agree to give it to me if he found out. 

He grabbed my arm and dragged me to his car. On the way to his house I couldn't stop staring at him. He was so sweet and handsome. 

Once we got to the apartment building, he got out and opened me the door. He grabbed my hand and we made our way inside the building. 

All I can say was wow! The inside was breathtaking. 

He guided me towards the elevator and as the door closed he pressed the sixth button and waited to go up. 

He pulled me close to his body. Putting his hands on my butt. He started to lift my dress up a little to have more access. 

"You looked so sexy and innocent when you walked to the club" 

I gasp when he moved his hand towards my middle area. His movements were slow and it was killing me.

"Daymn princesa, you're dripping" he hissed at the contact of my wet underwear.

"Emilio" I moaned when he slid his finger inside of my throbbing core. I wanted him inside of me already. He slid a second finger and I let out another moan. 

"Princesa, who's getting you this wet" he said, already knowing that it was him. He had this affect on me that my body wanted to obey their master. 

"You, Emilio. Only you" I said holding on his shoulders tight. I felt a weird feeling in between my legs. 

Before he said anything, the elevator door opened. He took his finger out and pulled my dress down. Thank lord! Nobody had to use the elevator at this time. 

He pulled me out and we took a right turn and walked down straight to his apartment. His apartment was the last door of the hall. He got his keys and opened the door.

I walked in. Wow. His apartment was huge and breathtaking. It was a bachelor pad. It was surprisingly really clean for a man.

While I was admiring his apartment, I heard him close and locked the door. 

He stood behind me and placed his arms around my waist and started kissing my neck. Which there probably be hickies in the morning.

He slowly moved us towards his bedroom, which had 2 big doors. I opened one of the doors and the lights turned on. In the middle of the room, there was a bed king size bed, two small night stands and a big dresser near the door. 

"Take off your clothes" he said in a demanding voice.

I obeyed and slowly started to take off my dress from my body. His eyes near left my body. 

"Now take of your bra and underwear, princesa" he said sounding so desperately.

I kept my eyes on him, when I slowly removed my underwear down my legs. While I was taking it off, he started taking off his clothes too. 

Once I reached to my bra, he was completely naked in front of me. I was speechless, he was big. Would he be able to put that inside of me? 

"This is what you have done to me princesa" he said showing his shaft proudly. I saw that there was a little bit of pre cum on the tip. 

I bit my lips nervously. What do I do? I never done this. What if he finds out?


What y'all think? Like how Nelly said it's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes LOL! Why he find out?

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