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Chapter 1: Merguine 




First day at a new school is never fun. I just moved from my homey San Francisco, California to gross and humid Orlando, Florida.

Dad got a new job, again, cause he gets fired a lot; this job required us to move.

It’s just been the two of us since I was five. Mom left a while ago, it really broke dad for a while but he got back up.

From job to job and state to state, we’re in what he said is to be our new home. I’ll give this place the benefit of the doubt and say it will last a few months.

My new school, Everest High, is supposedly one of the best public schools here. Dad and I drove past it on our way, it actually looked nice compared to run-down hell zone schools that I’m used to in Cali.

First day is today. I'm not trying to impress anyone so I put on my normal everyday clothes: Black ripped jeans, short sleeve dark grey shirt, black vans, and I’m ready to go.

I grab my backpack and walk downstairs. I don’t need to rush right now cause school starts at 7:50 and it’s 6:00 a.m. .

Dad is already at work so I have the house all to myself. I make some breakfast, watch some tv, look at the time: 7:00.

I walk out the door to be unhappily greeted by the hot humid air. I’m gonna have to deal with it for a while though so I gotta get used to it.

I start walking and think about the directions to school in my head. Walk out of the house and go left, at the end of the sidewalk another left, at the end of that sidewalk cross the street to the right, walk down that sidewalk and there is the front of the school.

I follow my mental direction while looking around me at all the other houses. Everything is more vivacious here than in San Fran. Brighter colors and the sky isn’t grey like I’m used to.

While looking up I accidentally bump into someone. They fall on the ground and I drag my eyes down in embarrassment to see them.

It’s a girl, her long black hair braided on each side and the top of her hair braided into a flower crown. She wears a rainbow pastel hoodie with a matching suspender skirt, cat stockings  and black high-top converse.

Her long bangs cover her face so I can’t see her expression but I feel the heat of her anger.

She stands up and dusts herself off then looks at me. Anger, pure rage. I’m so screwed right now.

In a flash her hand is across my cheek and it starts to burn. She slapped me!

My face is completely stunned, her face is red with rage. She turns around and stomps of towards school, dammit we’re in school together.

After a minute I continue on my way to school rubbing my tingling cheek. That girl was hardcore, I should have probably said sorry and helped her up instead of staring.

When I reach the front there are a lot of people walking in or getting out of their cars.

Many glance at me as I walk in and everyone starts whispering. Many people whispering is loud so all I hear is “Is that the new guy?” or “Omg look at him, he’s so hot” . I guess the whispering is okay sometimes.

My locker number: 64, it’s close to my first period which is Chemistry and my last period which is Statistics.

Suddenly a group of guys walk up to me, non-threatening, just friendly. One of them get closer, messy dirty blond hair, ripped jeans and red shirt.

He greets me all buddy-buddy like, “Hey, I’m Seth but my friends call me Chaos cause I’m pretty destructive.” He says that like he’s proud which is kinda weird.

He points to a taller guy behind him with slicked back dyed green hair, black skinny jean, purple shirt and a leather jacket, “That’s Indigo also known as Joker cause, well you can see why.”

Next he points to short boy with brown hair and very casual/neutral clothes, “That’s Rael or Virgo, him and Aubrey or Shy guy aren’t the best with the ladies.” Aubrey was as short as Rael but was more shy looking. His black hair slightly covered his eyes and he only wore a baggy hoodie and shorts.

Two guys were on their phones probably playing a game together, “The extra thin guy over there is James or Slim Jim and the guy he’s playing with is Emmett or Internet Explorer.”

He looks around confused then asks the others, “Where’s Harley?” The guy nicknamed Internet Explorer answers, “He ran off earlier to his girl cause something apparently happened on her way here.”

Seth smirks then turns back to me, “Well you’ll just have to meet Inky later.” These nicknames are so stupid but funny and these guys are actually pretty cool.

I smiled and finally responded, “I’m Blake, nice to meet you guys.” They smiled and Seth puts his arm around my shoulder, “So, what’s your first class?”

