My Best Friends' Sister


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Chapter 1

Stephen's POV

It was early in the morning and I was interrupted from my sleep by sister Sydel who was jumping on my bed. Stretching my muscles I got up and looked at her with a smile on my face, it was a morning routine for her to wake me up. I took a look around my room, my eyes landing on the calendar which had a big red circle around today's date. Then realization dawned on me, Easter brake was over but it still means its time to go back to hell for a few mouths. The only actually reason I get up for school is because of basketball, although I was a straight A and B student. Yes, I know what your thinking 'A athlete with a perfect academic score and still manages to keep up with the team games and looks.' a very rare sight to catch. Rushing to the bathroom I quickly prepared myself for the day ahead of me, grabbing my things to leave the bedroom after finishing. Hearing the typical shouts from my mother to rush because "tardiness is never a good thing" . I let out a low laugh before rushing down the stairs and grabbing a waffle from the plate on the table.

Arriving to school a minute early by luck, I parking my car and rushed to my first period class with Miss. Spencer.Thank God that you could always go online for your time table, else I would still be waiting for the piece of paper.  Upon stepping into the class I instantly noticed this beautiful girl sitting in the used to be vacant seat which was right next to mine. Walking over to my seat a sent her as smile when she looked up at me.

"Good morning class, I hope you guys had a good Easter break." 

"I would also like to introduce our new student Ayesha Alexander, I trust that you guys would make her feel welcomed." Ms. Spencer announced.

She gestured for Ayesha to sit after she was done talking, being a shortened day the bell had rang early and everyone quickly rushed out the doors. Just as I was about to leave the class also I was stopped by Ms. Spencer who wanted to have a quick word with me. Slowly walking over to her desk I stood next to Ayesha who was still inside.

"Mr. Curry being one of my most trust worthy students I would like for you to show Ms. Alexander her way around the school  since you both have the same schedule and do all the same subjects".

"Oh and also one thing before you leave, make sure that she fits in well  and please don't lead her into the wrong crowd. Let's just say your her bodyguard until she's settled."

"Ummm sure, but how do you know we do I the same subjects and have the same time table." I asked out of curiosity.

"Mr. Curry because you do all advance classes and so does Ms. Alexander here, plus I memorized half of my classes schedules." She said with a smile

"You mean you looked went to the secretary." I said holding in a laugh.

"Oh hush."

Before we walked out the door Ms. Spencer handed us our papers in case we were late for class with,which we already are. The two of us walked through the quiet hallways neither uttering a word to each other but my throat was just itching to speak, so I did.

"What country are you from?"

"What's your favorite thing or colour?"

"Do you have siblings?" 

"When's your birthday?"

"Tell me one truth about yourself?"

"Um sorry I didn't mean to ask you your business, you don't have to answer if you don't want to." I said scratching the back of my head.

"Wow easy there, I'll answer your questions."

"I'm from Canada."

 "My favorite thing is my room and bed."

 "My favorite colour would have to be purple and blue because those two colors have so many different shades that it can show your emotions whether happy, sad or scared."

"Yes I have siblings four to be exact."

"My birthday is March 23."

"One truth about myself, I love cooking, what about you?" She said giving me a small smile.

"Oh okay, I'm from Ohio."

"My favorite thing is my car." 

"Favorite colour white although it isn't considered a colour I find it quite sophisticated."

"Yes I have two I siblings." 

"My birthday's March 14."

"One truth about me is that my first name is actually Wardell." I said looking at her proud of what I just said.

I hadn't even notice we had already reached the classroom until I heard Mrs. Jane's voice. I rapped on the door and we walked in as I gave her the paper Ms. Spencer gave us.She nodded while reading the letter and we took our seats beside each other. Second period class was boring and felt like it went on for hours , half of the class was already asleep but I was simply not tired. Looking across at Ayesha I noticed she was also asleep so I took her book and wrote the rest of the notes and the homework. The bell rang five minutes later waking Ayesha in the process. Pulling her out of her seat I took her with me to the cafeteria where my friends were.

"Hey Yesha!" Jace and Chase said in union.

"Hey guys" She said while hugging both Jace and Chase.

She knows them?

"Wait, what how'd you know them?" 

" And Yesha?" I asked curiously.

"Excuse my brother for his dumbness, he just has a hard head." Seth said  chuckling.

"Come on dude we told you about her already, she's our little sis." Chase said.

Oh shit really.

"Oh, yeah I remember now." I said rubbing my temples and sitting down with them.

We sat and talked until Nicholas opened his big mouth.

"Guys I think your Yesha has a little crush on someone, call no name get no blame." He said giving me a smirk.

"We know." They said in union.

"Guys stop!" She said hitting them playfully trying to hold back a blush but it came out.

" Soon... Since everyone else is calling you Yesha can I call you Yesha too?" I asked using my pleading eyes.

