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"Everything happen's for a reason,"


"Why did the chicken cross the road?" Adriana asked, putting on auto-pilot, to keep the space-ship at bay as Terry was fast asleep. Getting up from her seat, she walked out Into the many open seat's spread along the belly of the ship.

"I've heard this a million times, It's literally the oldest joke In the book." Irene giggled, with a large grin.

"I know, but can I at least finish the joke?" Adriana whined.

Irene sighed heavily, "If you must."

Adriana clapped her hands rapidly, giggling In her excitement. Leaning In, she spoke the most simplest of sentences you would ever hear. "To get onto the other side."

Irene let out a fake gasp, "Oh really? That's so funny! When did you ever come up with that?"

"Oh hah-hah!" Adriana shoved her jokingly, as Irene drew a smile on her face with teenage laughter.

"Why can't you come up with another joke, other than that one?" Irene asked, adding, "You've literally told that one for the past four year's Into our travel's."

"Because I don't like most jokes, the chicken one Is my favorite." Adriana picked at the leather of the seat, as It was slightly peeling. "It was my mother's favorite as well."

Irene took a good look at her best friend and brought her hand upon her shoulder, "Don't worry, Adri, you tell that joke anytime at all. And I'll make sure to be there, to laugh at It with you."

Adriana looked at Irene with a light smile, "Thanks."


"What Is that reason?"


"Is that what I think It Is?" Irene questioned, with wide eyes, staring out of the space-ship's sealed window's.

"If your thinking of Mars, then your right, It Is." Terry called out from the captain's quarter's, also known as, the driver's seat.

"We finally made It! Yes!" Adriana shook In her seat, In pure excitement.

They all had their space-suit's on, ready to go. Good and well prepared. Their suit's fit their bodies quite well, not a single edge too bulgy, otherwise It'd look ridiculous on them, seeming like huge marshmallow's gone wrong.

They were lucky to have such good suit designer's when they were back on Earth, four years prior, to that day.

"Hang on!" Terry yelled. "It's going to be a bumpy ride!"

Bumpy ride was the right term In that situation, as they didn't know what hit them.


While their space-ship was landing on Mars, something massive orbiting outer-space and the atmosphere of Mars, pulled It's way towards the ship.

Hitting It directly In one of It's wing's, as the ship now fell harshly down Into Mars.

Luckily having their seat-belt's on, In good timing, everyone held on tightly. All screaming, all deaf for the time being as nothing but engine roared Into the heaven's.

Whatever hit them had sent them off course, as the ship was now doing flip's down Into planet Mars.


A  minute later, they had crashed.

Everything happening all at once, not a single sound. Not a single cry out for help. Not a single movement to be seen. Not a single soul to be heard. Not even a single thing to be felt.

Nothing... But bitter silence filled the air, for what almost seemed like eternity.

Irene had been the first one to blackout.

Not a single tear to be wept.



"Go find out for yourself."

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Chapter One

"Let your heart guild you, to your greatest treasured desire's."


Irene's eye's groggily fluttered open, as she had no clue on what just happened. She remembered seeing Mars after four year's of traveling through Space. But nothing more, came of her memory. It was pure blank.

 Once her vision had cleared, all the memories of the crash came flooding her brain. Causing a slight headache, to erupt throughout her brainwaves.

Though her vision was blurry, It was better than not being able to see at all. She let out a few cough's and a huff of breath, as the smell of engine traveled through her suit and headed to her nostrils. The sight of smoke all around her. She always hated the smell of smoke, It made her want to gag. But she held It In, as It wasn't a good time to do so.

Seeing that she still wore her space-suit, and the fact that Mars was now seen through holes In the ship. She was highly glad that her helmet only held little crack's, she was lucky that those crack's didn't break as well.

Swiping the smoke out from her helmet for a clear view, she grasped her seat-belt, trying to unlatch It. With no luck, she tried to pry It off from the lock It was held In. Irene mumbled trying to rip her seat-belt apart, but It was no use, It was stuck.

"Screw It." Irene huffed out, having no energy to struggle much longer.

Irene looked everywhere for a solution, but It seemed that It was solved. As she looked up above her head, to find some small scissors being held In a small compartment. Reaching up to It, she struggled for a moment. But once she put the scissors Into her gloved hands, she sighed In satisfaction.

Cutting her seat-belt In half, Irene squealed, as her body suddenly fell onto the ceiling of the ship. Rolling onto her side, and coughing out some more, her body ached.

Irene was so unaware that the ship had landed upside down, but once she fell to the ceiling, It made so much more sense to her. She understood exactly why she fell, and she accepted gravity's apology for not exactly breaking her fall.

"That was unexpected," She coughed out to herself. "Thanks ship, for possibly breaking all of my bone's. Highly appreciated."

She brought herself on all four's, and pushed her way up to her feet. Forcing herself to stand, as she was sore. But she felt okay enough to walk, she just needed to get to her feet first, before she began. As she felt like a baby all over again, learning to walk for the first time.

