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Emma Reese's main worries used to be homework, feeding her cat, and being able to find her Friends reruns in the DVR. That was until she decides to do something nice for the world, something you'd think she'd be rewarded for, but it seems karma was broken that day for when she offers to lock up the school library after hours she's stormed by five teenage delinquent boys. She thinks she has them bested, feeling safe and victorious as she runs away from the accidentally unlocked library, when once again life chooses to throw her a curve-ball. Rounding the corner on her way to her grannies house the dark, mysterious, and somewhat handsome boy she thought she escaped cuts her off. Then, you know what they say, you can't ever just have one potato chip, Mr. Mysterious's friend magically appears not only stealing her backpack but also her freedom. They decide it'd be difficult to hide her body so what's the next best thing? Kidnapping of course. Emma's whisked away from her simpleton life into one of what seems like life in a can. She's never felt more trapped yet somehow free.

Carter Tyler is a delinquent. A highschooler who'd somehow managed to work hard enough to graduate a year earlier than Emma and all of his crime thirsty friends even though he was the same age. His first time in the school library after four years of high school he thought would be boring, indifferent if you will. Instead he somehow ends up home with a seemingly insane girl and missing his first kiss. In Carter's eyes Emma, who had convinced him her name was Valerie, was weird beyond belief yet he was somewhat drawn to her. He sees Emma as a judgmental nun who assumes that just because he's been to Juvie a time or two hasn't ever kissed a girl. That just because he could have any girl in the school that he wanted, had never been on a date. He thought Emma saw him for his looks only, and for some odd reason, he wanted her to see him as more. Not just a human being unable of loving. He wanted to show her he had a heart along with Calvin Klein looks. That he was more than a pretty face.

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Chapter 1

"Thanks again for locking up Emma"
     Mrs. Garret smiled gratefully at me. I grinned to myself when I saw the older woman skipping out the doors of the library. She waved back at me happily as she passed through the glass doors.
    "No problem!" I called, hoping that she would hear my delayed response even though she had already dissapeared. As soon as I knew she was gone, the smile slipped quickly from my face due to pure frustration and exhaustion. I glared back down at my school work, the numbers taunting my vision. 
    Hi, my name is Emma Reese, I'm about five foot five inches tall, with kinda long Nutella colored hair, and greysih blueish eyes. In other words I'm the perfect descibtion of my life. My parents are rich, I live in a large 'mansion' like house, my grades are perfect, all the guys want me, I'm the head cheerleader, along with being a part time volunteer at the animal shelter and orphanage. One day I'll grow up to be Miss. Universe and marry a super sucessfull hot billionare who seems to of come strait from every girls dream. If this isn't sounding off already then I'm not sure what your definitioin of fake is. Some of those things are true. I mean, my parents are wealthy, I make good grades, and I try to volunteer sometimes, but other than that, my bio was totally and wholly untrue. Anyways back to me. I'm not short, but no tall. I'm not deathly skinny or super obese. I'm not ugly... I think, but like I said, I'm no Miss. Universe. I'm just normal.
    Oh yeah, and I deeply despise my college preparatory math course. I hate math with such a fiery passion it puts satan to shame. The numbers and variables haunt my dreams, while the therums, the solutions, the fromulas, and every last cordinate plane torture my soul every waking minute.
    I stare blankly at my homework. numbers, variables, and some more numbers. I don't see what the big deal is. Science is my passion. It's my everything.... but, it's not what the 'rents want, so here I am... sturdying math. Yay?

