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Damon lives in a camp with other people which is called the "Red Bulls". Damon and his two brothers: Micah and Ryan journey out of the camp, the land, and the solar system with the help of Cyron aliens who came to save their princess of their world. After finding themselves on the ship with a black Cyron, named Gin, Damon is literally attracted to him. The devastation of not being able to feel secure and safe with the love of his life, Damon, resists and fights his attractions through sarcastic remarks. 

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Chapter 1

Ugh, the pain and blood mixed together when the metal chain slams against my bareback. The laughter the butt jokes that these men speak. It is a nightmare that doesn’t seem to be real. The only reality is the pain and agony I am in right now, especially when the chain converges on my skin. Touching the wounds that are split open from the repeated slashes of the long thick chain. I feel as though I am going to faint. I am starving and I want water. When will this end, will it end?

I am Damon Sylva and right now I am in a torture room for those who help the weak or get in the way of the guards doing whatever they want. It is a medium-sized room that can fit around 25 men. It is rarely lit. The only light is shining on the instruments used to torture people like me. I am usually here a few times a month but stay in here for up to a week of non-stop torture. The torture can involve chains, whips with spikes, rope to strap us in weird positions, sex toys plus more. These guys are rigorous. Desperate. Even so, this is a camp. Specifically, the Red Bull. It is called this because most people who come here are forced to fight to the death. If you refuse you die, painfully. If you agree, you either die in the ring or you keep fighting until you die. That is the way the world works the guard's tend to quote.

This is not the only camp around. There are hundreds, millions of other camps like ours that house people as slaves to certain tasks that encompass firm camps. Although each camp is dissimilar. Ours is used unambiguously for fighting and killing off the weak. There is another that is used for farming, making clothes, cleaning or burying the dead, gas camps, plus more. The Red Bull is encircled by a forest. When you look out from the metal 10-foot-high fence, you can see so much green from the grass, trees, bushes, beautiful colored flowers, and it looks divine. The people are restricted by the fence; besides the guards, it smells of feces, urine and looks like a dump. Usually the people confined bury the excrement, but lately, nobody cares no more. It is like they are giving up on the only life we have, the taste of freedom that our people once lived. Taste of being treated as a human being. Taste of the emotion of happiness.

There are 5 elongated rooms that are filled with mattresses for us to sleep. The rooms are made of wood, no windows, extreme cold coming through the cracks of the wood, with no other objects. These rooms are referred to as the “Bulls”. Meaning that this is where they prep the fighters, as well as their housing. This camp is fraudulent, by starving the fighters for three days in metal dog-like cages. The guards like to bet while seeing what the prisoners would do in their fights just to eat after killing their challenger. In these fights, if you win you get a feast of your choosing. It is a good deal, especially since we haven’t eaten in a while before our fight. To us, food is our safe haven.

The person who runs the camp is Commander Luke. He is 20 years of age. His personality, tone of his voice, even the seriousness of his aura is cold natured. He has dark tanned skin with freckles that cover his entirety. His fiery red hair buzz-cut makes him feel distant. The scars that cover his chest and the right side of his neck and face make us reluctant to go to him. Although for me, the way he pounds my rectum while pinching my nipples makes me want him to do more. Pursue his rough callous hands all over my body as though he was frolicking me. Ahhhhh, how nice it would be to feel that icy cold stare looking down upon my face, as though I was a termite that needed to be squashed.

“Wake up,” one of the guard’s men bellowed. I open my eyes slowly looking into the man’s eyes. Glaring him down to make him leave my side. After a few minutes of this eye staring contest, he finally leaves. I slowly sit up in pain and agony from that damn chain. I wish I wouldn’t have helped that child.

“Damon, a-a-are you okay,” a stuttering voice echoed throughout the Bull room. I slowly look up, feeling dizzy while gazing at a white-edged, fuzzy face. I finally get my eyes more attentive to those baby blue eyes. Then come to the realization that it is Micah Schyl. Micah is a teenage child, maybe around 15 years old. His hair ridiculously curly, like he just got out of bed after rolling around for hours on his pillow. His hair color is dirty blonde with a pale white milky skin. Like it was never touched while bathing in milk for hours. It was intriguing to see.

