The Boy With Scales


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This book is an original, same as Irene, and it's a working progress. So don't be surprised if I update this book, like, at least once a month. As the plot for it is very complex, in my mind at least. But I know that I will try my very best, to write it.

So come on Aria's journey, as she takes her path with dragon's and war.

Thank you for reading! ^-^

Happy reading and writing. <3

[I know the cover sucks, I'm in the process of making a new one. :)]

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Chapter 1 ; Thief

"Someone stop her!" The village baker yells, pointing at Aria. Everyone watched as she ran with a loaf of baked bread.

Aria Is not your typical village girl, she's a thief, a scavenger. She has no home, outside the castle Is where she lives, where she could be wild and free. 19-years of age, spirited and full of fierce. Although she has quite the kind personality, Ironically enough, she's sweet once you get to know her. It just takes time, just like life Itself.

Aria started to pick up her feet a little bit, gaining speed very quickly. It was as though something deep In her heart, was telling her to be free. Making her sprint even faster than before, It was In her blood.

"Halt!" The sound of knights on their trusty steeds ran after Aria, as she didn't listen and kept running as fast as her long legs could take her.

"Catch me If you can!" She laughed, messing around with them, as though this were a game.

They kicked their horses hard, making them pick up the pace and catch up to her. She tried running even faster, but she wasn't sure If that was possible. Running that fast, with such weird standards, and low human abilities. She quickly turned to the left, as there were two huge wooden-oak doors that were wide open. She tried making her escape.

"Close those doors Immediately!" The knights hollered.

It was going to be very close, but she might be able to make It. Spreading her legs more, allowing her to sprint even faster, she just missed her freedom by an Inch. To her demise, the big wooden-oak doors were finally shut tightly. Her body colliding along with the huge doors, practically feeling splinters enter her helpless soft skin.

"Hold It right there young lass!" The voice of one of the knights yelled from behind her, as she slowly turned towards them, revealing her very smooth face. She looked at them all, with no fear, and showed no mercy.

"Speak you're name miss." He tried getting her to talk, but she wasn't falling for It, she wasn't going to break that easily. Not without a fight. She wanted to keep her Identity a secret, for safety precausions.

"Speak!" He screamed out, getting annoyed. But she just shook her head at him, as she refused to answer at all costs.

"Okay that's It, cease her!" He demanded pointing at her, as many other knights quickly grabbed both of her arms, before she could make a run for It.

"Let go of me!" Aria hissed, struggling like crazy as they dragged her back to the castle where the cellar was Inside the underground dungeon. Where It's dark and terrifying. "Let me go!" She yelled, once more.

"Stay still lass!" The gaurds yelled with a growl.

"Not until you let me go!" She stated.

"The day we let you go, Is the day you tell us you're name, age, and swear to never steal again!" They explained, with fierce In their tone.

She gave an angry look, and growled a bit with her mouth shut. She really didn't want to be thrown Into the cellar, she has heard horrible stories about It, and they don't seem pleasant at all. She kept looking up at them, and did something very unsanitary. She spat In their faces, earning a flinch from them as she quickly took her chance and made a break for It.

"Stop right there!" The guards yelled as they chased Aria up the wooden stairs, she didn't look back, she just kept running at a very fast pace to keep her distance from them.

On her way to the top of the wooden stairs, she tipped some barrels over, that where sat next to the railing. The gaurds fell over them, and It bought her some time, as she continued to run. She barged right out of the castle doors, and ran Into more gaurds. She gasped, looking up at them as they looked back at her. She quickly pulled herself up from the gound, right before they could grab her, and continued with her escape.

The guards where catching up with Aria, so she had to think fast. She soon figured out an Idea, and jumped onto one of the village houses, and started climbing onto the roof. Once on the roof, she avoided chimney's and cracks. Jumping from roof top, to another, feeling like she could make anything possible once more.

"Halt!" The guards yelled once more just like earlier, chasing her from below.

"Never!" Aria screamed back, excited for her soon to be freedom.

She saw a big gap In between the village houses coming up, as she wasn't sure If she could make It over that far. But she had to try. Soon she jumped off of the very edge of the roof she was on, and hoped to Zues that she would make It by a miracle.

Her plan didn't fully fail, as she was now dangling on the edge of the other village house, holding onto the smooth stone with her finger tips as tightly as she could, slipping ever so slowly.

"You can't hang there forever!" The guards noted.

"Watch me!" she hissed, as they were right, she was now stuck.

Aria tried her very best to climb back up, but her feet slipped off the rocky side of the house she dangled from. Sooner or later she lost her grip, and fell with a squeal. She hit the ground a bit hard, but not enough to kill her. She coughed from the pain, as she slowly rolled over onto her side.

"You were saying?" The guards smirked, while taking hold of her arms and pulling her back up onto her feet again.

