Vallerie Flynn


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Chapter 2 Caramatte

Flee arrived outside the UNE barracks approximately 100 Klicks from what was 21st century Sydney –now known as New Sydney, Old Sydney had been all but destroyed in the first 3 waves of Infretac Invasions.

Flee waited, not yet informed as to what exactly would be taking place that day.

She was wearing the Black uniform of an Officer warrior, although hers was a new design, it was a one piece suit of black hybrid armour made of ‘Caramatte’, the metalloid compound found when Infretac skeletons are processed down into a more pure metal, that is stronger than any other metal compound on Earth, it was the only metal strong enough to kill the Infretacs and protect from them.

The Caramatte in her suit was produced into thin strings of wire and woven into a mix of synthetic fabrics.

The Hybrid fabric ‘Caraflex’ created strong, perfectly fitted, flexible, breathable and protective material armour, it was thick, similar to wetsuit material, but nothing like it to wear. A Warriors Armor was their second best weapon, next to the Caram Blades and daggers that they used with perfect skill and precision. The Caraflex hybrid would allow them to be faster, more agile killers –naturally the UNE had reservations shelling out the Caramatte from their stores en-masse for this new invention, but if it worked the fatality and injury rate would go way down and they might actually stand a chance of winning this war rather than just surviving it.

Flee had her curly Fiery-red hair wound up in a bun, with an intricate metal plate that was secured by 3 pins two horizontal and one vertical intricate hollowed out design that stuck up above her massive bun of curls, that unless bound hung all the way down her back to her hips.

The black suit of Caraflex shone here and there with intricate patterns that in the light didn’t just look silver they had shots of electric blue & purple, emerald green and a pink-salmon red, the rest of her suit had less concentrated amounts of Caramatte, it still shone with flecks of silver giving the plain black area a glossy sheen. Her suit had been custom made, for a small fortune, by her father, a risk he could have paid dearly for both in his personal life and professional, because the Caramatte he’d acquired to fashion the suit was not exactly legally obtained.

When the time came he would tell the Chief of the Warrior Core the Caramatte had been melted down from his sons old blades that had been illegally kept, whilst his sons blades had been illegally kept the Caramatte fashioned into Caraflex had been purchased from the black market, Robert Flynn could never have parted with his sons blades.

Had Brigadier Flynn been found out before his plans were completed or before the results of his efforts been proven evident, star commander of earths most prestigious Brigade or not, he would have been stripped of his military accolades and Family of the First Order status, his wife and child would have followed suit and their privileged lives would have been left in the dust.

Flees brothers blades now hung about her body, the Caramatte her father had obtained was the highest quality he could find on the black market. Her father had commissioned the suit with the ulterior motive of protecting his precious and irreplaceable daughter, if he discovered a new, improved suit of Armor for all UNEW’s that would be a welcome bonus. Her father’s main goal had come to fruition and just in time too, Flee had been assigned to test the hybrid suit, in the field, by The Chief Army for the United Nations of Earth Warrior Core.

Naturally the suit had gone through rigorous testing phases by her father and the very discreet manufacturers, after it had been pulled and stabbed, burned and beaten, it was ready for the ultimate test, so Flee stood in the suit before her Father, he flashed the sharp, dismembered limb of an Infretec at the camera and then stabbed her in the stomach, whilst winded she was uninjured, the blade had not been able to penetrate the Caraflex. The video was sent to the Chief in Canberra, he was so impressed that he forgave the origin of the Caramatte (he was told it was from hoarded family blades, he would never know it was procured from the black market) the effectiveness of the new brand of Armor had been Robert Flynn’s saving grace and it would hopefully prove to be Flees as well.

Over all of Flee’s vital organs, front and back, there were intricate patterns laced with concentrated amounts of Caramatte woven into the armour. For instance there was a large design that laced down her spine to protect her vertebrae, front and back there were designs that corresponded to her vital organs, heart, liver, kidneys and so on. The concentrated parts of the Caramatte in the Caraflex reflected in the sun, the beautiful electric colours in an intricate, contemporary filigree design.

