The sink below is best installed on top of the


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Chapter 1

Besides a smooth, cool look and feel, the sink installed at the end makes it easier to scrub the countertop. Because they're just attached to the underside with the counter, when you wash the counter surface, there are actually no visible joints around the bowl to capture meal debris and grease.




The sink below is best installed on top of the stone and sturdy surface. They are certainly not recommended for installation within plastic laminates, tiles or wood surfaces.




Before you install a sink, you must use a work surface incision from the appropriate size, shape and also position. It is ideal to pre-drill holes around faucets and fittings.




All sink manufacturers and countertop manufacturers advise that the necessary holes always be cut by professionals. I agree, not only because cutting stones and solid surfaces requires its own, heavy-duty tool, not each self-employed person, but also because it is so confusing in addition to expensive, if you aren't careful during this process Crush or break the superior.




Since you won't amenable the sink yourself, you should tell your worktop creator you plan to install this sink and faucet plus reveal the style (sometimes) you like so he or she can open to the right size and shape. Choose a sink that has some space for this base cabinet below this counter. Your manufacturer will continue to work from the sink format, usually available from producer.

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