Fake Friends


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 October had finally started it was Halloween month in my school, all of our school helped out decorate.  On October 30th some of the students could help out in the gym for our Halloween party, i didn’t help out because i was too busy jogging. I couldn’t wait until the clock said 12:02pm because i was starving. Finally we went to lunch and me and my best friend Britt when to get our trays we got fried chicken and mashed patatos, we went to go sit to our group table but it was full with the people we disliked i didn’t even know  why they would sit there in the first place i told my friend “ maybe we can go sit with our other friend over there at the circle table “ she said okay. Little did i know our friend at the other table were talking about us.  My friends and i were planning to go trick or treating together but since my friend Sasha was saying mean things about us Britt and i went together. We went to a church by were my cousin lives we got a lot of candy. After we went to get more candy at the mansions!

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 Britt said “ we should go in the very back “ so we did, there was no candy i told Britt maybe we should go to other houses. We decided to go to one that was very decorated when we heard a voice we thought was familiar. All of a sudden i hear someone scream “ew Sasha look aren’t you going to say hi?”  I was shook i did not think it was Sasha especially with the “ cool “ group. Britt and i just walked away nervously, we ended up having the best Halloween night except when we saw Sasha. suddenly Britt received a text form Sasha “we cant be friends anymore, you lied to me you guys said you weren’t gong trick or treating this year but i guess you guys are just fake friends “ in my mind i was thinking she had all the rights to be mad i felt bad so i wanted to say sorry to make it up to her for her to stay over so i simply told britt that. Britt angrily said no that she was being very disrespectful to me i awnserd how she has never done anything to me at all but she showed me a group chat were it was just britt, Sasha and our guy friend Daniel. i was at the point were i felt like crying i couldn’t believe it, i was so nice to Sasha i confronted her about it but nicely of course. Friday came along i felt very different. i wasn’t friends with her before and to be honest i was kind of better with out her. I couldn’t let the rest of my friends be mad at me over something that wasn’t fully true they needed to know what Sasha did but i think it was a mistake to say what happend.

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