    My head snaps up as I hear something. Who would come to the library this late? Or even want too? My mind remined me that I was there and I quickly stopped making judgements. Carefully sliding out of my chair, I took shelter behind the closest non- fiction bookcase.
    It's getting louder. I held my breath and cautiouslly peeked over the counter top of the wooden shelf. 
It's probably nothing.
I tried to assure myself everything was okay, yet still a knawing feeling was still settled in the pit of my stomach. I gasped, jumping sky high at the ear busting crack of the library doors swinging open, sucessfully knocking Mrs. Garrett's favorite clock to the floor and scaring the baboozles out of me.
This is it Emma, we knew this day would come eventually. Of course we thought it'd be because of our cat finally taking over the world, or maybe a junk food induced coma, then there's the thought of ice cream overdose, but not this way. 
Cheers and hollers erupted through the now empty doorway, causing my heart to stop beating and fear knock me  to the floor. I saw their leather boots first, followed by one pair of navy blue Sperrys. The five boys shouted and laughed while continuing to destroy the library.
"Guys the security's only down for the next thirty minutes, whatever you want to destroy, destroy it now." 
A different voice laughed at the clearly anxious boy the slap on the boys shoulder sounded through the library and whom I assume was the one who had just spoken shifted on his feet, telling me, it was him in the fashionable Sperrys.
"Trust me Brandon, we're fine. This is their payback for suspending us!"
"You. They only suspended you guys. Not me. I'd rather be kept in school."
You could preactically hear the guy roll his eyes at 'Brandon's' weariness. I knelt where I was, praying that they wouldn't find me. and then I realized at the rate they we are tromping through here, I'd soon be a disassembled girl on the floor, just like "Moby Dick". Still stuck in math mode, I tried to find every single escape route from the room along with the knowledge back from elementary of the negative propability of the situation. I heard quiet converstation in the background as my brain wheels turned and sputtered, coming up with answers only ending in the death of my being. The thud of the book display above falling to the floor brought me from my stupor, they were close. Here it is, the death of me. I leave you my favorite youtube jumper, my stuffed orange bear, Ted, and... well I may take Ted with me to death. Here it comes. I squeezed my eyes shut, bracing myself for impact.
"Hey over here!"
     One of the boys yelled. I sighed quietly in relief as thier footsteps got a bit further away. I gathered the courage again and looked over the shelf, trying to find the hooligans in the semi-dark library.My eyes followed the boy's silliouette to my study table where my bag was placed, my wallet conventienyl poking from the top compartment.Without thinking I shot up from my hiding spot.
What did I just do? Ten eyes were brought upon my face, sharply and carefully testing my reaction to finding them vandalizing the school. My eyes landed on one boys hand that rested on my back pack.
    "What did you say?"
 The guy who had my bag raised an eyebrow and ran an intimidating hand through his blonde hair. He took a step forward, making my stomach lurch and panic set into my heart.
I tried to straighten my back, hoping to appear taller, and while I looked confident the waver in my voice sent the boys snickering at me. 
    "Why would I?" 
My eyelids seemed to be sweating, my heart was running laps in my ribcage, not to mention I was about to pee out of utter terror. I stuck my hands in my pockets, hoping they would see the shaking of my hands.
    "Because your vandalizing the school, and if you took my bag, you'd be stealing."
I winced at the last part of the more like question than answer.
You sound like such a tattle tale.
He smirked and picked my bag up again. Tossing it from hand to hand.
    "And you don't think I've done that stuff before?"
My throat went dry as the boy took a threatening step towards me. I winced when my stomach conveineatly growled, reminding me I didn't get to get my afterschool snack. Wait, I'm dealing with delinquents all alone, in the school library, at dark, and I'm worrying about snacks? 
Yes.... yes you are.
My tone was uncertain and hesiatant, the obosite of what I was going for. Breathing in deeply I tried again, yet the words came out no more confident than the last.
He laughed and tossed my bag from hand to hand, slighlty offending me with the harsh burst of air from his lungs that I classified as a villianous laugh more than sincere.
    "So this is yours?"
How did he know that?
Well you kinda told him idiot! Hey. No need for mean words.
He motioned to two of the guys, and they started to approach me. I noticed they were twins then without any consent my face mucles flexed, leaving me grinning like a mentally insane person at the thought of the two guys having each other for company. 
Screw my childhood lonlieness.
    "What the- let me go!" 
I kicked at the two thugs who had both grabbed an arm and hoisted my off of the ground. They didn't break a sweat at my attempt to escape but instead just chuckled at my lame struggling. The blonde opened the top flap of my back bag, glimpsing in he smirked.
    "What do we have here?" He opened my bag and dumped it onto on of the tables.
    "That's my stuff!" I lurched forward, almost budging the iron fist grips on my biceps. Blondie gave me an agitated look. 
"Shut her up please." 
    My jaw dropped in an appaled manner, who does he think he is? Does he know who he's talking to?
 Duh. That's why he isn't worried, he's talking to you.
One of the twins wrapped a hand around my mouth not only ceasing my arguing but also making me sick to my stomach. I mean I don't know where their hand has been, ok that could've been taken dirtily but still... it's true. Wrinkling my nose in disgust, I felt my sickness dissapating  slowly, beign replaced with a healthy mix of adreniline and anger. I mean they're holding a girl hald their size captive in the school library as they toss around a few books, they're like a watered down version of Crips. 
Teach them a lesson on messing with a Reese. 
The voice of my police officer uncle resonated through my brain. Half of me thought he was right, then the reality of the world, along with physics and any kind of science hit me. Two large buffoons, a computer genius, and a noisy, arrongent jerk, probably could beat me in any fight, much more likly a physical one too.
So? Since when have you obeyed the rules of anything with logical proof? I felt pumped up at the words of my inner prison dweller, feeling maybe for once in my life, that doing the wrong thing was absolutely, one hundred percent correct. Slowly forming a plan in my head. I grinned.