“Chemistry with Ms. Jones, you?” He smiles bigger than he already was, “Same, looks like we have class together.” He slaps me on the back a bit to hard. Awesome just adding more pain to my body.

The bell rings and everyone starts walking to class while Seth and I walk to Chemistry together.

The classroom is a lab with eight desks that have three chairs at each table. I decide to sit in the back left corner desk and Seth follows along.

The class goes by fast, in fact most of them do. Lunch comes and the same group of guys come back. “Wanna eat lunch with us?” Asks the guy nicknamed Slim Jim.

I go with them to eat lunch at their table. This time there’s a new guy there, he had one of those medium length buzz fade mohawk. His hair was black, most of what he wore was black. Black skinny jeans, black muscle shirt, black leather jacket around his waist. His arms covered in drawings that weren’t tattoos just pen.

Slim Jim slapped him on the back which he didn’t seem to care, “Look who's finally back! Did you have fun with your girl Harley?” Slim Jim smirked at him and the guy apparently named Harley responded, “I’m not dating her, she’s just a friend.”

Internet Explorer sat down next to Harley and laughed, “Just a friend? You can’t be just a friend with one of the hottest and richest girls in school.” Chaos was next to tease Harley, “C’mon dude, give us a little something.”

Harley’s jaw tightened and a vein in his head pulsed, “Nothing happened, her hands were just scraped up cause some guy pushed her so I went to help.” His phone starts buzzing, he grabs it out of his pocket and looks at it for a while then gets up to leave. “Gotta go…” he says without any explanation before leaving.

Chaos looks at me, “That’s our other friend Harley or Inky as we call him cause he’s always drawing on himself, I swear one day that he’s gonna get ink poisoned or something.” He sighs before continuing, “Okay so since you’re the new guy, girls with be on you like hoes on Santa, especially because of your looks…”

In my head I’m just like, um okay? He continues, “Anyways, there are four people in this school that are the hottest. Mazikeen Grey, Clementine De Luca, Scarlet Hart, and Oli Lafayette. Mazikeen is the most badass, Clementine is wicked cool but off limits cause she’s Harley’s, Scarlet is popular but a bit self-centered and thinks no one deserves her and Oli is the cutest in the whole school, even straight guys would go for him.”

I look at him startled, “Wait, what?” He laugh and responds, “Sorry, I didn’t know if you swing that way or not, no shame if you do though. Oliver or Oli as most call him is the cutest person in this school, he’s a baker and mostly spends his time in the Home Ec room just baking.”

I look at him still a bit startled, “Um, okay?” Internet Explorer starts talking but doesn’t open his eyes since he’s the lazier type, “Yeah, you should go meet him, see for yourself his level of cuteness. Trust us, you’re probably gonna feel real gay when you meet him.”

I look at them confused and decide to go see for myself who this Oliver is. He can’t be that cute that he can turn straight guys gay. I mean I’m not straight …I think, I’m probably bi-curious but I’ve never dated a guy.

Finally I get to the Home Ec room, the door is partly cracked so the there is a sweet scent of citrus wafting out. I peek in and see a short boy with golden honey-like hair and wearing a little frilly pink apron.

There are little pink bows in his hair matching his apron. His figure is delicate and very feminine, the guys were right, I feel extremely gay right now.

The door creaked slightly and his head whipped around to see me. His eyes are two different colors, amber green and purple.

We stared at each other for a while then he spoke, “If you want to come in then you can, you can try my pie.” He said sweetly with a cute French accent.

I walk in and he pulls me over to a little table then walks away to cut a slice of pie from the counter. He puts it on a plate and give it to me then watches with a smile.

I grab the fork and slice off a piece from the edge and put it in my mouth. It’s sweet, creamy, a bit crunchy and has a beautiful citrus lemon taste. It’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted in my life. I look at him with delight and his face beams happily. “You like it! You like it!”

