Title WIP: Book 2


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Prologue (First Scene)

Gwyneth Anderson hated parties. This fact that she had well established despite her attempts to keep trying them out. It was a pointless cycle. Every few months her roommate, Aileen, would somehow convince her to come and Gwyn would convince herself that she could try to enjoy them. This always lasted about ten minutes into the party. By the time Gwyn would have found the quietest corner of the house and killed time scrolling through her tumblr feed. This particular evening she was alternating re-blogging and liking posts with sipping Coke from the red plastic cup in her hand.

            The pounding music had started giving her a headache but she knew if she went looking for Aileen she'd never find her. Aileen was a social butterfly in every sense of the word and could easily spends hours at these events. Gwyn knew that if she tried to track her best friend down she'd just get lost in the sea of drunk, dancing bodies and make it back to her spot in time to see Aileen waiting to say she'd been looking for her for an hour. No, it was best to sit in the quietest part of the house where Aileen knew where to look when she was ready to go home. Still this didn't stop Gwyn from looking around her surroundings and trying to spot a familiar face in the crowd of chattering college students.

            She was sitting on a windowsill that obviously was used for reading. There were big, fluffy, blue and red pillows piled all over and a disheveled stack of books on one end. However, the collection contained mostly obscure Science Fiction novels, a genre Gwyn didn't really care for. There were also a few strange looking volumes that had weird black symbols but those didn't spark her interest either. Probably some supernatural fiction romance where all the monsters fell in love with humans. It didn't really matter if The Hobbit was sitting on top of that stack, there was no way she could read with this noise. The music blasting out of the living room muffled through the walls here on the other side of the house. However Gwyn still easily heard the senseless hip-hop, rap or whatever they called this noise. She sighed and went back to scrolling through her tumblr feed.

            "And what is a pretty girl like you doing sitting here all alone?" a voice said unexpectedly close, bringing Gwyn back to reality. She looked up to see a tall brown haired boy giving her confident grin. He wore a simple yet stylish pair of black skinny jeans and a dark purple t-shirt scribbled with Japanese calligraphy. Normally Gwyn didn't care for men in skinny jeans but she had to admit this guy could rock them.

            "Did you seriously just use that line?" she said, voice laced with sarcasm.

            "Well obviously," he replied without missing a beat, "But seriously though, parties are no fun when you sit all by yourself."

            "I don't like parties," she dismissed looking back down at her phone, hoping he'd take the hint to go away.

            He scoffed melodramatically, "How can you hate parties. I guess I have no choice but to change your mind. Everyone at my parties are required to have fun."

            She looked back up about to say a line to get this pushy boys to leave her alone. However he'd already plopped himself down on the window bench beside her like he owned it and smirked wryly at her.

            "The names Zane."

            She glanced up and down him once and the retort stuck in her throat. Something about his self assurance, like he knew for a fact that he could make her have a good time, made her wanted to see if he actually could entertain her. He wasn't bad looking, at the very least he'd make some nice eye candy till Aileen came back.


            "Gwyn," he repeated, rolling the name around, "That's an unusual name."

            "I guess."

            "Yeah, well since most people think my name is odd I like meeting people whose is too."

            She rolled her eyes and he pretended not to notice.

            "But anyways," he continued, "why am I meeting a girl who hates parties at a party?"

            "Because my roommate dragged me out. Trust me I wouldn't be here otherwise."

            "Awe, and I thought it was because you heard mine was going to be legendary and decided you just had to make the exception."

            "Well if you think about it you're actually the cause of my misery. If it wasn't for you and your party I wouldn't have been dragged out here and then been bored for the last half hour."

            He pretended to ponder over this for a moment, "I guess that means I'm responsible for keeping you fully entertained tonight now doesn't it. After all the universe likes to keep things full circle and balanced and all that shit."

            "I highly doubt you're a unlimited source of GIFs and memes."

            "You can't judge me against tumblr, that's just not fair."

            That made Gwyn stop, "You know what tumblr is?"

            "Does this place look like its under a rock?"

            That actually got her to crack a small smile, "No, it's just well normally guys like you don't really go past Facebook and friending hot girls."

            "Guess you shouldn't judge a book by its cover," he said quirking his eyebrows and smiling back knowingly. She shifted slightly and shrugged her shoulders a bit. She herself always got defensive and ticked off when other people just judged by how someone looked. Just taking herself for instance, most people thought she was a stuck up blonde rich girl. Despite her natural hair color she could say without ego that she was defiantly not stuck up. In fact most people upon getting to know her admitted that they were sorry they ever thought so. She'd always had an easy time getting along with people and was the odd ball out with the rest of her family who she had to admit were inclined to believe in their own 'white privilege' notion.


            "Nah, it's cool. I mean I also had a bit of an ulterior motive coming to talk to you. I thought you were hot and well I mean what are parties for but to get drunk and find hot girls to introduce yourself to."

            She rolled her eyes again, though she didn't forget the fact that she too had tolerated his initial presence cause he was good looking.

            "So, why don't we just restart. I'll go get drinks, then we can introduce ourselves with open minds. I'll do my best to keep you entertained and in turn you don't assume I'm a complete jerk."