Blondie's eyes snapped to me right when the first twin yelped out after feeling my teeth sink into hisi hand covering my mouth. Blondie still stood in place, not doing anything yet.
Just wait hooligan, just wait.
I took the opportunity and kicked my feet back into each one of the twins's  family jewels. They both groaned, falling to the floor with myself still in tow. Without looking down at them, I lept up, feeling more excited with each second that passed. Sprinting in the direction of my bag, I finally attracted the attention of the blonde, his features took on shock, the surprise that a girl my size brrought down two meatheads evident in his eyes. 
    "Sorry" I said apologetically and smashed my small fist into his nose. 
I cringed at the sound of breaking bone as he fell to the floor. I really hope I didn't hurt him too badly. Wait, he's the reason I was violently man-handled.
    "Actually I'm not"
 I smiled, sweetly down at the boy, holding his bleeding nose, glaring viciously at me.
    I stepped over him glancing around me to see the blue Sperry boy run out of the library, obviously not wanting to get in trouble, or keep his pride. Either way I was good. One less to beat up. Giggling, I fist pumped the air while doing a victory dance, which probably looked like I was the victim of a seizure to the others.
    My happiness was short lived because almost as soon as I'd kicked them down it seemed the giant twins were halfway up and still groaning, cupping their hurt areas. Hurridly grabbing my backpack I threw open the second set of library doors and felt the rush of cool air and freedom at the sight of the school's front doors. My mood restored I laughed a little, closing my eyes. Man was that a mistake. My back hit the wall with such force I gapsed out in slight pain. 
How the heck has one of them recovered so fast? Pause. This is a new one.
My eyes widened as my eyes briskly scanned his muscled 6'4-ish frame. The cliche black cladded badarse hot boy aura was strong in this one.  His electric cotton candy colored blue eyes stared intensly back at me, as if straight through my soul. 
    Don't compare his eyes to cotton candy, cotton candy is good! 
Ok his eyes the color of smurf pee, either way they burned like garlic with a vampire, the petronum spell with a dementor, a spear and Rue... you get the point.
    I tried to duck under his arms, hoping to have the little mercy I so largely deserved. Yet no. The new guys arms shot out, pinning me tightly to the wall behind.
"Let go."
 I fought against his hard grip, a sense of de ja vu flowing through me, huh this must've happened already..... saracasm fully intended. He continued to stare at me, to the point I squirmed from awkwardness which trust me with how much I embarrass myself is hard to do.
    "What's your name." My jaw wanted to drop so badly at the smooth deep voice. 
That would show weakness
You want to know weakness conscience? Weakness is barely managing to escape two buffoon thugs then somehow get entrapped again not even five minutes after.
    "Why should I tell you?"
He glared at me and leaned in closer. The scent of his spearmint chewing gum flooding my nose. Not sure if I wanted to inhale it till I died or cough at the pure strength of the smell, I chose to lean away as much as I could, causing my head to hit the wall behind me.
    "What is your name." He repeated in a deadly tone, making my spine tense in fear. swear I was a barbarian attractor. He glared at me again like he could read my thoughts. Goodness, this boy was scary as heck.
Just say your Aunt's name. That stupid part of my brain suggested, not taking into consideration my aunt's name was Barbra... and that I had like six aunts.... and that half of them were dead.
    "Umm," I tried to muster a believable name when for some reason, maybe a sign from above, my mind flashed to a picture of my kitchen cabinets. Oh yeah, I'm still hungry.
    "Valerie Maples"
I mentally high fived myself for coming up with one that fast, even if it was the name of a syrup brand.
He raised an eyebrow. His face held a hint of recognition and I prayed he was too fit to know it was a brand of sugary food accessory. I nodded and tried to lean back into the wall, creating miniscule bits of more space.
    "Well, Valerie. you'd best not tell anyone about this, our little secret ok?"I nodded.
    "Promise?"I nodded again, my head bobbing up and down.
    "Promise" I confirmed.
    He dropped me to the floor and stared cautiously at me, as if I was a hungry mama bear and he'd just taken one of my cubs.
Well the hungry bear part was on point.
Shut up.
I smirked at him, turned, and started running out the door.
    "I'm lying by the way!" I cackled giddily at the sound of an aggervated boy hitting the wall with his fist... I don't know maybe he hit it with his head.
He is that stupid.
    "You'll never catch me!" I called into the dark night, my feet hitting the pavement below me sending waves of white hot energy through my spinal cord. Little did they know I used to be a state champion runner. It made up for my lacking in everything else phsical in my mind.I ran down the empty streets trying to find my grannies house. A little blue roof about two blocks away came into sight. A sigh of relief left my lips, almost there.I was about to cross the street when a motorcycle screeched to a stop infront of me.
Sugar honey iced tea.
The guy took off his helmet, revealing the now familiar black hair, blue eyes. How can someone get on a motorcycle and drive that insanely fast?
"Can't you just leave me alone!" 
I huffed and turned to run the other way. To my dissapointment he jumped off of his bike and stormed after me. Pushing even harder, I rounded a corner, and of course with my luck ran strait into a pole. I fell back into my butt, my inner defensive specialet trying to kick start my being again but the exhaustin was too strong. I was laying there lmply in pain. when the pole bent down and looked at me.
    "Are you okay?" It was the blonde headed boy. His nose was a bit crooked as he held it with one hand and stuck another out to help me up. What a gentleman.
    I scrambled back away, only to be brought up off of my feet by a pair of arms. Thanks a lot inner trainer, you should've made me get up. I sighed and tossed him my bag.
    "Fine you got me."
The blonde guy grinned and looked into the bag again, probably making sure I hadn't taken back any of my personal belongings.
    "Thank you" He thanked me smugly, my anger started to rise again. My face heated in furiousness . I mean really? It's mine! I stuck my tongue out at him once he turned his back. The little frog made me sick.Calm down My insides told me. At least we took our wallet back.


