Night Friends Only


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Chapter 1: Diamonds in the Night

 Once upon a time, a little girl was born at night. When she first opened her eyes, the only thing she saw was diamond. But not normal diamonds, diamonds in the sky, the diamonds of night. Stars! It was her only comfort since she was abandoned and left in a meadow. 

She didn’t even have a name but at the time she didn’t know what was happening, nor did she care. She was lost in the sky, wishing she could be with the stars. The stars watched her carefully and twinkled for her like jewels. She smiled but never made a sound, for this girl had no voice. The stars cared for the child until a couple found the baby in the meadow. 

Before the child left, the stars gave her a necklace, a necklace that was filled with tiny stars that twinkle so the girl would never be alone.

As the child grew, the stars watched, she was after all like their own child. She was given a name by the couple, Kalani, meaning of the heavens, which the stars thought was perfect. 

The little family lived in the middle of nowhere, with rolling hills, meadows, a river, and the families orchards. In the morning, little seven year old Kalani would either nurture or harvest. At night she sits on her high hill and talks to the stars. To her and her only, the stars talk back. 

She names them the way she thinks is fit, not the way their already named. There’s Angel, a white giant. Azal, a blue dwarf. Odyssey, an odd purple star. And her favorite, Kinder, a red giant that is so old he flickers.

To little Kalani, Kinder still looks young but he’s just very wise. Kinder is the kindest star she had ever met, that’s why she named him Kinder, because he’s a kindred spirit. 

Kinder loves Kalani and always wants her to be safe. Kinder tell Kalani story of the constellations, her favorite being his. Kalani loves the sweetness of his voice, how it’s soft and warm it is.

When he tells stories, Kalani can always imagines them vividly and perfectly to every detail. With Kinder, Kalani feels like she actually has a voice.

She begged her parents to get her a telescope so on the night of her 10th "birthday", her parents got her the best telescope they could find.

That night she went to her hill and she used the telescope. She saw all her friend closer and even found some new friends. Liya and Toya, two close blue and red dwarf stars.

Kalani stayed up all night with her friend, listening to them tell stories. She felt like she belonged with them, she always felt like an outcast when she was around other people, but the stars were different.

Out in the meadow, Kalani would stay with her friends and that’s how she always wanted it to be…

But it wasn’t going to stay like that forever…

To be continued …

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