"Yeah sure Steph." She said with a smile while the boys sat with their mouths opened.

"Blink guys, blink." I said while me and Yesha both laughed at them.

"Awwe guys little Steph, has a crush." Jace said while they all laughed.

I could feel the heard creep up to my cheeks and I just glanced at Ayesha who's cheeks were bright pink, then rest my head on the table so no one would see my face. When suddenly Seth opened his mouth.

"Why don't they just date each other, if they now they know they liked each other?" He asked Jace and Chase, they both just shrugged then Jace said.

" I don't know but I would approve, their cute together, but if he hurts her I'll break him."

"Same here." Chase said giving me the death glare, so I put my hands up in defense.

I was looking over at Ayesha the whole time they were talking to see what she thought about the whole idea, the only time I took my eyes off her was when they asked me questions. Well what the heck even then I don't take my eyes off her, she's so beautiful that my mind can't even comprehend. The bell had rang and everyone rushed out the cafeteria and went to their classes.Me and Ayesha walked through the crowd of students that were rushing to their class and went to the library.

"Hey sit on this side, you'd  get to do anything you want." I said grabbing her hands while shooting her a smile.

"Okay Mr. Bodyguard." I blushed at her response and she just smiled.

We talked for a bit until the bell had rang and it was time to leave.

"Ma lady would you like me to escort you home ?" I asked gesturing towards my car using a fake ascent.

"Yes kind sir, I would love that." I opened the door and she hopped in.

 Closing her door I ran over to the drivers side and headed to Ayesha's house,driving the whole five minutes in silence listening to the track that was playing. When we got there I watched her as she went into the house then waved goodbye.

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Chapter 2

"Stephen's POV"

Lately me and Ayesha have been talking a lot, everyday since the first day I've been driving her to and from school. We conversated a lot and got to know more about each other but today's conversation was different because she told me about how she wanted  to join the cheerleading squad.But I was a bit worried because my ex Asia was captain and a very demanding person, reason being she was my ex now . When I told  her about Asia,she  just simply replied with ' It'll be fine, I've dealt with girls like her.' 


I decided to meet up with the gang at the bleachers since there was no classes, due to the different auditions and group sign ups that were happening for the whole day. Not only was it annoying but it meant that I came to school today for nothing when I could have been home sleeping.

"Oh shit!"

"What?" Everyone asked looked at me.

"I totally forgot that I was suppose to watch Ayesha tryout, I gotta go

Getting up off the bleachers I quickly ran to the next end of the field where the cheerleaders were.I arrived in time to see Ayesha and was amazed by what she could do, she was really good.

Looking over at Asia who had an evil grin spread across her face while watching the two girls I instantly remembered what she had done to a girl who tried out last time. I quickly rushed over with my hands ready to catch Ayesha the same time as they moved their hands away and stepped back. 

"Thanks, bodyguard" she said holding onto me tight as I held her

"You're always doing some shit Asia, how could you?" I said angrily, the same time the boys came over.

"When I want something or have it and things or people are getting in the way, I get rid of them." She said looking at me and Ayesha with a smirk.

"Why do you want that slut anyway?" She asked, as Ayesha gets out my hand.

"Thanks that's a real nice compliment, but if you may remember it takes slut to know one. Which means you've either went around selling yourself to the bums on the street or you walk around the school begging for it. I'm guessing you did it with almost every male in school including the dogs that walk around. Think about that before you open your mouth, I could be as cold hearted as you just try me." When she said that Asia's jaw dropped.

"I- uh-"she was cut off by Ayesha.

"Yeah I thought so, ba bye." She said.

Asia stormed off to God knows where and me and the boys hugged Ayesha in a group hug.



School was dismissed early and we all went over to my place, yeah it sound childish but we're having a sleepover. The guys brought  along their girlfriends Jessica, Casey and Lacey. Casey and Lacey were twins, they both had long curly blonde hair and sky blue eyes, while Jessica had straight brown hair and with dark brown eyes.
We sat on the sofa in our PJs watching Godzilla, the girls were jumping in our arms every single minute it was funny and adorable.

"Aahhhh!!!" The girls say in union.

Ayesha grabbed onto me digging her nails into my arm with her head buried in my chest. I couldn't help but laugh.

"I'll protect you." I whispered into her ear letting my hot breath go on her ear.

"Thanks a lot, for everything." She said kissing me on right on the cheek.

"How bout one right here?" I asked gesturing to my lips that were pleading, she just looked at me and giggled, while putting a light kiss on my lips.

"I saw that." I heard Chase say which also caused Ayesha to bury her face deeper in my shirt.

"Be quiet and watch the movie would you." I heard his girlfriend Casey say.


I sticked my tongue out at him and mocked him by laughing silently before turning my head back to the tv.

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