I get up and he hugs me tightly so I hug him back. He seems surprised at first but gets used to it.

When he backs away his face a sweet scarlet color which is the same color my face turned when I saw him blush.

I decide to finally talk to him, “Hey, I’m Blake. I’m new here.” He looks up at me, his blush growing darker, “I-I’m Oliver, nice to meet you.”

We stare at each other for a while blushing until the door creaks again. “Oli, I got the stuff for…”. Oh no, it’s the same girl from this morning, she cut her words off and glared at me then started talking again, “Oli, what are you doing with him.”

Her words are filled with venom as she glares daggers into my eyes. Oliver looks at me then at his friend, “You two know each other?”

Clementine kept glaring at me as she spoke, “This is the guy that pushed me this morning.” Oliver gasped, “Is that true Blake?”

I sighed, “Look, I’m really sorry about what happened this morning. I’m just a bit awkward since I’m new here and I just froze up when I noticed I pushed you. It was completely and accident, I’m sorry.”

Her glaring stopped and turned into a big smile, talk about mood swing. “It’s fine, I’m a tough girl.” She skipped over to Oliver and hugged him. “So what’s going on between you and my Oli?”

She smirked and Oliver and I both blushed. I looked away and rubbed the back on my neck, “N-nothing, I just heard about him and I wanted to meet him…”.

She pushed Oliver into my chest making both of us blush more and she spun off. “Oh honey, I’ve read more than enough romance books to know about that look you gave each other.”

I kept denying it but she kept going and teasing me. I only stopped when I felt something soft on my cheek. I glance over and there’s Oliver on his tiptoes kissing me cheek.

He stops and we both stare at each other until the girl starts squealing extremely loud. Oliver and I looked away from each other and my eyes focused on the girl. “What the hell? Who are you anyways?”.

She stopped squealing for a second to answer, “Oh, I’m Clementine, Oli’s bestie.” Then she went right back to squealing.

This is one of the hottest and richest girls that Harley seems to like? I look at Oliver’s cute blushing face as he tries to hide it. I bend down in front of him and he looks at me surprised, then without thinking I kiss him. He’s startled at first then goes with it and wraps his arms around my neck.

Clementine squeals louder and after a few seconds I let Oliver go and tell him bye.

When I get outside the room I lean against a locker and think about what I just did. I kissed him, a guy I just met and I kissed him.

It wasn’t bad though, his lips were soft and tasted slightly sweet. I smiled and went on with the rest of my day think about Oliver.

When I got home, dad was on the couch. He glanced up at me, “How was your day son?”

In my head all I thought about was Oliver so the first word that came out of my mouth was, “Sweet.”

I retired to my room for the rest of my day and drifted off to sleep dreaming about that kiss.

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Chapter 2: Spice Cake




“Oh. My. God! What did I just do! I let some random new guy kiss me! Not that it was bad or anything… but that’s not the point!”

Clementine chuckles and pats me on the back, “Oli, you’ve closed yourself off to love for so long, I think it’s time for a little change.”

Maybe Clementine is right, what am I kidding, she’s always right. She knows what’s best for me, for her friends, for that hobo in the alley, for everyone. Clementine is literally freaking god.

“Your right Clemy, I’m just nervous. What if Blake doesn’t actually like me?” She gave me a soft look, “I saw the way he looked at you, trust me I’m pretty sure he’s at home right now thinking about you.”

I thought about it for a second, what if Blake is thinking about me right now? Are we thinking about each other at the same time?

Blake has to be magical cause he cast a spell on my. My heart races whenever I think about him, my face starts to flush and I get butterflies in my stomach.

I ask Clementine about what I’m feeling, she smiles in response. “That’s love silly. Your in love.”

I covered my face and thought. Me? In love? W-with Blake?… maybe it’s possible.