Her one piece suit was a woven instrument, designed to stretch and offset any restrictions as the body moved in battle. It started at her ankles and covered her whole body right to her wrists and to just under her jaw, fortunately it had a slit from the jaw to the top of her chest, revealing the crease of her bosom-this part of the suit had an overlap in material and was secured by carved rose gold Chinese style buttons, once the buttons were undone, the overlap on each side became a floppy collar that rested on Flees collar bone and chest. This new suit also had custom made matching gloves and boots. The back of the gloves were woven with the same intricate designs as on the suit to protect the backs of Flees hands in battle, at this moment they were tucked into the top of her almost knee high black boots. Her boots were bound in the same compound only naturally they were more rigid and strong. Clipped to the sides and back of her boots was a battlement of weapons. Criss-crossed across her back were the most important weapons any warrior possessed, her brother’s two exceedingly large Caram blades.

The style of Caram blades, both sword and daggers, varied Warrior to Warrior, Flees were in the Middle Eastern style. They were was not straight blades, each had curved points in the shape of cresting waves on the back side of the blade, cresting towards the hilt, making each side exceedingly deadly.

Both swords had been engraved with intricate dancing lines, but her father had added a new inscription down the edge of the blade “on the blood of my kin, I will fell each foe”, on the other side was the inscription he had commissioned for her brother “one swing closer to freedom”.

As with all Flees very expensive gear, they were made by the best craftsmen, all the Caramatte weapons were a steely salmon pink colour and had intricate designs carved into the blade on each side, the lines chiselled into them cut through the salmon pink treated & polished metal, to the silver of the untreated, un-polished Caramatte.

Craftsmen had discovered years ago that Acetone reacted with the metal on the surface and changed the colour of the steel, from this time on, blades were not completed until they were treated and polished with Acetone.

All the weapons were held in place by the hilts of the swords and daggers, a compound was added to the intricate designs on the suit and boots that held a positive charge, as the blades hilts had been equipped with a negative charge so that they stuck to the suit with no need to be wrapped in thick leather belts that usually held the array of weapons on a warrior (as everyone but Flee had) –a new innovation, also funded by her father, he knew her edge in battle was her speed and agility, so he had made sure there would be nothing to hinder her.

Fixed to Flee’s right boot was an exceedingly strange looking weapon, it was V shaped only this one had no hilt, so it was attached at the point of the V with a metal clip. It had the same cresting and intricate engraving as all her other blades and daggers.

The last item that Flee possessed on her at this moment was a large fawn pack bag, the kind used when going on long battle assignments. From now on Flee would be living with her Platoon and possibly the entire Regiment, depending on their deployment.

Flee had insisted she be waiting for her new Platoon on her own, her mother had wanted to say goodbye and enjoy every last second, but Flee knew she’d be judged not just because of her name but because of everything that came with it; she was well known because of her father, people would think she’d be favoured being Brigadier Flynn’s daughter -being in his regiment certainly didn’t help that, she was privileged because of her family, she had been given the task of test driving a new and improved (and exceptionally expensive suit and new-tech fastened weaponry) that hopefully everyone wouldn’t know had been originally commissioned and paid for by her father and last but certainly not least she was 17 not even legally an adult.

Today and maybe even the next weeks would not be easy. She prayed the Lieutenant Colonel didn’t allow hazing or disrespect from her fellow officers –surely not, the R.F. “Firebird” Warriors were the best of the best, discipline would be stringent for everyone and respect demanded.

Protocol aside, no matter her age, Vallerie Flynn was more than qualified for her position.

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Chapter 1 Vallerie 'Flee' Flynn

Vallerie Flynn, the member of a Family of the First Order, an only child, as a result of her elder brother Elliot being killed in the Battle for Canberra. Growing up, she had every privilege afforded to a girl born to a Family of the First Order.

A Family of the First Order represented a rank that was the top of the new world order that started with the 4th wave of Infretac Invasion, the world needed order and so the United Nations of Earth was formed, a necessary worldwide civil dictatorship. Flynn being the longest line of Warriors for The United Nations of Earth (UNE) - they were both well cared for and affluent, well, as much as one can be in a post-apocalyptic world, that was hanging on by sheer will and blind determination.

Vallerie’s mother Allana Flynn had always wanted a little girl that she could shield from the world and marry off to the son of a Family of the First Order, this way never to lose another child like her first and possibly even kept close to home.

Her father Robert Flynn was undoubtedly the best Warrior working for The UNE and was a Brigadier of his own Brigade of 8 Regiments The R.F. Warriors –to be General of The UNE’s Warrior Core one day, he had very different plans for their second baby, boy or girl, he wanted the child to grow up trained to defend itself and hopefully, go on to outlive its parents, unlike their first child.

