What is a UX Audit?


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Audit User Experience is a process used to identify the potential uses based on the stipulated heuristics and / or previous user research. For example, the audit of the e-commerce checkout process can reveal that it is too complicated, and offers limited payment options that can produce drop-offs.


Effective UX Audit targets problems ultimately creating users who are easier and smoother. This process can help increase customer's involvement, satisfaction and conversion.

Before the company can increase their UX products, they need to have a strong understanding of who they designed the experience.


This requires finding these things and their relationships with each other:


• Demographics and current user behavior

• Where does the current user come from


Organizations that prepare for Audit UX must also analyze whether their current users are also their target users. If an important part of the user base is not targeted, they need to identify the reason why.

Organizations must have a clear understanding of what they want from their UX audit.


Without a clear purpose, determine what success will only be subjective. The general objectives of the UX audit are usually related to income and conversion. Customer satisfaction must always be one of the main considerations as well.


Does an organization outsource an audit or do it at home, it is important to organize the expectations of everyone from go-go. Everything - Starting from how much time and output is expected from each team involved, for what the end result is expected - must be clarified with everyone.


The company also needs to have a well-built timeline to ensure everything remains on track. This includes building individual and milestone schedules so that everyone who is part of the audit holds accountability.


Then the question arises about the budget. To give you an idea, a two-day audit by freelancers can cost around $ 1,500, from where they can expect a short design checklist as output. A more comprehensive audit can cost around $ 7,500, which requires a checklist with deep insight and can be followed up.


UX Audit is a time-consuming process, but it can also be the difference between products that consistently perform poorly and one that exceeds expectations. Audit that has managed to provide a clear picture of positive and trap with current product experience and can help target what should focus on improving design in the future.

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