            "Sure I guess," she replied despite her reservations. She didn't want to drink because Aileen never stayed sober at parties and someone had to be able to drive home. That and despite his friendly demeanor she still didn't trust this boy enough to not consider the fact that he might try to spike the drink. Gwyn shrugged it off. She'd always been extremely good at sensing when guys, people in general actually, were safe enough to give the benefit of the doubt.

            "Great, be right back." He got up fluidly and walked back towards the kitchen. Gwyn watched him go and noticed the edges of what looked like a tattoo peeking out from the top of his shirt. His light brown hair came down to just brush the back of his neck and she couldn't tell if the mark was actually a design or just the resulting shadows casted by his hair. He turned the corner and was out of sight before she could get a second look.

            Pulling out her phone again she checked the time. It was almost midnight meaning the party was pretty much still in full swing and Aileen probably wouldn't be ready to leave for another hour at least. Sighing she stretched lazily and absently straightened her light green shirt. She had what her dress maker called "a blessing of curves," She called it extra fluff on a good day and fat on a bad day. Even though she'd long stopped being truly insecure about her figure, she was still conscious of the way her shirt might tuck in unflatteringly when she sat. Pulling it smooth and adjusting her tops was something she did almost unconsciously. She was glad she long got over her reservation on wearing shorts in public because despite the air conditioner it was still rather warm for her taste. However her shorts weren't the kind that barely covered more than underwear but instead fell high enough to be sexy but not enough to be the least bit slutty. They were actually extremely comfortable, which was why she wore them because she knew she'd probably end up sitting down all evening. She brushed several strands of her hair out of her face, the pesy locks always seemed to fall right in her vision of her phone screen.

            She heard footsteps coming back. Looking up she saw Zane walking back towards her with two beers in his hand. They were the good kind and not from the keg everyone else was drinking in red party cups. She took a moment to study him some more as he approached. His purple shirt was rather form fitting and showed that while he wasn't extremely muscled there had to be some definition there. His outfit she realized was also very coordinated. He had leather bracelets that matched the dark purple of his shirt and all black converse that didn't detract from the streamline black skinny jeans. She could also see a few black and silver studs in his @left right ear. To top it off a pendnt of some sort on a black string nestles under his collar bone, accenting the V-neck of his shirt. She didn't get the gay vibe from him but his extra care for his wardrobe made her wonder. However she resigned herself to stick with their agreement and not make any stereotype judgments.

            "Here you are," he said handing her a bottle and plopping back down where he'd been before. Neither of them were open and the faint pop-sizzle sound rang in the air as they twisted open their lids. Gwyn took an obligatory first taste sip while Zane drank down several mouthfuls.

            "Ah," he sighed in content at the drink and then lowered his bottle. "So, let's see, the obligatory introduction material . . . Zane again if you're the type that's bad with names like me . . . I'm a junior majoring in English. I've lived here in the beautiful city of Los Angeles my entire life and don't plan on leaving anytime soon. . . oh and the love of my life is food. Sorry to disappoint ya," he said, the earlier flirtations nature rearing its head again.
            "Don't worry, my heart belongs to the evils of social media. Let's see . . . I'm also a junior and I'm double majoring in graphic design and sociology . . . I've lived all around SoCal. Orange County for a while but now my Dad lives down in San Diego . . . ummm . . . I am stereotypically the girl that loves to shop too much."

            Zane stroked his chin metaphorically even though he didn't have any facial hair,  "Shopping huh? Well I am inclined to admit that I love to shop too. However if you tell anyone I'll have to kill you."

            Gwyn laughed, "Your secret is safe with me. Forever 21, yes or no?"         

            He shrugged, "Eh, mostly no. I rarely find anything in there worth buying."

            "Thrift stores?"

            "I make old clothes look good."


            "Most days I'm pretty much a model for them."

            Gwyn winced, "I know we just met but I'm afraid to say that we just might be shopping soul mates." As soon as the words left her mouth she wanted to pull them back. Oh God, she probably thought she'd changed her mind on the flirting.

            Zane laughed heartily seemingly taking her words at face value, "I don't know, we'd have to do a few test runs to see if the feeling is mutual. I'm a pain to shop with."

            She laughed, "Everyone says the same thing about me."

            "Well in that case," he reached over and grabbed her phone which was still unlocked. Before she could protest he was already punching in his number. "There, now we can find a day to test run your shopping soul mate theory."

            Rolling her eyes she took the phone back. So much for thinking he wasn't going to try anything. However, she had to admit that was a bit smooth.

            "Do you do anything else besides shop all day and throw ridiculous parties?"

            He shrugged, "Go to class, eat, help out the occasional coffee shop girl in distress. Pretty much your average college experience."

            She ignored the bait to flirt and changed the subject, "You said you're an English major. What do you gonna do with that?"

            "Eh, it was just something I thought I might like," he dismissed.

            "Oh . . ."