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Chapter 2

I Carter Tyler have not once stepped foot in this library, ever. The mere thought of school sickens me, that was pretty much the only reason I worked my arse off my first two years to graduate early. Well that and because I didn't need my parents riding my tail for two extra years of my life. Yeah I know, I know, some of us aren't lucky enough to get good parents, parent that care, or any parents at all really. I'm one of them. I was admitted into the foster care system when I was about two months old, that's what my 'parents' told me. They adopted me not as a child but a heir. You see both of my foster parents are unable to produce children, and seeing as my father wasn't just an only child, but also didn't have any cousins, my 'grandparents' didn't have anyone to turn to, so they turned to adoption. They figured if they could raise a child from near birth, it'd be exactly the same as having one. I'm glad that they couldn't have children. They knew nothing about raising a baby, or anything really. You could give them a cactus and somehow they'd kill it, just give them about, I don't know, five minutes? Anyways back to the library thing. Never been in this one, never needed it, my high IQ and Google were always there to guide me. Yet here I am, flinging books from their displays, leaving dirty footprints on the nice white pages.

    I stop and nudge Jared's shoulder, triggering not only his attention but also his twin's. I envy them, they always have each other, never alone, it'd of been nice to be a twin, or at least have a sibling.

    "I'm going to the bathroom." He nodded then turned to fling a reading chair across the room, letting it smash into four or five pieces as it hit the wall.

    "Don't be gone to long." he grunted, grabbed another chair, needless to say it suffered the exact same fate as the first one. I chuckled, walking happily through the doors into the hallway, the sounds of destruction fading behind me. The echo of my leather boots resonated down the dark, empty hallway, giving the building the epitome vision of eeriness. My eyes snapped towards a sound that came from the library, the sound of laughter.

Rolling my eyes I slammed open the doors to the men's bathroom, 'accidentally' kicking the doorstop off in the process. After finishing my business, I took the flashlight I had from my belt and knocked all of the handles on the urinals off. Proud of my handiwork, I tucked the flashlight back into my pants then decided to join the guys back in the library.