Once she got herself to her feet, she gripped the headrests of the seat's for support, and started walking around Inside the ship. In search of her friend's. Hoping that they were alright as well.


"Adriana?" Irene spoke out, In question.

She looked at every upside down seat, like a police dog, searching for the wrong In the world. Once she had found Adriana sitting upside down, motionless, In her seat. Irene made her way to her friend, as quickly as humanly possible. Not wanting to waste a precious second, of time.

"Adriana!" Irene said, In excitement, to see that her friend was okay.

But once Irene took a good look at Adriana's face, she gasped, bringing her hand up to her helmet pretending It was her mouth. Trying to hold back her tear's, as much as she could.

Adriana was dead, as far as Irene could tell. Her helmet had shattered once they crashed, causing her to suffocate right away.

Irene felt awful, she was sad, It hurt her to see her friend that way. Adriana and Irene knew each other since middle school. The thought of Adriana being dead, caused Irene's heart to twitch.

Irene shook her head from the Image of her dead friend, and made her way to the captain's quarter's, where Terry was supposedly driving the ship.

Once she got there, she had almost vomited at the sight. She couldn't bare to look anymore, as It was obvious on the Income of what happened.

Terry sat In the upside down seat as well, his helmet wasn't shattered though. Instead, a sharp point of one Mar's rock had made It's way Into the windshield front of the ship. And Impaled Terry, through his throat. Killing him Instantly, right as the crash commenced.

Irene knew Terry from middle school as well, he was always the one getting detention. The player. The joker. Talking back at every teacher. But since then, he has changed his way's, and vowed to become a better person.

But now... Now he was dead too, just like Adriana. And It hurt Irene's heart, just as much.

Irene didn't think twice, as she walked out of the captain's quarter's. She then started looking for her other friend, Ethan. She didn't see him much before the crash, as he was resting In the back of the ship.

Irene couldn't find Ethan anywhere, no matter how much she searched for him. It gave her hope, that maybe, just maybe, her best friend was okay.


Finding her way out of the space-ship, Irene stood on the ground of Mars, for the first time In her entire existence of living. She sighed In her helmet, looking around. To see nothing In particular. Nothing but Red sand below her feet, and space above her head.

"Ethan?!" Irene screamed out, hoping he would hear her.

She knew that one little fact, of no one being able to hear you scream In space. But she had to try, to find her last friend, that could possibly still be alive.

Irene's heart raced, once she heard the sound's of harsh gagging In the distance. Her head darted everywhere, trying to find the source of the sound. She ran around the space-ship, following the gagging sound.

 It was surprisingly not very hard to run In zero-gravity, but trying to avoid the sharp red rocks, was almost Impossible. Luckily, Irene stepped over each one, trying to not scratch a hole Into her suit, she didn't feel like dying that day.

"Ethan?" Irene called out, looking at the other side of the ship.

Seeing Ethan's body lay In the red sand, on his back, still slightly moving. Caused Irene to run to him, with a heavy breath.

"Ethan!" She called out once more, with a sharp smile.

But once she got to his side, on her knee's. Her smile faded quickly, to see a hole In his helmet, and him suffocating ever so slowly.

Irene's breath felt ragged, as It quickened, In panic mode. She quickly covered the hole with her gloved hand, In hopes of saving her best friend.

But It was too late, the toxic air of space, had already disintegrated every last ounce of Oxygen that he had left In his suit.

Ethan couldn't say his last goodbye, as you cannot speak when your suffocating. All Irene could do, was to watch him take his last aching breath. And once he did, he was gone for good. laying there, no longer moving, no longer struggling.

Irene sat back up, onto her bum. As she couldn't believe what had happened to all three of her good friend's.

Irene then buried her helmet Into her leg's and arm's, and began to cry. Not able to wipe any of her tears off with her sleeve, her face remained salted up with each drop of tear.

Irene got very lucky, as she was the only one to survive the crash on Mars.

As she now sat there, completely alone and Isolated on the empty red planet to fend for herself.

This Is Irene's story, and you will learn her struggle, as she goes on her adventure, deep Inside the secret behind Mars.


"You never have to be afraid, for you are never alone."

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Chapter Two

"Don't you dare give up,"


Irene sat there, In the red sand, staring at the torn space ship. Everything was silent, her breath was the only thing to be heard. As her heart rate had slowed down, and she was out of her broken state.

Once she heard a loud beeping sound go off on her suit, she was Immediately unsettled. That usually meant a bad thing. Quickly, she raised her left arm up to her helmet to check what the problem was.

Her Oxygen level was ever so slowly getting low, and she was glad to know that she had at least, half a tank left before she could possibly go out just like her friend's. But of course, knowing how sarcastic she can be, she really wasn't looking forward to knowing how suffocation felt.

Therefore, she calmed her breathing, as the heavier you breathed, the faster your Oxygen depletes. And Irene knew she had to make her now half tank last. She wanted to survive, for as long as humanly possible.