            Zane shifted in his seat and took another few swigs of his beer. Gwyn felt that she'd touched a heated topic button. Most people liked talking about their majors and career plans so that was usually a safe conversation opener for college students. Maybe he was one of those people whose parents wanted them to go to medical school no questions asked. He recovered quickly though.

            "What about you? Did you wake up one day with a chip on your shoulder and a mission to help the world through protests and sign waving?"

            She looked at him with a dubious expression, "Sociology doesn't mean social activist. I could care less about the whole go green thing. I mean sure it's good to recycle but seriously people take it so far that it's not even practical."

            "So you think we should just forget nature and let the world burn?"

             "I just think despite all the talk people do about saving the world they don't come up with many practical solutions. I've dealt with big wig environmentalists that campaign for clean air and then fly home in their big personal jets."

            "So just because some people don't walk the talk we should just give it up all together."

            "No but it's just that people don't change unless you give them a reason to want to and right now most people aren't willing to make drastic changes to go without in their lives."

            "Hummmm," he pondered for a second, "Well you're partially right, but you'd be surprised what happens when people find a reason."

            "Then someone better inform them soon otherwise life is just going to go on."

            Zane laughed lightly to himself and mumbled, "You have no idea."


            "Oh, nothing," he shrugged, "So tell me more about yourself."

            "Eh, not really much to tell. Just your average living assignment to assignment college student. It's not all that interesting."

            "There's got to be something you like to do besides shopping? I don't know, you seem like you could be the video game type?"

            Gwyn scoffed and made a face, "I've had enough trouble dealing with my brothers and their video games. No thank-you"

            "How can you not like video games?"

            "Maybe I'm not a violent male who likes shooting everything on the screen."

            Zane rolled his eyes at the response, "That's only some games and games themselves don't make your violent. Have you even played one before?"

            "I don't have time for that."

            "Is all you do eat, sleep, shop and school?"

            "Wouldn't that be the life."

            He sighed, "You're not a very good conservationist you know that."

            That caught her off guard, "Excuse me?"

            "I mean I'm trying to start some tangents here but you're not giving me anything. Most people love talking about  themselves or even their hobbies."

            "Why does it have to be me, why don't you tell me about you."

            "Well normally its considered rude to go into all about you when the other person hasn't asked."

            Her mouth quirked with indignation, "Ok, so tell me about you."

            Zane sighed again, "Ok, how 'bout this, I'll tell you something about me then you then me and well you get the picture. And no I love ice cream type stuff; everyone likes ice cream."

            She wrinkled her nose.

            "No, you cannot tell me you don't like ice cream." The look on his face was one of horror, as if he'd have to terminate their acquaintance if she didn't.

            "I'm just picky with it that's all. Most of the time it's just too rich and sweet."

            He sighed, "You're impossible."

            "So I've been told," she chuckled. In fact it often gave her great joy to be. "Ok... one thing about me. Um, well I have never been to Canada."

            "Eh, I guess that's a start. Come on, weird stuff like, ok I've never taken a picture at the Hollywood sign."

            "How's that weird?"

            "I've lived in LA all my life. How is that not weird?"

            "Touché . . . um, ok I'm a rollercoaster junkie. I've been to Knott's Berry Farm and Six Flag's more time than I can even count; mostly by myself too."

            "I think they call that adrenaline junkie not rollercoaster," he said.

            They continued to trade random bits of information and the resulting laughs back and forth. Gwyn found herself actually enjoying the conversation and loosened up to Zane's very outgoing yet nonchalant nature. About halfway through the conversation Zane left briefly to grab them each another beer and some snack food for himself. Gwyn ended up eating half of it despite how she initially insisted she wasn't hungry. She was reaching for the last mini-pizza on his plate when he grabbed her hand in protest.

            "Oh, no you don't. If you want some go get your own. There's still plenty left in the kitchen."

            Gwyn laughed and went for the pizza anyways. Normally she didn't act like this with people she hardly knew but the two beers had made her a little tipsy. She rarely drank alcohol and sported a very low tolerance. She succeeded in nabbing the pizza with her other hand. Zane wasn't letting his snack get away though. Ignoring the now empty plate, he used the leverage on her right hand to pull her closer and with his other hand went in attempt to grab it before it reached her mouth. However, she already gone to town on it and the only thing remaining was a bit of red sauce that escaped from the corner of her mouth. She grinned in triumph.

            "How dare you," Zane glared in mock anger.

            "Nothing you can do about it now," she stuck out her tongue.

            He quirked an eyebrow suggestively and didn't let go of her hand, "You sure about that?"

            She only had time to gasp as he pulled her into his lap and started tickling her sides.

            "Gah! Zane! Stop!" she gasped out between high pitched squeaks of laughter. She tried to pull away but couldn't stop his darting fingers from following her and ended up pushed into the side of the bench. Pillows were falling off in disarray on the floor from their tangling and grappling bodies. Her toes curled and she resorted to trying to kick him away but he was stronger than he looked and easily maneuvered around to pin her to the bench.

            Gwyn started to have a hard time breathing from his relentless attack and gasped, "Stop ok, ok you win."