She shrugged In defeat, and didn't fight back. "This time, we're going to make sure you keep you're filthy thief mouth shut." One of the guards explained, tying a piece of cloth around her mouth so she wouldn't spit again, nor even bite, as she just breathed heavily, now exhausted.

They threw Aria Into the dirty cell, and quickly shut the metal door as well as locked It tightly. They really wanted to make sure, that she wouldn't escape again. Aria proof, I suppose? She thought.

She grunted In her cloth, as she struggled to get It off of her mouth. Once she finally got It off, she looked around with her rough breath, for anything she can use to help her out a bit. For Aria was a very smart young-adult, and has many tricks up her sleeve.

"They're smart." Aria spoke to herself, with a light breath chuckle.

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Chapter 2 ; Bo

Aria sat against the hardened stoned wall, right underneath the only window with bars that was her lonely shed of light, fiddling with her fingers, and keeping an eye on the metal bars of her cell. Trying to configure up a plan of escape, a guard passed her cell just to check up on her, to make sure she didn't do anything devious.

"You hungry lass?" The guard asked, holding a molded tray that had nothing but rotting bread, and chow full of what looked like parasite worms. Are they trying to poison me? She thought.

Aria shook her head, "I'll pass." She gave the guard a look of disgust, as she knew that even she deserved better, thief or not.

"Okay fine, starve, see If I care." He shrugged, dropping the tray on the ground, as the revolting food splattered almost everywhere. Luckily missing Aria, by a foot or two.

The guard walked back over to his post at the foot of the wooden stairs, that lead up to the castle from the dungeon, which she was being held captive. Now out of her sight, she let out a sharp sigh, sick of the place already. Wanting to be free again, like old times.

Usually she was brilliant on thinking of ways to escape any type of trouble, whether It was a crack In the wall, or even a cage underwater, she could do It. Aria was a smart young lady, quite Intelligent and bright as well. But this time, she wasn't sure, this was a tougher challenge than other times.

She soon grew too tired to even think of anything at the moment, as she refused to lay In her raggedy uncomfortable bed. Or, should she even call It a bed? More like a metal wired table, with a black cloth and a rock for a pillow?

What a disgrace, these people. She thought. No respect, I'm human too. Not a sewer rat.

Instead, she slowly brought herself to lay on her side on the stone ground, using both of her soft and small hands as a pillow. She didn't know how she was going to get some rest, but It was dark out, and she wasn't up with staying awake all night long, It would take way too long to wait for daylight. So with that, she forced herself asleep with a light humming of a lullaby on her mind, that her mother used to always sing to her as a child.


Aria fluttered her eyes opened on the brig of morning, as she brought her right arm over her face, the brightness of the sun shining down on her, practically blinding her. She sat up and sat back on her bum, rubbing her watery eyes with her palms from any remaining sleep left In them.

She looked at her surroundings, and remembered that she was In a jail cell. "Oh yeah. Right." She spoke to herself, In a quiet tone, as to not wake any of the guards up.

Now that she was well rested, mostly at least, she had some time to come up with a working plan that will get her out of prison by that afternoon. No later.


It had been a few hours since Aria woke, and she decided that only one plan would work In this complex situation. One plan that would be so direly Idiotic, that It might just work. Therefore she pushed herself onto the soles of her two feet, and headed towards the rusty bar's of her rotten scented cell.

"Room service please!" Aria hollered, her voice echoing throughout the dungeon, as though she where the only prisoner there. Giving her face a slight press against the cold bar's.

She waited agonizing seconds for anyone to come. "I'm not you're slave, you know that right?" The guard asked, walking away from his post with a metal spear In his right hand.

Aria faked a sweet smile and gave out a light chilling chuckle, "I demand to be escorted to the ladies room," She looked up Into his scorching eyes, crossing her leg's, giving him the clue that she needed to go.

He had no emotion, risen an eyebrow, asking for manner's. She exhales harshly through her small nostrils, "Please." She scoffed the tiniest bit.

He lowered the disfigured brow and crossed his arms, "Not until you give me a name." He gave a tilt to his head.

I mean, It's not like he's going to remember my name, right? She thought.

"Fine, If you must know," She spoke calmly, remembering her little plan. "It's Aria." She gave him another smile, notifying him that she was dead serious.

He took a rough breath, "Okay, well, for you're Information, the bathroom Is over there." He pointed behind her, as she looked towards the toilet that looked quite disorganized and even more revolting than her breakfast that morning.

"Seriously? You really expect me to use that filth?" She gave him a questioning look.

"You are a filthy little thief after all, and filthy thief's like you need to be taught a lesson." The guard smirked, walking off.

Aria's plan wasn't going the way she thought It out, but there was still time, thing's could still work. She just had to try harder. "Wait!" She yelled after him.

The guard gave a roll to his eyes, and sighed heavily, turning around to look back at her. "What Is It now?" He asked.