Getting her breathing under control, smooth and steady, Irene carefully laid herself onto her back, In the red sand. She looked up Into the sky, and stayed there, silently counting the star's.

There wasn't much to do on Mars as Irene soon figured out, It was quite boring, actually. She felt all sort's of tired, as she couldn't remember the last time she slept since the crash.

After a few minute's of counting the bright star's In the murky sky of Mars and space. Irene rolled herself onto her right side, and began playing with the bright sand In between her gloved hand's. Feeling like a child again. Letting the sand flow In between her finger's, as It fell back to It's natural habitat on the ground, and blew away with the light wind.

Not much later, Irene found herself drifting off Into a deep sleep. As she was now the first human being, to fall asleep on Mars.


Hour's later, Irene had woken up to a loud noise. The ground below her started trembling, the slightest bit. The little red pebbles near her helmet, jiggling In the sand.

Hearing what sounded like a large woolly mammoth with a mixture of a deep trumpet, Irene flinched with a breath, as It was very loud and echoed In the distance. And then, seconds later, dead silence, like It never happened.

She pushed herself up back onto her bum, as she looked all around her. But nothing was to be seen, as confusion was all she felt.

"What the hell?" She whispered out, to herself.

Irene began to feel like she wasn't as alone as she originally thought, but how could that be? There was nothing but an empty red planet all around her for miles. She was utterly distraught. She no longer felt safe, as she was now scared to be alone.

Looking behind her, to see a load of dust cloud's coming straight for her. Irene was about to know how It felt to be In her first Mars storm. If what she learned In her studies back on Earth was true, she didn't want to be In that Storm, and wanted to seek shelter as fast as possible.

Although, she was still curious on the strange sound's from minutes earlier. It certainly wasn't the storm, as It would of been roaring by now.

But nonetheless, Irene pushed herself to her feet, and as quickly as gravity took her, she ran toward's the wrecked ship. As It was the only shelter she had, for the time being.

Once at the ship, she had forgotten that the door was three feet off the ground, as It had crashed onto It's left side and slumped. Which meant, she'd have to put some effort to get back Inside, for safety.

Seeing that the storm was getting closer, at a very fast rate, Irene quickened her pace. Hopping slightly, grabbing onto the rim of the door, and pulling herself up, she placed her leg on the rim as well.

Though, she wasn't the strongest, and knowing how clumsy she was. Irene slipped with a hitch of fright, she tumbled back onto the red sand. Still having side effect's from the crash, her body was sore.

She coughed and gathered her breath, "Danget Irene, why do you have to be so foolish?" She spoke to herself, just like earlier.

As the storm got even closer, Irene had thought's of giving up endure her mind. She didn't know how much of this she could take In, let alone handle.

She had told the world 'no', she can tell Mars 'no' too. Irene got to her feet for the second time, and tried again, but this time even faster. As the storm would hit her, In no time.

With a few more struggles and groan's, Irene was back Inside the upside down space-ship. With a heavy breath, she got back to her feet and headed to one of the window's, to keep an eye on that storm. There wasn't a way to close the door, as It was broken. It was highly Ineffective.

Irene knew she was scared, but she didn't want to admit It. She was raised to be strong and Independent. Not to be afraid. It was one of the main reason's why she went on the mission to Mars In the first place. To prove to her mother, that she can be responsible of taking care of herself.

But now, everything was ruined, there was no way she could get back to Earth. Unless she built another space-ship, but that was Impossible, everything was practically destroyed. And for this, Irene felt like she let her mother down. She felt ashamed. As she waited for her mother's voice Inside her head, to say; 'I told you so.'

She shook her head, forgetting all the negative thought's as of now, as she realized, now wasn't a good time for It.


Moment's later, the storm had finally hit. It had been stronger than Irene originally thought, but not strong enough to blow the ship away, which was a good sign. Though, It did make the ship's condition even more critical than It already was.

And for this, Irene groaned In frustration. Of course, she thought.

She kept an eye out toward's the window, as she could see nothing but red dust, everywhere. This scared her a little bit more, as Irene never liked being blind to a world so unknown. It made her feel vulnerable, and not capable of survival.

Irene never realized how terrifying Mars really was, until now.

It was then, when she realized the window was cracking, as she took a good look at It. Right before she knew It, the window had burst from all of the pressure, caused by the storm. Shattered glass, flying In all direction's.

Irene was stunned by this, letting out a light squeal In sudden shock. She had fallen right back onto the ship's ceiling, onto her right side. Feeling like It was something, that just came straight from a horror movie.

Not even minute's later, all the other window's shattered, as a loud popping sound rung throughout her ear drum's. As she shook her head, In pain, almost too much to bare. As she prayed that the glass would not cut through her suit, as It just now became one of her new biggest fear's.

There was nothing Irene could do, but to just wait It out, and hope for the best.


"Because nothing Is Impossible."  

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Chapter Three

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Chapter Four

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Chapter Five

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Chapter Six

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Chapter Seven

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