            He finally stopped and gave her a satisfied grin. She made a sound of indignation. A book pressed uncomfortably into her side and another one was half under her butt. Her chest heaved and her sides ached from the torment of laughter. However she caught the look in his eyes. She stilled a little, feeling a spark and the sudden closeness of having a body pressed against her.

            Zane blinked and realized suddenly the position they were in. He pushed up and off her. "Sorry, I, ugh, wasn't trying anything," he murmured and sat against the opposite side of the window seat.

            She swallowed and pushed herself to a sitting position as well. There was red on her cheeks not only from the alcohol now. Her head pounded a bit and she picked up her second bottle from where it had been knocked over. Thankfully it was pretty much empty and didn't spill. She glanced to the side at him with a curious intent. He'd admitted to coming over here originally because he found her attractive. Despite everything, she felt a flare of indignation. So what did he not want to try anything now that he knew she wasn't a blonde ditz he could ditch later without any regrets? She watched him clear his throat and take the last sip of his beer, using the motion to keep him as busy as long as possible. He caught her looking at him and flicked his eyes away immediately.

            Gwyn narrowed her eyes, "Am I that unattractive to you now that I have a brain."

            His eyes widened and he looked at her fully, "No! I . . . I said I wasn't going to try anything. And you don't seem like that kind of girl, which isn't a bad thing I mean, you're good to talk to."

            "Fuck you and your stereotypes." she stood up, "And for the record if you had kissed me I would have kissed you back."

            She started walking away, not knowing where she was going but just wanting to disappear. Despite herself she'd felt embarrassed. In that brief moment she'd hoped he would kiss her and the confliction between attraction and contempt for him set a flare in her stomach. She didn't care. She'd find Alieen and head home. She paused at the end of a hall, looking into the kitchen and the swirl of people trying to find her roommate. Her short stature made her climb a few steps of the staircase that led off the hall and look down to see over the tall heads.

            "Gwyn, wait," he said coming up behind her. He'd sat stunned for a moment on the bench as she disappeared down the hall but jarred to his feet, feeling like a total ass. "I'm sorry."

            She glared at him, the pink still coloring her cheeks, "You mean you're sorry you were an ass or you missed a chance to get some."

            His eyes narrowed and he paused for a moment at the foot of the stairs considering for a split second. "You know what, both," he went up a step to now glare at her, "I think you're hot and would pull you upstairs right now and I'm sorry I said that even after we said we wouldn't stenotype."

            She quirked and eyebrow but he continued before she could retort.

            "And not cause it made me "lose my chance" but because I actually enjoyed talking to you. I don't find that in girls too often." He took another step up so he was one beneath hers, "Plus you stereotyped me again too; not all guys want to only sleep with stupid girls."

            Gwyn still glared at him but he was kind of right. Her shoulders held tension and she shifted on the stair a little, trying to come up with something to come back with. The tipsy haze of the beers wasn't helping for quick cognitive ability. His expression was shockingly sincere and she wanted it to turn it smug so she had an excuse to shove him down the stairs. It was weird to be at nearly the same eye level, stating into the black of someone's pupil was to intimate for her comfort. He didn't move an inch.

            "Fuck it," she said. Grabbing the back of his neck, she pressed her lips down and forcefully pried his open. Zane balked and tried to pull back a moment but she only fisted her hand into his hair and grabbed his shoulder. After a moment he tentatively kissed back, wrapping his hand around her waist and hooking a finger into her back belt loop. She drove hard into his mouth, jarring as her hold pulled his head in and their teeth jarred awkwardly. He flinched and brought his hand up to grab at her shoulder, wrenching his mouth away for a moment. Gwyn's eyes flashed open and her hold loosened somewhat. Oily product coated her hand as she messed up his styled hair.

            "Are we really going to do this?" he asked, surprise written in the lines of his eyebrows and reluctance of his hold. He didn't understand, one second ago she insulted him and the next she was trying to rip his head off.

            "Changing your mind?" she said without inflection, her eyes boring into his without tolerance.

            "No, but–"

            "Then shut up," she said and tightened her hold on his hair again. She didn't want to deal with the awkward complication of the situation. They could either fuck for what it was worth or she could walk away to find Aileen. Either way, they'd never have to see each other again. Determined to erase his reluctance she opened his mouth again and bit his lower lip hard enough to mean business. He flinched again and for a moment she couldn't tell if he was going to pull away or not. However he melted back into the kiss and pulled her more snugly to him. She rested her elbows on his shoulders and fisted both hands into his hair now. It wasn't soft with the product holding it in place but she soon worked it into a tangled mess atop his head.

            He groaned into her mouth and they stood on the stairs making out for anyone glancing up to see. Not that anyone would give it a second thought. There were couples who didn't even know each other's names strewn around the house and gyrating bodies dancing in the living room. Without breaking the kiss, Zane tried to hitch his hands under her legs to carry her to his room but she wasn't expecting it and almost fell down the stairs.

            "Shit," she said, catching her balance and rocking back on her heels. She caught a steadying breath, "I can walk."

            "Sorry," he replied. Taking her hand he walked up a few steps and tilted his head, indicating the up the stairs. His held a tinge of amusement, "Coming then?"