His red hair and amazing blueish-grey eyes. His tight shirt making his muscles bulge a bit. He is the epitome of perfection and me… well I’m a five foot three inch French gay boy that loves baking, drawing, and singing…

I guy like me doesn’t deserve him, we’re basically complete opposites. Then like the mind reader she is Clementine responds. “Opposites attract, Oli. Don’t think it could never work out because you’re both very different. He likes you, you have to take a chance. Yes, there will probably be some bumps but no one said love is a straight and smooth road.”

Coming from the girl who has never really dated she’s like Cupid. Well Cupid mixed with Satan, mixed with a primordial goddess, mixed with a Persian cat, and I sprinkle of psychic powers and magic. All that equals Clementine Ilaria De Luca, my best friend who doesn’t know her parents but is extremely rich but if she wants she can also live with her adoptive parents.

As of right now we’re at her adoptive families house. They’re really sweet, father, mother, and son. Meanwhile I have a brother, sister, and mother to get home to and take care of.

I tell Clementine that I have to leave and she waves goodbye and tells me to think with my heart and not my head.


I get home and my little sister Aurélie greets me by jumping on me. “Welcome home Oli!” I hug her tightly and tickle her making her giggle, “I missed you Lili. Where’s Dom?” She points to the lounge, “Dom Dom is there.”

I ruffled her hair and she smiles then goes back to her room and I go to greet my little brother Dominique. He’s reading in the lounge as usually. He looks up and give me a quiet hello.

“Hey Dom, how was your day?” He gives a quiet response, “It was fine…”. Dominique has never been a big talker, he’s really shy but usually just acts distant.

Dominique is only three years younger than me while Aruélie is eight years younger than me.

We were all born somewhere in France because that’s where our mom is from. I was born in her home place of Paris, Dominique in Rouen, and Aruélie in Lyon.

Moms first husband, my father, died before I was born. She was heartbroken for so long but ended up getting engaged to someone else, Dominique’s father.

Before the wedding my mother told him that she was pregnant with Dominique and he just disappeared.

She had to raise two children alone which led to her leave late at night for reasons I still don’t know.

One night she came home crying, I asked her what was wrong. She looked at me then at her belly, she was pregnant with Aruélie.

Aruélie doesn’t know who her father is, not even my mother knows who the father is. It’s still tragic to this day but we love Aruélie nonetheless.

I knock on my mother's door and she tell me to come in softly. She greets me with a hug and kiss on each cheek then guides me to the bed to sit and tell her about my day.

“So, Petit Macaron, how was your day?” Petit macaron, it means little macaron, her nickname for me ever since I was a baby. My favorite food has always and will always be macarons.

My siblings have similar nicknames. Aruélie’s is Petit Gâteau or little cake and Dominique’s is Petite Pêche or little peach.

“It was great Maman Macaron.” Maman Macaron, the nickname only I call her meaning mama macaron. She loves it, she’s always been so caring, taking care of her three children even when she can’t take care of herself.

I laid her down to rest which she protested to but as soon as head hit the pillow she drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

After I put Aruélie to bed and Dominique went to sleep I went to bed myself and peaceful dreamed about being saved my a knight and my knight was Blake.

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Chapter 3: Mooncakes




I woke up at 4:00 this morning and started with my day. I prepared breakfast and lunches for everyone and prepared Aruélie and Dominique for school.

Aruélie and Dominique go to Starlight Preparatory School, a private school that goes from preschool to high school. I chose to stay in public school cause prep school kids aren’t my thing.

I walk into Aruélie’s room and nudge her awake. She gets up slowly and rubs her tired eyes. Her golden hair was tangled and messy so I walked her to the bathroom to take care of it.

After I brushed Aruélie’s hair it looked like golden treads. I put her hair into two high buns with pink bows and left her bangs on each side of her chubby heart shaped face.

Her sky blue eyes twinkled and she when to go put on her uniform. A simple button down white shirt embroider with the school crest on the upper right side and a black uniform skirt. She pair it with her favorite sparkles pink converse and then she was ready.

I went into Dominique’s room which he was already prepared. He looked at me from under his slightly messy dark brown hair, he’s the only one in the family with dark hair.

