RINGS OF THE ZODIAC. Aries uprising


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Fog towered over the castle with an stench of death and destruction, the castle itself  gave away very sinister touch to  anyone that dared to lurk near it's border  . not a single soul lay withing  call of the gates , those horrible gates that stood 10 feet tall into the air . yet, one man dared to approach the gate, he moved  ghostly towards it. A cloaked hand outstretched it 's bony fingers to the gate and suddenly it stared to open . With a terrible roaring squeal  it moved in a slow pace . within a minute or so after,  the gate had stopped it's horrible battle cry  and the figure moved it's way into the castles ground. The image that was displayed flickered and had switched to another site , there within the castle  another figure stood  on a balcony  which led from an wider room, most defiantly the throne room. It was wide with  a large carpet which was laid at the base of the throne it seemed to have  be made from some form a reptilian, on each side of the room  held a long line of display , in each column  held what could be, heads. The person that stood on the balcony was a man  with his back turned to the throne room. he had a wide shoulder with  and a lean body , he wore  long black lathered boots to his knee cap, black trousers with a white tunic, finished of with a simple cape . a crown was placed on top of his silky jet black hair. Yet for a man of such simple look, something was wrong about him , something rather.. sinister. The ghostly figure from before appeared a few tiles behind the man, he later bowed his head low to the ground  "my  king." he spoke with such a humble respect,  yet his words felt like claws to stone .  " i have come for my re-" 

the king cut him off . 

"i know." the king drawled. "what your looking for, but have you brought me what wanted?" his word had ice within them , the  figure flinched .

" yes my king, but one" 

" but one "the king mimicked."  you only brought me one ring, what do you expect me to do with that ?"he asked.   

 there was silence,nothing else

" give me the ring." the king growled. 

the man flinched again, but he passed the ring . in his hand held the ring , a ring that had most likely belonged to  a ring master. a ring, that was now in the wrong hands. it  was from the legion of Taurus one of the most possessive and most responsible legion . the King simply toke the ring from the the man that knelt before him and slid it on his own finger .a wicked smile tugged at his face as he gleefully twisted the ring on his thumb. there was long  period of him awing at the ring. the man spoke. "my king, the reward?"  

the king slipped his hand to his side, he sighed.  "moridon , moridon." the king purred .

 "yes, my king." the man who's name was moridon  seemed more alert, as if .. scared.

"you have been working for me , for more than a month now, is that right." there was a pause.

" answer me." the king demanded.

​"yes your Majesty." moridon replied.

"you have at least brought me three rings " said the king . he slowly walked back and forth from one wall heading for the other.

"yet ?". the king paused as if to add suspense.

"yet, you always fail to do what I exactly tell you to do."

" but your majes-" moridon plead.

" Na-pu-ta , is that you disturbing your king?" the king purred, as if this was a game of cat and mouse, and moridon was to be the hunted.

" no your majesty" moridon mumbled, the king continued.

"now tell me , when ever  I ask for two rings i receive  nothing , and i asked for five and you give me, one? is that you can't count  ." 

" no your majesty, bu-."  the king waved his hand in dismissal at him.

" I rest my case, guards!" A few men entered the room, moridon stood with such speed and had managed trip one of the  guards. in his right palm appeared a staff , he started to chant.

"fire of  Aries  and the strength of Taurus ,let it-" .  the guards, acted quick and tackled moridon to the floor, not before punching him a few times over and over. they garbed him and  dragged him to the center of the throne room.

" you shall not get away with this , you shall not reign for ever ! the one name Alice shall destroy you!"

the king walked towards the balcony repeating the name over and over , then a dark chuckle erupted from the king.

" well then , I guess i must dispose of her ."  the king smiled exposing deadly fangs along with deadly sharp teeth. in a flash a blade sailed through the air from the king and had planted it self in moridons chest, moridon trashed on the floor from the loss of blood before being dragged away. the king turned back to the balcony.

" Alice ,huh" . he played with the ring in his hand .

" well then , i'll be waiting for you".

then suddenly I awoke from this nightmare, for the Alice he spoke of  was me , Alice Eridanus.







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ice bear

chapter one will here soon ^w^

Chapter 1

I awoke from the nightmare drenched in sweat , I cleaved to my shirt as if the life i had was about to ripped from my body. 

"it was just another dream , nothing to be afraid of ''. 

 telling this to myself would usually ease my fright, but not tonight the dream that I had felt so real, just like the rest of them . but i felt very uneasy with this one in  particular. I sighed, but only ended up releasing a shaky breath.

 "calm down Alice, it was just a dream, nothing to be afraid of."  