            Gwyn didn't reply and took the stairs after him, following him down the hall and around a corner. Her breath was a little short - those stairs were steeper than they looked - and she wondered idly how a college kid could have this nice a place. Even with several roommates a large house like this would be expensive. Even her two bedroom loft was a little shabby compared to this. She was no stranger to money but even her father wouldn't pay for a large house when a apartment would do. There was a significant lack of photos on the walls, or adornment of any kind upstairs, clashing with the well decorated spacious living areas downstairs. Even the little reading alcove had had framed artwork visible from it. She didn't comment on it though as they came to a closed door.

            Zane turned the knob and it opened into a large bedroom. The streetlights pouring in from the large window centered behind the full sized be in front of it. The rest of the room was dark and she couldn't see much into the shadows until he flipped the light on. She winced as he pulled her fully into the room. The door shut again and Zane walked over to a desk.

            "Why did you turn the lights on?" She had half a mind to flick them off again right there.

            "Just gimme a second," he replied. The rustling of papers and scrape of things sliding along wood reached her and she raised an eyebrow.

            Weird, she thought but didn't say anything. If he was hiding a porn stash she didn't really care. The room was large and she could see a bathroom leading off it that had two sinks. So he had the master room. She saw there was a small lamp on the nightstand and walked briskly over to it, flicking it on. It had a much softer glow. She blinked when suddenly it was the only thing illuminating the room. Zane had walked back over and flicked the main light off. He looked at her with a slight smirk. She couldn't see it, only his outline in the dark. The floorboard creaked under his weight as he strode over, his purple shirt oddly bright in the soft yellow light.

            He settled his hands around her again though it felt different now that she didn't have a height advantage. She was glad he didn't try and say anything again before pressing his lips back down into her own. She still held  the a bit of her earlier indignation and their previous ease of just talking casually was long gone. Her hands felt sticky and she wiped them on the back of his jeans in the pretense of grabbing his ass. It got a reaction out of him and he pushed her back suddenly against the nightstand. Shadows flicked across the room as the lamp wobbled dangerously before settling. His hands wound under her shirt and tugged it up revealing lightly tanned skin and swell of her curves. Now that her hands were less grimy she mirrored the movement and he flinched a bit at the feeling of her cold hands against his hot skin.

            She squirmed a little to help him get the top over her bust and raised her arms to allow it to fully come off. She pulled his off in turn and then went to pull at the lamp switch. He caught her hand.

            "Leave the light on," he said.

            She grit her teeth, "Why?" she pulled on it and the room when dark, turning him into just a dark figure.

            He clicked it back on. "Can't see in the dark."

            "That's the point," she said and clicked it again.

            He sighed, and muttered something she couldn't make out.

            Not really caring she pulled his head back down into a kiss. She didn't need to see and if she was honest, she didn't like people seeing her naked. Once self conscious always self conscious. Moving her hands down his chest she fiddled in the dark with the button of his jeans. He kissed her back and tangled his hands into her hair. However when she got the fly open he pulled her back and onto the bed. They tangled a bit as he tried to lay her down at the same time as pulling down the covers. Her green and black bra dug into her as she lay down, the push up now pushing up her breast unflatteringly into her neck. This is why she wanted the light off she thought and scooted up a bit onto a pillow to lessen the effect. He knelt and pulled down his jeans before kicking them off, leaving him in his boxers. She reached for her own shorts and unbuttoned them, letting the roll of her stomach free. It felt good to kick them off and feel the soft sheets against her legs.

            Now that their eyes had adjusted there was just enough light streaming in from the window behind them illuminate their silhouettes. His frame was slim and lanky, and she could see a the definition of his hips as a V disappearing into his underwear. He fell into her and kissed her hard again. Keeping their mouths busy was the best way not to feel the need to speak. She slipped her hand down between their bodies and grinded up into his crotch. He moaned and drew away but not before she felt that he was defiantly ready to go. Kissing her neck once he then moved down to her cleavage, sucking on the loose, fleshy skin with smacking lips.

            She adjusted again on the pillow and felt his hands go to her sides. Expecting him to try and unlatch her bra she arched up a bit but relaxed in surprise as he slid them down to grasp her hips with a very firm grip. His fingers pressed into the softness of her thighs while his thumb dug in just below her hip bone. She jerked in under him and heard his light chuckle. His grip loosened and he pulled down her underwear. An involuntary shiver went through her and watch a little open mouthed as he settled between her legs.

            Not wasting time he spread her open to him, his breathing tingling the delicate trimmed hair of her sex. Gwyn couldn't help but blush and stammer, "Sorry, I didn't think anyone would be down there tonight."

            He drew up for a second and gave her an odd look, "Doesn't bother me." Going down again, he teased her outer lips with his fingers before pressing them open. Her scent hit him and he pressed his other hand to explore. His finger found its way inside and swirled at her entrance.