Vallerie affectionately known as “Flee” to her family, a play-on-words; partly because she was the smallest of the Flynn family (Flea), but by no means to be underestimated, she was also known to train any combat skill to such a fine mastery that in the end her master teachers would flee from her sword, fire arm… arm in general.

She had a diverse upbringing, her mother taught her to be a; beautiful, graceful, observer and her father taught her to fight like a Warrior; tough, fearless and resilient-especially to pain.

When she graduated early at the age of 15, always having excelled in school, she decided to enlist in The UNE to train to be a Warrior, her mother was wary and both parents proud. She started her training at The UNE training Campus and headquarters for her country of origin, Australia, one of the few still populated countries, largely responsible for this were the First Australians.

Flees first year in training covered tactics, procedure, comms and physical fitness training, all of which she completed in just six months –she and her father believed she should have gotten an RPL for all the training she’d had since she could walk & talk, but the Academy had to see for themselves that she was trained, so reluctantly, she went over everything, again. Her father had made sure that throughout her basic scholarly education, that she was also taught by masters of almost every art of combat, fitness and weaponry, when she did join the UNE core of Warriors she would be a fearsome thing to behold.

Flee was more than prepared to graduate early and had been given an RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) after the Academy finally realized her father hadn’t been gregariously exaggerating his daughters training and skill.

Thankfully her father had the foresight to have all her master warriors’ video all her training. So having just turned 17 she ascended to her first, the most prestigious Regiment the UNE had to offer- the 1st Brigade R.F. Warriors.

As Lieutenant, Flee was to be in command of her own Platoon of 30 to 40 Warriors, the V.F. Warriors, under the command of her father Brigadier Robert Flynn and Lieutenant Colonel (LtCol.) Daku Dungallah a 27 year old, highly regarded Warrior who had ascended through the Earth Warrior ranks fast paced and had great prospects in his future traits he and Flee shared.

Flee was special, not only intelligent and physically appealing to the eye, she had gifts passed down mother to daughter- for generations- she had an instinct, she knew where to be at the right time, what to say and when (and sometimes more importantly –what not to say), she always trusted the instincts she got –perhaps this is where her true talent lied.

Flee being only 17 and still a student eyes of many, still hadn’t fought a battle against the Infretac Aliens, metalloid creatures made of such strong metal, earthly weaponry of the 23rd century was no match, a substitute was found not long after the UNE was formed and it was scavenged and forged in accordance with the UNE and its vast control.

Being so young and so feminine looking and therefore easily breakable to the eye, most had their doubts about Flee and although she knew this, she had no doubts in herself.

Truth be told this wasn’t the first real Infretac battle Flee would ever face, LtCol. Dungallah was apprehensive of the new Lieutenant he’d been assigned -Seventeen, I mean really, like he didn’t have enough problems-, even though he was assured of her talent by her father and the fact alone that the girl was the daughter of the infamous Brigadier Robert Flynn was telling enough as to her Warrior talent, but 17 still seemed too young for a position of rank.

In any case the LtCol had chosen a test run for his new recruit, a laser simulated Infretac surge, at the Arura Station Training Centre in what used to be southern Queensland.

He was taking his whole Company close to 100 Warriors, to integrate the new members with old. The Regiments last mission had been a massacre of 1300 warriors, the heaviest they had seen since the 5th wave of Infretac Invaders. A quarter of the Regiments Warriors, 1300 or so men and women, had been killed or fatally injured and therefore never able to fight again, the Regiment had been pumped with the best the UNEW (United Nations of Earth Warriors) had to offer, including his new Lieutenant.

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Chapter .3. So This is the State of Things.

Flee was pulled out of her reverie of thoughts by loud truck engines, she turned around in the dusty earth just as four very large Uni Mogs pulled up, carrying her Platoon.

A tall, curly sandy-haired, dark skinned First Australian and ruggedly handsome looking young man jumped down from the front passenger seat of the cab, it was the LtCol, and he was young –gorgeous was probably to accurate word, if clean cut manliness was your thing. Flee had been expecting someone a little more –seasoned- but then again she should be the last person assuming such things.

