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Grand Theft Auto VI

The first release of Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 took place on the 17th of September, 2013, but the game still feels great today. In many ways it is the merit of online part, that the developers successfully supported by numerous updates. On the other hand, many players have long dreamed about the full sixth part of GTA series. Rockstar Games has not yet shared any official information, but the Internet is already full of rumors and speculation about Grand Theft Auto VI. We have gathered them all in one place to make at least an approximate image of the future game.


Let's start with the most banal. What makes us think that Rockstar Games is developing Grand Theft Auto VI right now? The fact that the studio regularly pleases players with new parts of the famous series, albeit not very often. GTA V was released in 2013, GTA IV - in 2008, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - in 2004. Since the fourth part, Rockstar successfully uses its game engine RAGE, graphics which is deservedly considered one of the best in the world. And made it for many years ahead with the potential for improvement.


It's likely that GTA will also use RAGE, unless it's ground for next-generation consoles. In the 7 years since the release of the previous part of the series, Rockstar clearly should have had experience for GTA IV, let a long time the studio was engaged in large-scale Red Dead Redemption 2. However, now the developers have their hands untied.


But it's all naked words, much more interesting to look at more accurate facts. For example, in the summary of a former artist Rockstar from India was able to find a line with GTA VI. Also the artist indicated his work on the addition to Grand Theft Auto V, but it was canceled because of the huge popularity of GTA Online. So the value of mentioning GTA IV is falling.


In May 2019 Rockstar bought Indian studio Dhruva Interactive for $7.9 million. The purpose of the purchase is not disclosed, but with the purchase of GTA developers allegedly had to strengthen their work on something new. Considering that at the moment of purchase Dhruva Interactive had about 300 employees, new Rockstar game should be something very big. And GTA VI in this situation comes to mind by itself.


There is also more powerful evidence. The company Take-Two, which fully owns Rockstar Games, recently updated the domain gtavi.com. Previously, he redirected to the official site of GTA V, that is, registered it in advance to people who mistakenly write in the search box Roman six instead of five, get to the site of the fifth part. But at the end of March, the site began to issue a bug report, and immediately after it was updated. Perhaps it has already begun to be gradually remodeled for GTA VI.


The development of some very expensive game hints and tax returns Rockstar Games. British analytical center Tax Watch drew attention to the huge monetary costs of the studio. In Tax Watch suggested that they are associated with the creation of Grand Theft Auto VI, but no confirmation followed.


A new specific mention of Grand Theft Auto VI was found in the summary of the Mexican actor Jorge Consejo. It states that Consejo voiced a scene with a character named Mexican back in 2018. The actor himself on Twitter said that he likes the attention of GTA fans, but he can not share any details. After all, the contract prohibits the disclosure of any information. So even his participation in the development of GTA VI actor did not confirm.


Grabbing more wild conspiracy theories about the game. One of them says that the site GTAForums under the nickname gonnaenodaethat hiding one of the employees of Rockstar, or at least someone who is well aware of the plans of the studio. Previously, he exactly retold the content of the first trailer Red Dead Redemption 2, let it become clear only after the release of the video, because says gonnaenodaethat exclusively riddles.


Lately gonnaenodaethat has posted on the forum all sorts of references to the culture of the 80's, mainly music videos. He also pointed out that on March 20 the wait should finally end, but this information was not confirmed. On GTAForums quite strict attitude to fakes and unconfirmed rumors, but the posts of gonnaenodaethat moderators do not remove. Perhaps they know the true identity of the user.


And here we come to the most important thing - the setting of the sixth part of GTA. Most likely, the events of the game will unfold in Vice City and focus on the era of the 80s. This is indicated by almost all the plums of information on the game. Hence the corresponding music videos gonnaenodaethat.


Even the new logo of Rockstar Games and a couple of art indirectly confirm the setting. They are made in the style of retrofiturism, which combines the technology of the future and the general style of the middle of the last century. Remember the same world of Fallout to understand what it's all about. The images below appeared on Rockstar's official website in early 2020 and were removed quite quickly. But one of the logos came out in the distant 2014.


Vice City is also mentioned in the plum on the anonymous 4chan forum. It stated that the game makes a big bet on online. It will be possible to play it not only for the criminal, but also for the police. All posts with information has been removed from the forum, and did it quite quickly. As if Rockstar itself hastened to cover its tracks.


In another leak with 4chan claimed that the game is under development since 2016. The world in it will be huge, like in GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 together. The main characters will be four at once (the driver Walter Wallace, smuggler Thomas Branigan, drug dealer Markus Burke and nameless military), and the story will cover both the 80's and modernity. And Vice City will be only one of three major cities, and the events will unfold on the territory of the analogue of the state of Florida. The story will be based on drug trafficking and the problems associated with it.


A few of the main characters were mentioned in another rumor with Reddit, but then it was a brother and sister. Online in the game allegedly should become more focused on the story, and many elements of the gameplay would borrow from Red Dead Redemption 2. Also, the cars would run out of fuel. And on the whole rumor claims that the sixth part of GTA is betting on realism.


There are some strange rumors, too. Sony allegedly wants to make GTA VI a temporary exclusive of PS5. The solution is interesting, but the problem is that the exclusivity will last not a year or six months, as usual, and only a month. Sony and Rockstar have not commented on this information.


And another piece of data about Grand Theft Auto VI fell into the investigation of journalist Jason Schreyer about the recycling in Rockstar. When working on Red Dead Redemption 2 many employees had to work overtime, the developers did not have a clear plan and the correct organization of the workflow. The studio management has put a lot of effort into creating a climate within Rockstar Games. But this can result in GTA VI being smaller than the same Red Dead Redemption 2. But the studio will start producing games more often.


Setting Weiss City seems logical even without further rumors. After all, with the fourth part Rockstar gradually moves to the new engine its classic cities. Updated Liberty City and Los Santos, we have already seen, but Vice City has not yet paid attention. So he seems to be the most logical choice for the next part. Besides, the Roman numeral VI perfectly sums up the first two letters of Vice City.


When will GTA VI be announced? Many insides hinted that we will see the first trailer in spring 2020, but now this information seems unlikely. Perhaps Grand Theft Auto VI will show Sony or Microsoft during the presentation of games for their next generation consoles. In this case, the estimated release date of GTA VI is the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021. But for a game of such a large scale, the waiting year is too short. Therefore, the release of the game in 2022 seems to be the most logical assumption.


Since Rockstar continues to persist in silence, we only have to be content with rumors. The main thing is not to believe everything, because some jokers already started streaming with the countdown to the game's announcement, which ended exactly on April 1. But there is little doubt that Grand Theft Auto VI will be a great game. After all, with its main series Rockstar never failed.


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