            "Muhum," she said, not able to hold back the light sound of approval from her lips. She had to admit the sight of him between her legs was erotic. In her experience, it was odd for a guy to go down first, especially without being asked. Probably trying impress her or something, she thought but wasn't going to complain. She angled her hips open a little more and pulled up into the pillow a bit more. She gasped as he suddenly slipped in two more fingers and pushed them deeper before pumping them slowly. Her hips rose up a little and he let go with his free hand.

            Zane lifted her leg and settled it over his shoulder, holding her hip in place so she couldn't buck away from him. The elbow of his other arm nudged at her inner thigh as he felt her insides tighten around his fingers. The gasp she made told him he was defiantly on the right track and he quickened his pace. Blowing warm air over her pussy, he felt her react instantly. Her hips would have twitched and without warning he darted his mouth in to suck at her clit. He felt her twitch again and this time she would have closed her legs in reflex had he not been holding her open. He grinned and sucked harder knowing the sudden assault was working.

            She squirmed in his grasp but didn't get very far. A full moan rang in the space between them as her core tightened dangerously. His tongue flicked against her now swollen nub and sparked an intense jolt up her spine. "F-fuck," she swore and craned her head back to enjoy the sensations running over her body. She wouldn't try to twitch her legs closed again, instead pressing her hips up and into his mouth more.

            He obliged her silent plea and sucked harder, using his teeth lightly here and there to accent. His fingers pumped and scissored in and out of her slit without remorse. He briefly withdrew after a few moments to pull her other leg over his shoulder before resuming. He continuously changed the angle of his fingers, searching for a reaction. Letting go of her clit for a moment, he heard her sound of protest. Seeing her body relax just a bit once he wasn't stimulating her nub, he continued to press his fingers in and out angling up until he saw her jerk. Thrusting in at that angle again repeatedly he heard another gasp.  Satisfied he'd found her sweet spot, he sucked her clit easily into his mouth again, not being gentle this time and tugging on the little bud with his front teeth and biting down enough to feel her jerk in response. He let out a moan against her sex and the vibrations only made her want more.

            "Shit," she said, her hands going to his head and clawing into his hair like talons. Her heels pressed hard onto his back, making his skin white under the force. She groaned and adjusted against the pillows again, squirming and not being able to grasp that release he built up inside her core. "Harder," she commanded, and tightened her grip on his head.

            He grunted at the feel of her nails digging into his scalp but obliged. Moving his hand faster, he struck inside her with as much force his fingers could muster. However it was the way he bit down and pressed his tongue harshly against her clit that made her finally groan with pleasure, her sex spasming slightly as she came. He felt it rush through her, he body going still for a split second before curling in on itself almost. She tried to shrink back from him mouth, the hold he still had on her clit now to much stimulation. He let go and pulled his fingers from her now very moist cunt, raising his head up now to smirk at her from his position between her legs. Moving back up her body he hovered over her for a second before opting slip over to rest at her side for a moment. While trivial, the fast jerking of his arm left it a little tired and tight at the sudden exertion. Zane sighed and the bed reverberated as he flopped next to her. He idly wiped his fingers on the side of the bed on the tail of the sheets.

            Gwyn's chest rose and fell in a quick, steady rhythm and she swallowed, her eyes still closed. She didn't open them when she rocked a bit at the bed's movement. She felt tight and light at the same time, hazy but sharp as pleasure endorphins fired off rapidly, still going in coming down from that high. She felt Zane's arm pressed to her side, a warm pressure that felt oddly good. He must run very hot because his flesh was almost burning against her, though she thought, it was probably because she was so wired after that orgasm.

            After a moment, she shifted and rolled atop him, her movement not that graceful but it didn't need to be. He blinked in surprise but defiantly didn't try to push her back to the bottom. His hands wound up to grasp her hips, his thin, long fingers digging into her soft skin again. The street light could reach her body in that position and if he hadn't been hard before, he certainly would have been after that.

            "So did I make up for the bad stereotype comment then?" he asked, his eyes flashing with mischief while he rolled his hips up.

            Gwyn pursed her lips then said, "I guess," leaning down she kissed him hard without preamble, "Still," she said between breaths, "Don't talk."

            He moaned his acquisition and pushed her hips down, grinding their bodied together and feeling the warm wetness of her slit spill over his shaft. She felt his enthusiasm and grinded back, though never letting his head get anywhere near being able to slip in. Gwyn enjoyed the sensual massage it gave the sensitive flesh between her legs and all the better for she knew it would drive any male up the wall. Teasing him turned into adequate enough payback in her mind. His impatience bubbled up like pressure in a soda can shaken on a hot summer day. Luckily he didn't have long nails for they racked up and down her sides making hot red trails on the skin he explored. She hissed and grinded down even more, the recoil between the two mounted in tension coiling up tighter in both their restraint. Zane finally couldn't take it anymore and his hand twitched and slid towards their groins.

            Gwyn caught his wrist deftly and held it with more force than she intended.

            He gritted his teeth, "I didn't make you wait."

            She considered it for a second then released his hand. "Do you have a condom?"