Flee stood at attention and waited for the Lieutenant Colonels orders instead he ordered a woman out of the truck “Sergeant Wardn, take my seat in the cab”, “Aye” said the tall butch woman who jumped out the back of the canvas truck, she eyed Flee from head to toe and muttered something under her breath with a smile, as she brushed her sweaty short dark hair out of her green eyes without turning away from her gaze, she then surveyed the Lieutenant Colonel with a steely glare of disbelief, then shortly after she could have sworn, rage. What was that about?

Flee didn’t like the level of disrespect she was already getting from her Platoon Sergeant –information her father had been made sure she was privy to, with the delivery of 5 large boxes containing personnel files on the entire platoon, including its Ranked Officers, two weeks before she was due in New Sydney–her father never left her unprepared. Flee was Wardns superior, it was surprising the LtCol didn’t correct the Sergeant right there so she decided to take care of the disrespectful greeting Wardn had just given her, by not standing to attention and introducing herself formally to her new Lieutenant.

“Sergeant Wardn” Flee called her back before she hauled herself into the cab, Wardn turned her head to face Flee, though still with one leg on the truck –totally lax with her respect.

Yes princess?” she replied, full of attitude, like Flee’s interrupting her was a great inconvenience.

“Forgetting your protocol and respect will not be tolerated, I am your superior and you will salute me and address me as Lieutenant Flynn –formal, or simply Lieutenant –informal” a few whistles carried out of the back of the Uni Mog. Flee could not allow her subordinate Sergeant to get away with such disrespect or it would run rife through her whole Platoon, if it wasn’t already, in any case there were 3 full trucks of her inferiors listening to the entire incident.

Slowly, begrudgingly, Sergeant Wardn sauntered back to stand in front of Flee, without bothering to hide her obvious distain for the whole situation and Flee herself. Wardn reached her hand to her forehead and saluted her “Lieutenant” informal of course and terrible verbal delivery.

“That’s Lieutenant Flynn, as this is our first and formal meeting” Flee corrected.

A scowl passed over Sergeant Wardns face then again she saluted “Lieutenant Flynn” she all but muttered Flee’s name.

“Didn’t catch that last part? Again” Flee demanded, she had to snap her Sergeant into shape right now or the whole Platoon would mock her and it would take much more effort to pull them back into line.

Wardn snapped “Lieutenant Flynn!? Really? How old are you? Twelve? The only reason you’re here is because your daddy got you here, no doubt bought and paid your way to Lieutenant, how much field experience do you have? Huh? I’d wager my bet on, oh, say... ZE-RO!! Meanwhile I’ve clocked 8 years field experience and have to answer to a child! Go home to daddy Ricky-doll, while you still can” well apparently the Sergeant didn’t like being ordered around by a girl almost 10 years her junior. Flee noted the quiet snickering coming from the trucks.

Flee opened her mouth to speak, but the Lieutenant Colonel interrupted “Wardn that’s enough, get your ass in the cab and shut your mouth while you’re at it” he obviously wasn’t pleased by Wardns behaviour but he really should have let Flee deal with it, now she did look like a child who couldn’t muster enough authority to keep her own Sergeant in line, let alone make her keep her mouth shut.

The Lieutenant turned his attention back to Flee “Nice suit Flynn’ he held out his hand, Flee frowned part irritation and part curiosity, but didn’t move ‘your bag please” he said reaching forward and picking it off the ground next to her.

“Oh’ she smiled, glad she wasn’t going to be treated badly, just to be tested –the old ‘let’s see if the little privileged girl can take it’ attitude was an old one ‘Lieutenant Colonel Dungallah” Flee stood at attention, ready to finally salute her superior after all the drama.

He turned after he disposed of the bag and laughed, pulling her arm down to her side “No need for all that palaver here, unless there are superiors around we don’t bother with that, we are equals here, we fight together, no man is greater or lesser than the men and women by their sides, just call me Daku” he smiled and had jumped into the truck, Flee followed, feeling heavier than before, she had her work cut out for her here. She pulled herself up into the truck next to him and asked in his ear so that only he could hear “does my father know his Regiment is lax on discipline?’ the LtCol drew breath to speak looking slightly horrified by the thought, but Flee cut him off with another question ‘Or that the discipline he does see is a show’ he went to speak again looking more worried than before, so she cut him off again, she would make her point ‘Or that, when they “don’t bother with that” discipline & respect, what the best Squadron of Warriors in the world are actually doing, is mocking everything they stand for; respect, honour, hard work and loyalty?” Flee hardened her face and clenched her jaw in anger, she’d find a way to whip this Squadron into shape, come hell or high water, no matter her rank. If her inferiors could mock her and give her no respect, she could sure as hell, do the same by enforcing her superiors to conform to rules & respect, namely her Lieutenant Colonel.