Wait. Doesn't the girl's bathroom deserve some love too? Grinning to myself I strolled casually into the bathroom, imagining the reaction of the girls if any had been in here. I took all of the toilet lids, scrunching my nose and looking away when I passed the tampon dispenser on my way out. As I rounded the corner a flash of brown sped by. My senses sharpened at the scent of flowers, I glimpsed back towards the library to see Brandon missing, Connor kneeling, holding a bloody nose, and both of the twins laying on the floor cupping their areas.

“What the?” I dropped my toilet lids and sprinted down the back hallways near the locker rooms, hoping to be able to cut who I assumed was a girl, off. The brief gaps in the wall separating us, she was fast I'll give her that, but not as fast as me. I've been in this game a lot longer. Stepping out in front of the girl, my arms shot out around her, trapping her against the wall successfully. She tried to duck under my arms, so I pressed my body closer to her, cutting out any plan of escaping that took place in her mind. I took in the sight of the girl, long brown hair was falling in soft messy curls around her head, her full pink lips set in a firm line as she struggled against my grip. her thick eyelashes framed beautiful blue-grey eyes. She glared up at me, showing me the un-mistakable fire in her eyes. Not to sound cliche, but she really was so sweet and innocent looking, NOT. If looks could kill the venom in her withering scowl, I'd be seven feet under times seven hundred. I smirked at her spitefulness, shifting my grip to trap her hands above her head.

What a compromising position

"Let go!" She yelled at me, squirming under my stare. I could tell she was uncomfortable, she'd probably never received male attention due to the large sweatshirt that swallowed her frame, which I knew below sported the perfect amount of curves, and just as much spunk. At least that's what the small wolf tattooed on her hip told me. Ignoring her struggling, I cocked my head towards her, somehow captivated.

"What's your name." Her eyes widened in shock, clearly surprised at my audacity to completely leave her request to die.

“You biscuit! How dare you- let me go!” She hit my chest, thrashing back and forth to escape. I raised an eyebrow at her odd language, trying to hide that her punching was slightly effecting me, gosh she was strong, but not quite strong enough. I glared at her and leaned in closer.

"What is you name." I used my intimidation look, the look I like to think could make grown men wet their pants, it's never failed me so might as well give it a shot. She visually swallowed.

Point Carter

"Umm, Valerie Maples." Her eyes couldn't met my own, my gut told me she was lying, just like every other element of my being confirmed she was trying to screw me over. Our lips were almost touching now, if I were lying I'd say I wasn't affected by the closeness, but by the looks of 'Valerie's' anxiety she was the same way.

    "Really?" She nodding her head, making the slight curls in her hair bounce a little. Maybe she was being honest about the name, she looked scared out of her mind.

    "Well Valerie, you'd best not tell anyone about this, or it won't be pretty." Once again her head went up and down.

    "Promise?" I asked, inwardly laughing at how tense she got when I pressed closer. The girl was starting to remind me of a bobbled head. up down, up down, up down. It was quite annoying actually.

    "Promise" she said. I dropped her and just continued to stare down at her small frame. She really wasn't bad looking, on the pretty side even. She smirked, turned around, and ran off. Just like that. "I'm lying by the way" she called back. I slammed my fists into the wall, growling at her confident arrogance. She laughed as she ran out the door and disappeared from sight.

Well come on Carter, you screwed up, now you'd better pick your arse up and go get her.

    I ran after her and jumped on my bike. Revving the engine I threw the helmet on my head, not caring enough to clip it on fully. I took of at what I imagined looked like the speed of light, no matter what speed it was though, it was fast enough to catch up with her.... and kill me if I crashed. Once again tonight, I cut her off as she was about to cross the street. revealing myself, I heard her groan and turn the other way to try to leave.

    "Can't you just leave me alone?!" She yelled, throwing her arms in the air as she continued to start distancing me from herself. grinned and took off after her. we didn't get far until I heard her shriek. Coming around the corner I saw her sprawled on the ground with Connor standing over her. I lifted her into my arms, trapping her for the second time tonight

    “Fine, you got me.” She sighed and tossed her backpack to Connor. He grinned at her immediately. As if it were precious treasure, when it was really just a backpack.

    “Thank you.”

What? Connor never thanked anyone. rolled my eyes at him and started walking back to my bike with Valerie in my arms.

    "Where are you taking me?" She asked, looking up at me with wide, frightened eyes.