            Zane blinked and turned under her for a second. She eased up allowing him to stretch over and pull open the nightstand drawer. The shiny foil square reflected light of the street lamp for a moment before being tossed aside. He reached down and rolled the rubber down his shaft with practiced ease. When she moved back over him she grinded lightly for a moment as if they hadn't had to pause. He slipped his hand between them again to continue on his original course and she sighed in compliance. Lifting up, she allowed him to angle himself at her entrance. Both their faces twitched a bit in concentration, taking an awkward moment to finally feel his head press at her slit. She let out a sigh like a cat purring to herself in success. Once he slid in enough, she let her weight do the rest of the work. Her snatch bared down on his crown and he groaned loudly, his hips jerking up in surprise at the sudden pressure.

            "Fuck," he expelled another grunted expletive and she responded by grinding harder down on him. Her mouth caught his and she bit his lip till he opened up to her tongue. Her hands grasped his shoulder and arm while her knees pressed into the mattress as she rode him hard and fast. She didn't ease into a building rhythm but went barreling down with the vigor of getting another release. His hands went to help her hips keep steady and to dart between them quickly should their frantic rutting accidentally make him slip out for a moment. It took a few goes but Gwyn finally found a perfect pace that kept him inside her and maximized the rough friction between them. She hadn't gotten a good look at his size but with his cock rolling up and hitting deep inside her but she would have said it was defiantly good enough. She thrust her hips down harder making him twinge beneath her. Oddly satisfying pleasure coursed through her mind at seeing him writhe under her similar to how she'd been not long ago. In retaliation he planted his feet and jerked his hips up with more force, making her wince as it hit her back wall harder than expected. Moving to counter, she purposefully focused on clamping her inner walls tight. It wasn't easy in the state of hot endorphins pumping through but the reward came with sweet victory as his moan rang through the room and he shuddered before pumping pistoning more vigorously up into her vice.

            Gwyn clenched her muscles and returned fire, grunting with effort and clawed into his skin without remorse. A low hiss resonated from his chest at the sting from her nails which now made similar, though much deeper, scrapes across his skin. She could feel his thrusting getting more and more frantic as they continued. They both panted now, drawing in short, rapid breaths that matched their frenzied pace. Her eyebrows furrowed. Moving quickly she grabbed his hand off her hip and pulled it to her clit. She grit her teeth as he got the message and began to rub and push against it.

            "Fuck," she pressed his finger to the right just a hair and then gasped, jerking her hips down hard. The jar sent a spike of tension down Zane's spine and he groaned too. Their foreheads were pressed together and eyes shuttered, their breath mingling as they tried to get enough oxygen to spur their muscles on to go harder. A picture of just their faces might remotely show attraction but the passion of their rutting bodies would tell a different story completely. He pressed his finger harder against her and jerked quickly against the tight bundle of nerves. They were both getting close and Zane felt that tell tale tightening of his groin.

            It only took a few more thrusts before he shuddered and couldn't help but pull down on her hips with his other hand, trying to keep her from fucking down on him more as he came, the  twitching head of his dick suddenly hypersensitive. In the rush his finger stilled on her clit and she made a sound of protest. She felt the loss of stimulation immediately and her toes curled, moving her hand down quickly to press where he'd stopped. Knowing how to press just right, she got herself over the last bit and over the edge, moaning and clenching around him while still pushing at her clit.

            Zane grunted and flinched a bit at her tightening around his still too sensitive cock. He just laid there for a moment, feeling the recoil of release wash through. He vaguely heard her moan again before feeling the weight of her on his chest. His hands were still clutched to her hips. Finally starting to relax, they dropped to the bed and onto the warm sheets. Both their uneven breathing was audible, long deep pants with their faces faced opposite ways. They just lay there for a few moment, just enjoying the endorphins pumping through their system.

            Gwyn swallowed and shifted uncomfortably, the pressure of her breast awkward as she lay on them. She shifted again but then rolled off him, hips giving a light pop as her legs closed. She didn't say anything still and he glanced her way. She studiously ignored the feel of his gaze. After a moment he sat up and swung his legs off the side of the bed. A light swish sounded as he tossed the condom in the little trashcan by the nightstand. She sat up as well, seeing this as a sign to grab her shirt which landed at the foot of the bed.

            She had it halfway on when he looked back and raised an eyebrow. Quickly scooting across the bed he wrapped his arms around her stomach from behind.

            "You're not done already?"

            "I, ugh," she said, a little taken aback by the question.

            He slipped his fingers under the hem of her shirt which had gotten halfway down her torso and pulled it back up and over her head. He tossed it to the floor and pulled her down into the blankets, sliding atop her and giving her a look.

            "Now what kind of man would I be if I let you do all the work?"

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Chapter 1 (Second Scene)

Michael glanced up from where he stood refilling two red party cups from the large keg dominating the center of the kitchen. From his vantage point he saw his best friend Zane disappear up the stairs with that girl he'd been chatting up all evening. He didn't need to guess what they were up to. Shaking his head, he finished pouring the drinks and then weaved through the crowd back to where a tall, lanky redhead stood. Her skin reflected the color of someone who spent a great deal of time at the beach. The music thumped from the living room sound system and he was glad he'd put in the thick earplugs in earlier. The volume was high even for humans but to his vampire sensitive ears, it was almost unbearable without some sort of protection.