There were warriors lining each side of the truck male and female –mostly male- and they were all looking at her with searching eyes, or rather searching the folds of her open collar for what lyed beneath- which made the females stare with hawk like eyes filled with jealousy “EYE’S FRONT AND CENTER” the Lieutenant yelled noticing all the eyes on Vallerie -he didn’t like it one bit –neither did Flee, she fastened up her collar to her jaw, even though it was hotter than hades outside.

“I want to see how well you do in battle, but I don’t want to have to watch you all the time, so were going to Koori1 Station where we’ll take a C-17 to Arura5 Station in Southern Queensland. Their training base uses lasers to create a simulated Infretac battle, we’ll be in Sims training for 2-3 days, unless we get called out on assignment. Call me Daku, unless a higher rank than me is around, they don’t like it” he gave her a run-down obviously sweeping what she’d said under the rug of [let’s just play nice and stay happily in denial]. It was obvious Lieutenant Colonel Daku Dungallah’s Modis Operandi was to be laid back, which was no good, not in her father’s brigade and not under his nose.

The Platoon soon arrived at the base and the C-17 where the rest of the Company of altogether 100 warriors were waiting in the cargo hold, ready to take them on the short flight.

Once their luggage was loaded they were ordered onto the craft “Flynn, stick with me” LtCol. Dungallah called over his shoulder Flee casually followed behind him, taking in everything so that she could give a full report to her father. They got to sit near the front of the large open air carrier, there was no cargo being shipped, so the company had the bay to themselves, though it was still a tight squeeze with the 100 men and women, their superiors, all the luggage and supplies.

Flee sat next to a steel wall with LtCol. Dungallah to her left, he couldn’t sit straight because of his massively broad shoulders, there was no room for his arms at his sides, especially not with the hulking guy next to him that easily matched LtCol. Dungallah s size and of course there she sat her small frame in comparison “sorry’ he pulled his arm up that had been wedged awkwardly at his side and wrapped it around Flee’s shoulders behind her head ‘ah, that’s better’ he’d rested his head back then gave her a sideways glance with only his right eye cocked open ‘this ok?”.

“It’s fine” she forcibly smiled back, she’d have to bide her time, to take back her Platoon and reinforce the stringent morals to the rest of the squadron, standards she’d always lived by and besides she did feel a little sorry for him, he did look horribly uncomfortable, but if he hit on her any more than this, she really might have to punch him in his mouth.

“May as well make use of my arm, it’s going to be about an hour, get some rest” Flee figured she’d make use of the offer, she wasn’t about to change his attitude in the next hour, so she rested her head on his shoulder and fell asleep.


“DAKU!” someone yelled over the noise of the aircraft, close to Flee’s ear. She woke up in LtCol. Dungallah’s arms, he’d wrapped his right arm around her holding her to him, so she didn’t get thrown around in flight, he’d had his head bent to hers resting on her -also asleep –also completely inappropriate and not AT ALL what she’d had in mind when she took up the offer.

“MOKEE?” he returned the yell, coming out of his sleep.


LtCol. Dungallah stood up and held a railing, the aircraft slowed –they were close to the drop zone- “LISTEN UP!’ he yelled ‘WE’VE BEEN CALLED IN ON A WARNING ORDER, PREPARE FOR AIR DROPS, YOU KNOW WHERE THE PARASHOOTS ARE, MOKEE IS FIRST IN COMMAND FOR THIS MISSION, I’LL BE WITH OUR NEW RECRUIT!” Flee cringed slightly at his last words “New recruit” this day just kept getting better and better, he had no idea what she was capable of –but he’d soon find out. Daku turned to where he’d been sitting, pulled up the seat and retrieved a parachute.

Flee in a slight panic stepped towards him and yelled close to him “I’ve never parachuted!” the one thing she hadn’t learned, she’d never had to and in any case it was a rare occurrence, as 99% of a Warriors fighting was done on the ground, suddenly she felt like she deserved that title “new recruit” she cringed at the thought.

“That doesn’t matter’ a look of horror must have washed over her face, but he just smiled, spun her around, pulled her back to his chest and started strapping her to him ‘No time to test you out then’ he gave her a smile ‘whatever happens, STAY with me!” he partly yelled in her ear.

