The Ways To Motivate Yourself For Writing A Research Paper


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The most optimal research paper length is around 5 to 10 pages. Nevertheless, the length isn’t the main problem. The research you have to conduct, and the analysis required to gather useful information to compile a first-class paper is what makes the whole writing process demotivating.
Are you struggling with a lack of motivation when writing a research paper? If so then this article will share several ways to help you stay motivated to write an outstanding research paper.
The reality is that every writer from the aspiring to successful ones have at one point been hit with a lack of motivation.
When this happens to you when you’re required to write a great research paper, try these creative ideas to stay motivated.

Have Writing Goals

As stated earlier, a research paper can sometimes be lengthy. The thought to write over 10 pages can be intimidating and demotivating. To help you stay motivated, set easy-to-tackle goals. That feeling you get when you accomplish a goal can help to keep you motivated when writing a research paper.
If you’re required to write a 10-page research paper, set the minimum or maximum word count of pages you need to write each day. 

Seek External Help

The thought of sitting down to write a 10-page research paper can make a busy student lose motivation.

See, most students these days work part-time to finance their studies. This means that their hands are always full. When the time for writing a research paper comes, these students feel like they are being tortured hence they can easily lose motivation. You don’t have to get demotivated since you can find a company that writes academic papers for pay. Head over to Google and type “who can help me write my research paper” or use any search term related to seeking help with your paper and you will find several professionals ready to help you.

Set Your Own Deadlines

Deadlines are good motivators. Apart from the deadline given by your professor, set your own. For instance, if the professor wants you to complete the paper in like one week, try to shorten the deadline and make it like 3 to 4 days. You could also set deadlines for writing each section or chapter of your paper.
A good rule of thumb when setting deadlines is to pretend you’re writing the paper for a client or someone else. This will help you to stick to the deadlines you set knowing that if you fail to meet them, you will have to either compensate for the delays or get some penalties.

Find a Good Right Spot

Sometimes lack of motivation can be caused by the environment we right in. To improve your study habits, you need to find a good writing environment. Typically, your writing location should accommodate your needs to focus. The last mistake you want to make is to write your research paper in a noisy or distractive environment. You won’t focus. 
You can either decide to write in a coffee shop, in an empty conference room, your office, or in a quiet library.

Switch Off the Phone 

The constant vibrations or phone rings can be your source of lack of motivation. Think about it: you have just written a sentence and you hear a notification, opening it you find that it’s just a friend who has liked your latest post on Facebook. Before you complete the sentence, you want to thank them. This kind of distraction can make you lose focus on your writing so it’s a good idea to switch off your phone.

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