I slid my feet on to the cold hard wood floor. I spent many nights like this having dreams that had no meaning but only a purpose to give me fright. I remember when I started to have dreams like this , I was four when it  had started and I remember trying to tell my father about the nightmare I had, a dream showing a man plunging a knife into a woman's chest and i remember the chilling scream in my dream as if it was real and I was there to see those woman's chestnuts colored eyes as life sipped from them. the memory sent chills along my spine. I stared out into the endless night, the moon was bright to night, so bright, that the light itself beamed through the tree branches outdoors. a sudden jolt of shock hit me and had sent me stumbling out of bed. "bloody hole of Andromeda, the ceremony !"   I was about to be late as always , the sudden realization had made me forget my dreams . I quickly tugged on my tattered leather pants, a top and my old leather boots. I didn't have enough money to buy new clothes ,nor did I ever have enough for food. I placed my cape on, something I had managed to snuggled from one of the rich higher ups , or the " rich lords' ' I should say. I bustled through the street as many others did on a night like this , a night that was intended for a celebration of sorts. I strolled my way down the street, music blurred from nearby tents and children gathered around to hear musician, who's only intend was to smuggle as much dimes as they can get from the children , the smell of sweet lingering pastry filled the air  as bakers placed there fresh goods by window seals, their children kept watched by the window to make sure that not one sticky finger sweep away the fresh bakes. but I had managed to anyway and had snatched a moon cake and an apple right under the baker's son's nose. I didn't like to steal , I usually never steal, I'll only feel guilty right after doing it, but tonight was a special night. The seventh ceremony, this ceremony was once intended for only the rich men and their family at least that was the case a hundred years ago. Many would have to stay outside the ginormous temple doors and wait for the king and his lord men to leave through the temple doors but things and time changes and so does people's actions,people became more generous on nights like these so stealing wasn't looked on twice. I strolled a few blocks down the street to see  Mrs.waterspouts and his jewelry stand. he eyed many of the children that passed by, or more so the ones that were poor and insignificant to society. and since his hateful glare wasn't enough, he held beside him one of the latest gun models, it was long with an open hole like a barrel placed at the bottom and more gadgets for adjustment. Many of the children walked on the other side of the streets, poor and rich. I strolled past his stand very slowly , I saw as his grip tighten on the gun. I stopped and started to study each jewelry. "my, Mrs. waterspout you have  such lovely jewelry." I beamed. 

 "Scram , you know very well you can't afford one damn thing here." he spat. 

a sly smile tugged at  my face.

" very well then, bye bye." I cheered.

he spat where I was standing, and I simply hummed to myself.  " that little dirty bastard, doesn't know one thing about me."

I made sure to stop by the orphanage, and dropped off the new jewelry I stole, Miss Lyra -head of the orphanage- shook her head while laughing. "What did the old fool do this time?" she said between chuckles .  

" He was being rude again, so I thought I'll take something to show him my taste for jewelry, especially when it's worth more than my life."I said with a smudge  smile , she laughed again .

" try not to get in his way next time, okay." I nodded in response. Miss Lyra chuckled a bit before sending me off. I quickly left the orphanage and went off to the temple. It was already eleven'o o'clock, one hour before the actual ceremony. I followed the crowd, as if they were the current and I was  the sea creature flowing with it .


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ice bear

read it in the " night setting" it's much better on the eyes

ice bear

more will be here soon stay tuned !

Chapter 2

We had a complete hour before the actual ceremony began , many of us  arrived and waited for the gates. But I was a procrastinator . I parted myself from the shuffling of every man and woman that walked their way  to the gates . I wanted to gaze at the open view of the sea , so I stood by the docks . It was the largest among many other kingdoms. Our kingdom- mercury named after the goddess of time and wealth- was one of the largest kingdoms in wealth , good , mining and merchant, but size wise . not really . The kingdom is also known for its remarkable legend and the temple of Luna . legends say ( not that i believe it) that the first priestess was of Luna's daughter , who was trying to escape an arranged marriage made by her father, her mother having pity on her sent her to earth to live among the humans so she may escape her father's wrath  god of the night and her mates hate , the daughter had even gone as far as to beg her mother if she could be her servant . but her mother sent her to earth where she became the first priest to her mother. Again I never liked that story , there could have been a better ending to it, other than losing her ,mortality and living in this hell hole , the human realm . I remember my father telling this story countless times when I was young, but I hated it. She was only weak . someone with that much power( being the daughter of Luna and goddess of magic) should have been able to stand her ground. 


“ it’s what she became that counts.” 


I remembered my father saying it. But I knew better , I knew she could have become more than an old hag who lost her immortality. I sighed from frustration and began walking again. Anyway , Our kingdom wasn’t the strongest, for its military soldiers were strong but outnumbered any time . Rumors had it that something dark lurked in the north , and we had the possibility of losing our kingdom, yet we are the backbone for the many other kingdoms so attacking us wouldn’t be smart   and no one seems to mind the rumor that much . Besides, we had our own problems within our kingdom , men and lady fighting for the attention of the king or simply against him, rebels wanting to fight for a new ruler but. I didn't want to be part of any of this , so I remained the simple , poor, unworthy and noticeable girl among many . I kept walking behind people over the kingdom bridge , a large bridge that was connected from the outskirts of the kingdom , right back the castle's own ginormous gates, that protected the inner heart of the kingdom , where the wealthy and important people lived , besides 12 the  lords. But that’s another story. It would be a long walk , but I didn't mind. I'll just end up wandering away again by the open land and go to observe . again i was a procrastinator.

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