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 DISCLAIMER: This is my very first story on this app. I've been writing for most of my life, and when I saw this app, I decided to give it a try. I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and not write fanfic, but I chickened out. This will be an AU calum Hood fic and I hope you like it :)

I groaned, pacing around the vicinity of my small apartment. The place was cluttered, dirty, and definitely not up to par for a visit with my parents. They'd agreed to pay my rent as long as I took care of the place. I don't think having twelve empty beer cans on one table alone qualified as "taking care of the place". I most certainly didn't have time to clean up because it was already 11:04am. My parents always arrived at 11:15 on the dot. 

Looking at me, you'd never believe that I was a trust-fund baby. I dress in ripped skinny jeans and worn out band t-shirts everyday. I haven't been dressed up since my junior prom and I plan on keeping it that way. But I most certainly do depend on the steady flow of cash my parents are more than happy to shell out. I don't go to college but I also don't have a job. My days are spent living life how any other nineteen year old should: going to bars, drinking more than my body can handle, waking up nex to random girls, and repeating it all over again the next day. My parents, however, most certainly don't know about this side of my life. As far as they know, I'm looking for a job and I'm filling out applications to colleges. 

Before I knew it, there were quick raps on my front door and I knew what that meant: my parents were about to see how I'd failed to keep up our deal. I just hoped they'd be cool about it. 

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