His green eyes shining in the dim light of his lamp like a cats. I smile at him and walk into the kitchen which he follows me.

He’s quiet but loves me more than anything. He’s extremely antisocial and would get picked on because of that but I would always help him so now it’s like he imprinted on me.

He and Aruélie sit at the table and I serve them their food. While they eat I serve a plate for mother and put it in her room.

I nudge her gently and she wakes up and looks at me with a smile. I point to her breakfast and glass of juice on her little nightstand. “Merci beaucoup, petit macaron.” She said softly in her strong French accent that carried on to me. “De rien, maman macaron.”

I walk out and see that Aruélie and Dominique are done with breakfast and have washed their dishes. They grab their stuff and we all start walking to school.

After I drop them of at school I walk to school myself catching up with my friends along the way.

Clementine, as eccentric as always, is wearing a pastel galaxy skater skirt, pastel pink shirt that says, “Head in the clouds”, pastel pink thigh high socks, glitter silver shoes, and her hair in a high ponytail with a ribbon around it.

Next to her stood Scarlet and Carter. Scarlet wore and deep plum color dress that went to her knees with a ribbon around her waist, black doc marten heels, gold necklace and bracelet, and her deep auburn hair neatly pinned into and bow shape.

Carter sang a sweet tune that I heard from far away. He had a black and white plaid shirt, black skinny jeans, white combat boots with black laces and accentuates, and his everyday hourglass necklace. His strawberry blond hair gentle blew in the wind and his hazel eyes were as bright as they normally are.

Over to the side, standing on a fire hydrant, was Mazikeen. Clementine and I have know her since forever. She has always been confident and a little reckless now and then but she’s a great friend.

Her and Carter were basically wearing the same thing but her shirt was red and black plaid, her jeans were ripped in various place, her combat boot were completely black and she wore her everyday leather choker.

Mazikeen is quite odd but a different version of odd from Clementine. She’s been abused many times and hides the scars. She wears that choker to hide the rope burn marks from her attempted suicide. Her hair and skin are the same color, white as paper; she’s an albino but one you shouldn’t mess with.

Clem and I saved her from severe depression and now she even smiles sometimes. She’s tough on the outside but extremely sensitive on the inside.

Carter waves at me and Clementine runs over to hug me tightly. Once I get to my group of friends Clementine starts talking, “So…I hope you don’t mind but I told our besties about you and Blake.”

My face flushed, “I-it’s okay, they’re our best friends anyways, can’t keep secrets right.”

Scarlet stared at me with her terrifying yet intoxicating grey eyes. “This Blake, what is he like?”

I look at the ground and start talking softly, “I don’t really know him but he’s tall, muscular, he has gorgeous blueish grey eyes, he’s sweet and likes my sweets.”

Scarlet raises her eyebrow curiously, “So it was like love at first sight?” I thought about her question for a few seconds, “Yeah, I guess it was.”

She smiles and starts jumping with joy, “Oh! How romantic. A rose sweeter than no other hath been picked by a sweet prince! Ay! I do say that I feel the warmth around my heart. It must be the blanket of love!”

She kept up her poetic tangent and took my hands in hers surprising me. “The Cupid’s hath bless thou my sweet little flower.” Then suddenly she gets serious, “But, be thou warned, do not take the path of Romeo and Juliet.”

I giggle slightly and everyone else laughs while Scarlet daydream of who knows what.

Mazikeen walks in front of me and puts her hand on my shoulder with a smile, “You have my blessing but if he hurts you, I’m castrating him…”

I stare a Mazikeen terrified knowing that she might actually do it then she chuckles slightly, “Don’t worry, I’m crazy but not that crazy. Wanna make some mooncakes today?”

My emotions lifted and I jumped with joy, “I’d love to make mooncakes today!”

Mooncakes are a traditional Japanese pastry that is usually eaten around the Mid-Autumn festival. The festival celebrates the moon and during the festival there is usually moon watching. The crust of the mooncakes are made with yolks from salted duck eggs and lard or vegetable oil. The inside filling is either red bean paste or lotus bean paste.