“Daku!’ Wardn came from between the crowd of warriors preparing for the drop, her tone changed when she caught sight of him and Flee –more importantly Daku and Flee so close- she glared at her and came rushing forwards ‘LEAVE HER HERE! UNDERAGE ROOKIES HAVE NO PLACE ON A HIGH RISK MISSION!” the Sergeant obviously had a thing for one of them and Daku didn’t look like her type, she recalled their odd first encounter –it was evident her suspicions were correct judging by the jabs she’d just made towards Vallerie the way she spat ‘HER’ and ‘UNDERAGE ROOKIES’ made that perfectly clear, especially considering she was looking at the LtCol while she spoke and glaring at him as if he was a rodent Infretac she’d sincerely like to kill. She abused Vallerie in speaking, but her attention was solely on Daku.

“TORI, SHE’S MY RESPONSIBILITY NOT YOURS, SO THEREFORE NOT YOUR WORRY. FOLLOW MOKEE LIKE YOU’VE BEEN ORDERED’ Flee bit her tongue at the insults, all she could think was, ‘if you’d done your job properly and let me do mine enforcing discipline & respect, you wouldn’t have to tell her what to do twice’. LtCol. Dungallah had tightly secured Flee to him and was ready to start deploying his men ‘MOKEE!?’ he called over the din, Major Dungallah appeared, all ready to drop in ‘TIME?”

“WHENEVER WE’RE READY!” he yelled back.


“AYE!’ Mokee jumped onto a bench so everyone could see him –not that it was hard, he was huge and every bit as dark and handsome as his brother- ‘HERE’S THE PLAN SO FAR, I JUMP FIRST, THEN YOU ALL FOLLOW, IN ORDER. RONDEVU AT MY FLAG AND WE’LL SEE WHAT EXACTLY WERE DEALING WITH DOWN THERE” Mokee stepped down and ran for the rear of the aircraft, at the hatch he didn’t hesitate, he just kept running. If Flee wasn’t mistaken she could have sworn she heard a “woohoooo” carried on the wind –she must have because she could feel LtCol. Dungallah’s chest shake behind her –he was laughing.

“DAKU!?” she yelled, unable to suppress her intuitive fears any longer.

“Yes?” he asked in her ear.

Flee turned her head back towards LtCol. Dungallah as far as she could then spoke “I have a bad feeling about this” again that smile –completely carefree, like he was some surfer from the 21st century, this was not the expression of the Lieutenant Colonel of a Company about to jump out of a plane into a high risk battle zone with hundreds possibly thousands of people to protect and save.

He turned her back to face the cargo bay, it was almost empty “don’t worry Vallie, everything will be fine’ he kissed her neck ‘stand on my feet, we gotta get to the hatch to jump”

“I am” she replied in a rageful-daze, chills going down her spine feeling the depths of her fury running deep, thinking to herself that he was lucky she was strapped to him and then there was the fact he’d just given her his own personal pet name “Vallie” that’d go down great with the Sargent when she heard it –all of it highly out of order, but what so far about this Company was in-order?

“huh, I hadn’t even noticed, too short to stand on your own two feet ay?” he laughed playfully, he walked over to the hatch,  only a handful of warriors remained.

“LtCol. Dungallah, I meant it! This isn’t going to go as planned! When I have a bad feeling it’s usually justified, sooner or later!” Flee had a massive, heavy, knot in the pit of her stomach, it wasn’t the jumping out of the plane that worried her although looking down at the ground from that height made her grab for her Lieutenants cargos to hold on for dear life. No it wasn’t that really, despite his shocking hold on discipline in the Company -she trusted her Lieutenant Colonel, he hadn’t gotten to where he was without being competent, he seemed to have lost his way. She’d had a sickening feeling brewing, it’d started as soon as she’d woken up that morning and had been steadily growing, now it was at its peak, all she could think was –don’t throw up, not on your Lieutenant Colonel! You’ll be known as “Puker” or “Ralph” for the rest of your Warrior life!

“Ready?’ he asked in her ear –the bay had cleared ‘I promise everything will be fine, besides if your…” the LtCol. didn’t get to finish, there was trouble on the ground people were pouring out of the old world shopping centre–he jumped.

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Chapter .4. Inadéquat Supérieur

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Chapter .5. Insubordinate

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