See she looks innocent right now. My inner player mentioned. Half of me agreed with him, but I reminded myself I didn't have any time or willpower to start any relationships.

You're gonna be a virgin forever man.I cursed my conscience out, it's not like I needed anyone, I was perfectly fine on my own. Conner jogged up beside us and took her from me, earning a questioning look.

    “To our house so you don't go running your mouth to the principal, I've been suspended once, I would like to keep in school for at least a couple weeks before I go back. Her jaw dropped an she started kicking out in attempted to get away from Connor.

    “No! You can't do that! I have to go to school!” She yelled, I panicked at the sight of a porch light flickering on in my peripheral vision. I nudged him and tossed my head slightly in the direction.

    “No you don't” Connor replied calmly, keeping his voice down.

    “It's against the law not to!” she tried to argue but I could see in her eyes, she knew she wouldn't get far enough in the debate to win.

    “Are you at least 17?” He asked, looking down at her, bored.

“Yeah,” she let out a shaky answer, seeing where this was going.

“Then it's legal, you'll drop out, that's final. Let's go.” Valerie pouted, unsatisfied with her answer. I kept a cautious eye on her, I could practically see the gears in her brain turning.

“To bad.” She glared at Connor before taking a deep breath and screamed out at the top of her lungs. Connor stopped dead in his tracks, looking at me with a frantic expression drawn on his face.

“I don't know what to do” I whisper yelled at him. I looked around again, seeing another porch light turn on.I snatched her from his arms and did the only thing I could think of, I kissed her. She immediately stopped screaming and just froze. I quickly drew away from her to see a shocked expression forever etched into her face.

Dumping her to Connor I started my bike and took her back, setting her onto the back of my bike, clasping the helmet onto her head.

"Hold on" I told her and hit the gas.She screamed and wrapped her thin arms around my waist, burying her face in the crook of my neck.

“Lord help me!” She sounded as if she suffered nausea, I chuckled and weaved through the roads of town, making my way towards city limits.

“Where do you live?” She asked over the wind whipping at us, I shrugged and called back,

“You'll find out.” I pulled down our driveway into the garage. I quickly picked her up and ran her into the house, opening the guest bedroom, I threw her down onto the bed, still trying to process what I had just done.

“What the-” I slammed the door behind me, leaving her furious. I locked the door, trapping her inside.


EMMAS(Valerie) POV

I can't believe they're doing this to me, I mean they belong in a mental institute, and don't even mention that, that son of a biscuit kissed me, and then they just threw me around like a rag doll, and did I mention, HE KISSED ME!!! He stole my first kiss. I screamed once more and fell back onto the plush bedding.

    “Why does the world hate me?”



The rough tapping on the door brought me back to my senses and I sat up to see the black haired boy standing in the doorway, holding a plate of lasagna.

    “Here's dinner.” I turned away from him, crossing my arms.

    “I don't want it, go away.” I heard the door close and turned back around, just to be met with the sight of him sitting on the edge of my new bed. "I said go away" I glared at him.

    “Listen, I don't get why your'e so mad.” He spat through gritted teeth. I scoffed and shot off of the bed.


Oops. he stared at me, anger bubbling in his eyes,


My eyes widened and I could feel the smoke billowing from my ears. Even though I knew they wouldn't of killed me, it still bothered me.


   He marched towards me and took my face in his hands. crushing his lips to mine he pulled me flush against his hard muscled body. My anger reacted before my brain did and I threaded my fingers in his hair and pulled our faces even closer. 

    He set my mouth on fire, our lips moving in perfect sync, he groaned as my nails raked under his tee shirt, feeling his warm, muscled torso. We finally pulled away for air and that's when it hit me, what had I done. We both just stood there blinking a couple times, he was just as confused as I was, thank goodness. He cleared his throat to break the silence.

“That was the guy's first kiss too, so don't think only you lost.” My jaw slackened at his words as he left, closing the door without another word. My head was spinning, my mind reeling. I mean how could someone as hoto as him, never have been kissed before?

He's bluffing, you really think a girl wouldn't of already tapped that?

“What the fudge.” I fell back into my bed. turning my head I saw the lasagna on the bedside table. The new thought that always lurked in the back of my mind took full control of not only my thinking, but also my stomach. It let out a small growl. I stared intensely at the possibly poisoned food, contemplating that maybe I'd die for the second time today.

Ehh, why not? I'm hungry.

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