Mazikeen knows how to make them because her Japanese mother grew up in China so she taught her.

Mazikeen is Japanese and Australian, her Australia father had several problems and would abuse her and her mother. Now she lives with her mother and Scottish step-mother who is super kind.

All of us now walk to school which is extremely close. Once we get inside Carter goes to the choir room. He’s the best singer ever which got him the nickname Siren.

Scarlet goes to the drama room connected to the stage because she basically lives in the spotlight which is why she’s called Drama Queen but our friend group sometimes calls her Lucifer cause her middle name, Araru, means Netherworlds is Babylonian.

Mazikeen, Clementine, and I all walk to the Home Ec to start baking the mooncakes.

Mazikeen usually spends her time either on the track, in the weight room, or in the dance room. Secretly she loves dancing and she’s amazing at it but only Carter and me know.

Mazikeen does most of the work with the mooncakes because she knows best, she looks so delicate when she does it though. Her razor cut bob tied into a tiny ponytail and her pink eyes focused on the task before her. She’s as delicate as a butterfly but she’s built up a poisonous armor around her.

Once she’s done we all feast on the mooncakes. They’re as delicious as they always are.

There’s a soft knock at the door and I turn my head to see who it is. My eyes widen and my face starts heating up quickly, it’s Blake!

Blake only looks at me, his eyes locked in mine. Clementine and Mazikeen look from me to him over and over.

Clementine whispers something in Mazikeen’s ear then Mazikeen gets up and walks over to Blake. She examines him up and down before giving him a mooncake, patting him on the shoulder, and walking away.

Ah, Mazikeen and her silent acceptance, she never really shows any emotions.

Blake looks confused for a second then walks inside towards me. Once he gets close enough Clementine giggles and walks out of the Home Ec room.

Blake leans on the counter that I’m sitting on, we eat in silence for a little while until he breaks it, “It’s hard to admit this but ever since that kiss I just can’t get you off my mind.”

My face heats up more than it already was, “I feel the same way, when ever I think about you my heart beat speeds up and my face flushes.”

We sat in silence for a while longer then his warm hand started to intertwine with mine.

His eyes looked with mine, they were filled with gentle love and passion. He spoke softly, “I know I just met you Oliver but will you go out with me?”

His words clung to me for a long time. My mind went blank like it powered off, I just stared at him until my thought fully rebooted.

I couldn’t help but come to tears. I was hard to form words but so quietly they can out, “…y-yes…”.

When I said that he hugged me tightly and I hugged back just as tight. I tears stopped and were replaced with giggles as her whispered his doubts that I would stay yes.

Suddenly outside the room, there was a loud high pitch squeal. Blake and I turned to see Clementine and Scarlet poking their heads in the door with tears streaming down each of their faces.

Scarlet walked in followed by Clementine, Carter, and Mazikeen. Scarlet clapped happily with tears still streaming down her face, “That was the best performance I’ve ever seen! Encore! Encore!”

Clementine clapped along with her while still crying, “Encore means kiss!” Carter and Mazikeen just smiled at Blake and I.

I looked at Blake asking him with my ears if we should give them what they want which he responded with the action.

Clementine and Scarlet screamed but all I heard was my heartbeat in my ears. Blake held me gently as if I were going to break if he clung or kissed to hard.

Once we separated I saw Clementine and scarlet fanning each other like they were about to faint.

Clementine walked closer and grabbed Blake and my hand. “Please! Please! Please! Let me plan the wedding!”

My eyes widened, “Wedding!”, Scarlet in the background hugged herself and looked off into space dreamily, “Oh, your children would look adorable!”

For the next ten minutes Clementine and Scarlet teased us while Blake only stared lovingly at me.

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Chapter 4: Pudding

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Chapter 5: Licorice

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Chapter 6: Cotton Candy

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Chapter 7: Sugar and Spice

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