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Is it possible that so much happiness exists?

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Chapter 1

Yes, if it is possible and in this occasion I will count it from my perspective, will share in a very tasty slightly very important way, and probably someone identifies with me. Time behind was chatting with a friend, why are Christians happy?; and apart I have listened to many comments in the matter, in view of the case, why do winds to not to say it to the cuatros?

Thereabouts I listened that they were saying …

" They Are very happy " too happy for me … And …. The one who does not want to be happy always? 

To be encouraged, with a maximum protection and a love without equally. God has not promised wonderful things for our lives; He wants that we enjoy ourselves in his presence; and here I do not think to impute; I do not even try to put in less to any other belief, since always, respect each of you; and if it is given to the case to share some experience or innovation. Welcome is! At some time for his minds it has happened, why do we live? What do I do here? 

It is in the habit of happening for several minds, even in moments of depression it can assault questions of such a magnitude, fact that must not be like that … God created us with an intention definite well and the whole glory and the honor is for HIM … why so much have I a good time in his lives? They have God in his heart, know about his infinite love; and they are full of Benedictions … infinite benedictions! 

 We surprise it without waiting for it, we are entrusted, It is a faithful cone we to sorrow that in many occasions we are removed … He is there, giving us his love, support and care of an unconditional way … " are not pinches of luck ", they are Benedictions provided by Him. There are advices to be able to be happy? Yes, certainly, why should not they exist? 

1-He forgets the past, remove it of your life. Do not seize it any more … do not be with it that overwhelms you, that fills you with resentment and saddens your heart … The resentment is a part of the hatred, why to guard it as something important? Reject it! It is time of a change … you will never be able to be happy, at least that you learn to forget the past.

2-He Forgets your mistakes, your slides, your inappropriate acts. Remove that one of your mind and of your life! 

Ask of any heart God for pardon, a royal pardon; a sincere repentance, that one who drowns you to double knees before Him. There forgets these sufferings, acquittance of your life it that does to you evil, new paragraph that takes pleasure from you; it poisons your life with this heavy load. Eliminate this load! 

God will excuse you, He is good with us, is so compassionate that it sent to the world his Son in order that he dies for us and excuses our sins, thanks to it we have this privilege of being able to pray, speak with Him and to ask for pardon in order that it is granted in an immediate way, probably someone knows the history of which before sacrifices were done in order that pardon is granted; but in his infinite love He sent as sacrifice his Son, his Son! To excuse our sins, what a marvel! And, then … how not to stop being grateful for him?! 

3-En Christ, new Creature you are, sew them old women already happened. He gives you a new life, new opportunities, shows you more of his word; it offers to you a familia and unconditional friends that you never thought to find, makes you a new man … Changes everything, is so compassionate that being sinners, He gives us so many opportunities, so many people!

4 - God he has excused all your sins to you in Christ Jesus, since I have mentioned it already. Excuse you itself to yourself, God already excused you. It leaves this feeling of fault, leaves it that torments you. Be free of these distresses.

5-it Stops looking for happiness where she is not. 

A reflection that thereabouts I saw, was indicating us that: of what vouchers to look for God in holy places if where you have lost it it has been in your heart? Do not try to look for happiness in the persons, the people cannot make you happy, there are persons who trump you when less you wait for it, they can hurt you even. Neither blame them, nor blame others for your unhappiness; they do not know God, let's pray in order that God touches his heart and changes it.

That God gives them also a new heart … do not try to look for the happiness in the pleasures of the life, God wants for you a change, why to stick to the material thing? You will not have happiness living in the filthiness, in vices, it will not bring his happiness you will not find happiness living in the immorality. The dance, the eroticism and the pornography, it will not give you calmness, wonder am I doing well? How much hard me the happiness with such things? Does this please God? 

These " small pleasures ", they offer to you a supposed happiness, but … have you noticed it ephemeral that is? God offers to you Small big pleasures and the better thing, they are not ephemeral, they are infinite! Do you want perhaps a happiness that is measured concerning moments? With God, any moment is wonderful, EVERYTHING! Because of it those who have Christ in his heart, are so happy … Are full of pleasure; we are full of pleasure … Abundances of the golden promises that God gives us in his Holy Writ. Because of it we enjoy ourselves; we are immensly happy 

6-Do not try to look for happiness in the sin. The sin the only thing that can bring you is a destruction, have you obtained slightly good chance for a fact that is not agreeable? Not, I it do not believe …

7-do not compare you with anybody, God loves you as you are, He did us to his image and similarity. 

You can be happy being you itself, you can reach the happiness in this life just now, accepting Jesus as your personal savior, It is the beginning of this infinite happiness. You are special, and since I it have mentioned before, you are here with big intentions, do not lose heart ever. With faults and virtues, God loves you as you are, it will not put any pretext, He loves you, loves all his children. 

Another reflection that seemed to me to be interesting is that of a ticket …

Of The ticket of 20 $ dollars A well-known lecturer began his seminar supporting a ticket of 20 dollars. In a lounge of 200 persons, he asked. " To whom would it like to have this ticket? "

Many persons got up. He said to them, " I am going to give this ticket of 20 dollars, to each of you, but first leave me to do this " it Proceeded to wrinkle the ticket. 

Later he asked, " the one who does want it still? " Even many raised the hands, "well", it answered. " Such what if I do this? " And it it threw at the floor, forthwith it began to trample on it with his shoe. It raised it, now quite wrinkled and dirtily. " Now who do you want it? "

Even hands got up. 

Followed this said: " Friends of mine, and they have learned a lesson of very much value, it is not important if I do to the money, you like that want it because it did not diminish his value. They continued being twenty dollars. " Often in our lives, we are thrown, wrinkled and squashed in land by the decisions that we do and the circumstances that come in our direction. It comes near to a point of feeling that value is not had, but without importing what has happened or it will happen.

You will never lose your value in the eyes God. 

You realize how wonderfully he is Our Celestial Father?

It is the beginning of the happiness, now yes … you can assure you that if a happiness full of pleasure exists.

Enjoy yourself in his presence, love it, live well … and do not lose heart. 


 Spirits! Lose one not even more second, God has big things for you … .Espero that this small post, is of help and benediction for his lives. Thank you for reading it.

Hugs and smile always!:)

God blesses them

-Annette C.M





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