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Chapter 1

    That particular coffee bar wouldn't have been her choice for even getting her morning coffee, let alone to wait alone in, hoping she wouldn't be stood up. The moose head keeping her company certainly wasn't reassuring on any front. She had to admit, though, that it was better than the bear head overlooking the next table. Or the fish sitting over the one after that.

    She'd never even heard of this place, let alone been inside, but she wouldn't have agreed if she'd had. 

    She couldn't believe she'd agreed anyway. 

    But then, if it were meant to be, it wouldn't matter. Right? 

    "Don't worry. He might be the one." The words of her friend rung through her head. 

    The door opened to admit a rain-soaked man. He looked around and spotted her, smiled and waved as he made his way through the tables. This place had been his idea. Why hadn't she turned around and never looked back?

    He sat down in front of her and smiled.

    "Jack," he said.

    "Beth," she replied.

    He didn't look bad, just average. Nice smile. 

    "Um... Interesting place," she said, looking anywhere but at him.

    "I'm sorry, what?"

    She looked right at him. 

    "Interesting place," she repeated.

    "I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're saying."

    "But I can understand you just fine."

    His face fell, as did hers.

    Just as she was about to stand up, leave forever and never look back, the woman at the next table leaned over. Beth didn't even notice until the woman spoke.

    "It's okay. You'll find the one that speaks your language," the woman said with a smile. The man sitting across from her nodded in agreement.

    "I hope so," Beth whispered. 

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