An Overview of Tablo's New Distribution Options


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An Overview of Tablo's New eBook & Paperback Distribution Options

With Tablo, you can now distribute your books for sale on the largest and most comprehensive network of online and physical bookshops available to independent authors. Any book that you've written or uploaded to Tablo is able to be published in eBook, paperback and hardcover on up to 40,000 online and physical retailers, all with a single click, and with you maintaining 100% of the proceeds.

We offer three levels of distribution, from a lightweight eBook publishing plan to a professional eBook, paperback and hardcover plan that offers a scale of distribution typically reserved for mainstream authors. Selecting the distribution option that's right for you will depend on how far you'd like your book to go. As a standard, every plan assigns an ISBN to your book, prepares all of your book's assets, allows you to set your own retail price and provides you with 100% of the sales proceeds.

It's our Paperback and Hardcover plans that connect you with some real magic – making a printed version of your book available in nearly 40,000 bookshops around the world. You'll see paperback buying options on all online retailers, and  readers can even order your book in-person from their local bookshop. Anytime a book is ordered, it's instantly printed from the nearest warehouse and delivered to the reader within a few days. Your book will always be available, and you'll never need to hold a single unit of inventory.

eBook – USD $99/year

On this plan your book will be published as an eBook on the 35 most significant online retailers in the industry, and an online library lending network spanning 30,000 libraries. It's a lightweight entry to publishing that also provides incredible reach for your writing.

The bookstores you'll be distributed on are Amazon, Apple's iBooks Store, Barnes & noble, Kobo, Booktopia, Microsoft, Google Play, Scribd, Hoopla, Feedbooks, Baker & Taylor, 24Symbols, 7Switch, iFlipd, Bookmate, ReThinkBooks, Tagusbooks, Chegg, Gardners, Glose, HummingbirdDM, Inktera, ITSI, Juke, Lix, Libreka, Libri Gmbh, Paper C, Redshelf, RockASAP, Vi-Da Global, VitalSource, Work and Zola Books. 

The library networks you'll be distributed on are Overdrive, Bibliotecha, Bolinda, EBSCO, Feedbooks, Baker & Taylor, Follett K-12, Gardners, MyiLibrary and Vi-Da Global. There are over 30,000 libraries in this network on 6 continents, including both public, regional and academic libraries. Being distributed on library networks means that a reader can borrow a digital a copy of your book from their local branch. You get paid each time somebody borrows your book.

We would recommend Essential publishing to the author who's looking for an efficient way to offer their eBook for sale online.

Paperback – USD $299/year

Our Paperback publishing plan is completely unique, and a remarkable breakthrough for authors who want to take their book to the world. You will receive 100% coverage of the eBook publishing and library market, per the same details as our eBook publishing plan. In addition, your book will also be made available to purchase as a paperback book on all supporting online retailers, and in nearly 40,000 retail bookshops around the world. This is made possible by an on-demand printing network that will print and deliver each copy of your book every time somebody places an order.

When a reader is browsing your book on Amazon, they will see a Kindle and a paperback purchasing option listed alongside each other. If a reader purchases your paperback novel, it will be printed from the distribution center closest to their  address and shipped to them directly. The reader will never know that the book has only just been printed, and you will never need to hold any inventory.

Being able to purchase your book in physical retail stores represents an extraordinary new level of access for independent authors. Nearly 40,000 bookshops around the world, from Barnes & Noble and Readings to Shakespeare and Company, will be able to purchase your book using the same catalogues used to buy books from major publishers. If you ask about your title you will hear the friendly and familiar "We don't appear to have any in stock, but I can order one in for you". Placing an order will use the same on-demand printing network to quickly produce and ship a copy to the store.

Hardcover – USD $499/year

Our Hardcover plan lets you publish your book in eBook, Paperback and Hardcover  to all 40,000 retailers and 30,000 libraries, using the same on-demand distribution network. This is the most advanced plan available to Tablo authors, and indeed to any author looking to publish their book.

Hardcover books are beautiful to hold – they're crafted with a cloth-board cover, with your title embossed on the side, and a wraparound dust jacket. And yet, they use the same on-demand distribution network to print and ship upon purchase with all of our retail partners.

Even when an author publishes their book in Hardcover, about 70% of their overall sales tend to come in Paperback. The Hardcover book is best considered as a premium, for loyal readers. It's also a great positioning tool – having a $39.99 hardcover version of your book will make a $29.99 paperback book look more affordable, driving up your overall sales.

Setting your Price

You're able to select your own retail price, for eBook, Paperback and Hardcover, during the publishing process, across a number of different currencies. You can select prices for the USD, AUD, GBP, Euro and CAD markets.

Purchasing Author Copies

Once a book has been published, you're able to order your own author copies. Author copies are printed copies of your book, available at author prices – less than wholesale, and with discounts on quantities. You can order any quantity of author copies, at any time, printed and shipped to anywhere in the world. Most authors use Author Copies to host launch events, signings, to sell directly via their own websites, or to share with family and friends. Pricing for these will depend on the overall size of your book in pages, since it's a print unit cost. Reach out to Tablo with a little info about your completed book to learn more about author copy pricing.


On all of Tablo's distribution plans you'll receive 100% of your sales proceeds. Tablo doesn't take anything. Bookstores will take 30% of your retail price for each eBook sale, and 40% for each paperback sale, so the profits you can expect to receive are between 60-70% of your sale price. For example, after selling a $10 eBook, the store will keep $3 and you'll pocket $7.

Paperback books will also have printing costs deducted from your royalty. It costs between $4 and $6 to print each copy of your book, depending on the number pages. If you list your paperback book at $25, the store will keep $10 as their commission, we'll deduct an automatic $5 for printing, and you'll pocket $10 in profits.

Tablo is one of the only self-publishing companies that doesn't take any commission on your sales, so we're confident that these represent the best terms available to authors. Consider also that most traditionally published authors receive just 8% after bookshop, publisher and agency commissions.

Your Rights

We're authors here at Tablo, so we care deeply about your rights. You maintain the full rights to your work. You can set your own price, update your book and remove it from publication at anytime.

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