"Please don't make me use this filth of a bathroom, It's unsanitary, a-and It scares me!" Aria stuttered, trying to sound as convincing as she possibly could.

Hopefully my proposition It as good as It was back when I was a child. She thought.

The guard didn't answer back, walking up to Aria's cell again, she never lost eye-contact. "Please." She repeated the god forsaken word, considering she doesn't say 'please' for just anybody.

He looked down at her, with a slight tilt In his head. Thinking, wondering. Aria giving him the best puppy eyes she could ever configure, just like she used to do with her mother, years ago. Except this was a grown man, her mind burst full of many thoughts. Her mind being very Intelligent and eligible to many Idea's, In escape artist history.

He furrowed his brows and pursed his lips, then rolled his eyes once more. "Why am I doing this?" He whispered to himself, Aria hardly being able to hear him. "Fine, back off first though." He growled, Aria happily following order's as she backed up, just as he demanded.

He brought out his hands towards her, "Arms out." He spoke. Aria sighed and handed him her wrists.

He cuffed her wrists together tightly In front of her, grasping her arm and bringing her out of her cell. Finally, freedom. Not just yet, be patient.

The bathroom was In Aria's sight, as they got closer and closer each and every second. It was time to take her plan Into action, It was now or never.

Quickly pushing her body Into the guard, he lost his balance on the ground, and headed straight for the brick wall next to the bathroom. His head hitting harshly against one of the sprung up poles that held a large torch, he fell to the floor, out-cold. That worked out splendidly, Aria chuckled to herself.

She looked down at the unconscious guard, "Huh, I almost feel bad for the guy." She huffed. Chuckling right after, because she knew It wasn't true In the slightest.

Aria took deep breaths, as she used the guards sword to cut her bonds. "Should of known better sheriff, got tricks up my sleeve." She smiled to herself, whilst rubbing her wrists from the tight ropes. As she then ran up the wooden stairs on her tippy-toes, to not make so much noise.

Silently jogging around the corridor, Aria took a slight peek outside the stone ridge. No one being In eye-view, she kept the down-low and made a quick dash through the village. Hiding behind buildings here and there, for every knight she saw, was on they're guard.

Aria got closer to the wooden gates, as she kept sneaking past knights and more guards. It was then, when she noticed the wooden gates where slowly shutting. She tried not to panic, as she didn't want to be trapped In the village, where everyone possibly wanted her dead.

She soon spot a knight's horse, alone, waiting for It's owner. Raising her eyebrows with a grin, Aria cracked an Idea.

She made her way to the horse, still hunched down, hoping no one could spot her. The horse looked down at her and neighed lightly, Aria put a finger to her mouth, shushing the beauty with light fur and hooves.

Slipping her left foot Into the stirrup of the leather saddle, Aria hoisted herself up onto the five-hundred-pound animal and straddled his back, sitting firmly Into her new seat. Kicking the horse with both her heels on each side, the four hooved beauty skipped all of the gates and lunged straight Into a run. As Aria held on tightly to the reins, keeping her balance like she was stacking books on top of her head.

The knight's soon noticed and whistled, chasing after her on their steeds. Though she was far ahead of them, she knew there was still a chance. A mighty big chance Indeed.

Raising her arms to the middle of the horse's neck, holding onto his flowing jet black main. Aria gave him some slack, to keep from slowing him down, so she wouldn't pull back. His hooved thumped the ground, like a rabbit calling It's kin down the hole.

Once they reached the wooden gates, the horse ran It down. Jumping at the big gap, and landing on the other side, In the light green grass. Aria pulled back on the reins, allowing the horse to stop and take a breather, "Whoa!" She heaved, breath heavy, chest huffing.

Turning the reins to the left, the horse turned, as she watched them struggle getting to the closing gate. She grinned knowing she's got them where she wants them, and chuckled to herself. "Gotcha." She breathed, mouth slightly agape.

The gate made a large creak, as It shut tightly, popped a bit and locked. The knight's trapped on the Inside, and Aria free on the outside. She smirked at them, this was exactly what she wanted, freedom. Always did from the start.

As the knight's glared dagger's at her, Aria turned her new friend around and clicked her mouth, allowing the horse to walk forward. Going on their journey through an open field, as they where now miles away from the village that was also connected to the stoned castle.

Aria looked down at the horse, straight In his right eye. "I think I'm going to call you..." She paused and thought for a while, a long while to be exact. She wanted his name to be perfect, a perfect fit. Just like a puzzle piece. "Bo?" She carried the word out for a little while, In question.

His ears perked up In a friendly way, as If he liked It. "Yes! Bo! That'll be you're name!" Aria smiled at him with a nod, she was very happy about It, she thought It was cute and suiting. He looked like a 'Bo' to her. She knew they were going to get along greatly.

And so, his name was Bo.

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Chapter 3 ; Savior

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Chapter 4 ; Argument

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