            "Here you go," he said, handing her the cup.

            "Thanks," she replied and took a sip. They stood in one of the far corners with the makeshift dance floor behind them, or at least where everyone grinded their bodies together. She leaned against the wall and he settled next to her, half turned as to make conversation easy.

            "So, you were saying," he prompted her to continue on from where she not so subtlety hinted that her cup was empty.

            "I was saying that there needs to be a better system at the school for registering for classes. I spent all last night trying to get into a class and not a minute later it was full. What happened to class seniority?"

            "That's only for graduating seniors," he pointed out, taking a long sip of his own drink.

            "It shouldn't be too hard to just give priority to juniors too."

            "I guess." He shrugged and shifted on the wall. In all truth he'd lost interest in listening to her registration woes. It wasn't that he didn't care per say, but it was a boring conversation that every college student had told, heard, and experienced. It was funny now that he had the potential for eternity that he wished he could skip things for the sake of time. He used to enjoy chatting casually with people but so many of his past idle interests had faded while the things he used to be passionate about could fully engross his mind for hours or days on end. His maker had said it was a side effect the emotional shift of becoming a vampire but it still didn't make it any easier to deal with.

            She continued to speak but he'd zoned out to contemplating this coding algorithm that he'd been picking apart before the party started. There was an error causing it to run slowly and he could see clearly in his mind's eye his monitor and the lines of code scrawled in Courier New across the collection of white pixels. It'd taken him a while to get used to being able to see each individual pixel if he focused. He'd splurged and bought the highest resolution screen on the market to help alleviate the problem and now it barely bothered him.

            "Hey, are you listening?"

            Michael blinked, "Um, sorry. I spaced a little."

            "Well, at least you're honest," she replied.

            He smiled a little, though he was still thinking about that coding. "I just remembered I need to go check on something, it was nice talking to you."

            "I take it back."

            "Excuse me?" He stopped, about to straighten from the wall and weave back to the stairs and go upstairs. He wasn't obligated to watch Zane's party especially since he ditched to go and fuck upstairs.

            "I said you were honest too soon," the redhead said.

            Michael narrowed his eyes. Normally he would have been diplomatic and simply explained that actually, no he really did have something else to do. However she'd slipped between him and his desire, his need, to work on the coding. The skinny girl posed no threat but his insides tensed and he felt his temper rise, eyes glowing purple behind the brown contacts.

            "Follow me," he said simply, locking eyes with the girl.

            She didn't even have time to register anything had shifted and then she was obediently following him across the room to where a guy was looking through the stack of CD's next to the sound system.

            "You," Michael said, locking eyes now with the other college student, "Talk to her and make some decent conversation before taking her home." He turned back to the girl. "You never spoke to me. He's extremely attractive and you want to talk to him."

            He didn't waste time in sticking around and simply wound his way to the stairs and up to his room, confident the compulsion would do its work. There were times he hated what he'd been turned into but right now, it was so convenient for getting away from boring conversations.


            Hajime glared at the door like he could make the noise stop seeping into his room. He sat at his desk with his computer glowing and calculus homework spread out in front of him. He'd sealed the door and placed a sound muffler spell on his ears. While the locked door would keep hormone driven couples out of the warlock's room, the seal was so Zane couldn't open it and drag him out. However the sound canceller he'd casted had the loud music in mind not the sound of bangs and moans against his door. He'd have to make a note to try and evolve the spell into all sound and not specific.

            He held out his hand and muttered under his breath, "@porthole". His eyes glowed faintly @green and tendrils of green magic wafted out from his palm to his door. The surface shimmered for a moment before going transparent, making a one way hole to let him view the hallway outside. However, the picture was obscured by two people deep in a heavy make out session. They grinned up against his door making loud thuds. Hajime's face scrunched up with distaste. The two were basically having clothed sex against his door and he heard his doorknob click and try to turn. They would have beelined for his bed had they been able to get in he was sure. With a flick of his wrist, the magic disappeared and his eyes faded back to their normal black-brown. The angry warlock got to his feet and stalked to the door, yanking it open. Zane had promised to keep people downstairs but obviously was too busy getting drunk and flirting to keep his word. The couple stumbled and almost fell at the door's support being yanked away.

            Hajime didn't wait for them to regain their footing. He pushed them both away from his door and glared, "Go back downstairs to the party. Second floor is off limits."

            They both recovered after a moment. The girl glared and the boy gave Hajime a look of contempt, "Go back in your room, kid. The adults are busy." And with that he turned back to the blonde and began kissing her again.

            Oh, hell no. Hajime's eyes flickered green and it took all his willpower not to knock the two unconscious right there. Not only had they interrupted his work but this asshole had poked at his age. By the looks of them, Hajime was at last five years older despite the fact he looked sixteen. Just as @green sparks started to dance around his wrists, another figure appeared at the top of the stairs down the hall.

            Michael was headed towards his room, the door just one down from Hajime. He blinked, tilting his head, taking in the scene of the entangled couple making up against the wall and a pissed off Hajime looking like he was about to zap them. 

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