“What the hell do you mean, stupid. Get the hell out of my face before I ruin it, you damn bisexual. At least learn to pick one gender you want to be fucked by or fuck,” I said with a cocky attitude. Sometimes looking at him infuriates me. Maybe it is because he reminds me of someone I loathe. Or maybe I never liked his happy-go-lucky face. Who cares I just want to be able to walk. Eating some nice delicious food, yet I have nothing.

“Well, then Mr. Grouchy, you hungry I stole a loaf of bread when Commander Luke was pounding my ass an hour ago. You want some or not,” Micah says with this huge fucking smirk creeping on his face. Ah, damn. I reached my hands out, as my hands were trembling from not eating I gradually roughly snatched the piece of bread from his white delicate fingers. I shoved the bread in my mouth. The taste of the wet bread swishing in my mouth was disgusting. I feel like vomiting, but it made my stomach feel warm and fuzzy when the wet bread fell to my stomach. As I was shoving this piece of bread in my mouth, enjoying the fuzzy, warm feeling in my stomach I glance upon Micah with a satisfying smile. How ironic that Micah’s face made that happen.

“What are you two doing? Wait where did you get that bread? Come on tell me,” Micah’s older brother asked in a shocking white tone. Ryan Schyl has bright white sleek hair. Everybody wondered why it is always white, even though he is only 19. Ryan has a similar skin color and effect as his brother Micah. Ryan has big dark brown eyes, with a long slanted scar that runs down on his left eye. He got that from helping a small child from being raped by one of the army men. How heroic.

“Hahaha, why so serious? I only stole it as payment for letting Luke fuck this nice ass. What’s so wrong about that,” Micah says with a grin.

“What’s wrong? Really. You do remember Jack who did the same thing as you and Jack ended up with no arms. Don’t you think Luke would do the same thing or are you stupid enough to think you might actually get away with it,” Ryan says sternly? Make them stop whining like little girls. Come on now, I am trying to enjoy this ghastly piece of bread swishing in my mouth.

“B-b-b-but I am sure----,” I couldn’t help, but interrupt their stupid argument. It’s not like Micah can go give the bread back and there won’t be any credible evidence anyways.

“Come on now shut the hell up and let me finish eating. If you want to argue go over to the corner or go outside. I am not in the mood to listen to a catfight between you girls,” I couldn’t help but laugh at them. They sound stupid, although calling them girls while watching their facial expressions go from smiling to a serious tone is funny. I crawl over to the two brothers that are bickering with one another. My ass swaying from side to side in the air. Pulling my hair tie out and letting my long sleek black hair roll down my arms. My seductive glowing light green eyes blinking in front of them. My smooth brown skin glowing as though I just had sex for the first time. I crawl towards them looking up with puppy dog eyes. My teeth nibbling on my rose-colored lips. My tongue lightly licking my bottom lip. I grabbed Micah’s rough curly hair and Ryan’s sleek white hair. Tilted their heads back, leaned forward and licked both of their lips simultaneously. They both were shocked but excited. Ryan grabs my hair while pushing all his weight on my torso. He leans further down towards my face. With his sticky hot wet tongue licking my lips. Caressing them with a circular motion. He knows it gets me too excited. Man, I need to stop or I might want him to do more. Plus, they are really not my type. I know Ryan is 19 years old and Micah is only 15, but my age is no different. I am 17 years old.

I stopped urgently and grabbed the bread that was clenched in my hand and started nibbling. As I was nibbling on my bread I glared Micah down as though he was an object to be viewed, especially with that small bump leaning out of his pants. I stand up and slowly walking towards the door before I to become aroused.

“Where you going after giving me this kind of hard-on, huh,” Ryan said as he was panting from the excitement of a kiss. I grinned at him because I know he is straight. “Hey, wait, Damon,” Ryan said in a serious tone. I kept walking away. I arrived at the end of the doorway while I finished my piece of bread that was in my hand. More like I shoved the rest of it in my mouth. I gazed up at the sun. While I was gazing towards the sky the heat started radiating on me. I feel burned. Hot. I want something to make me hotter. Make me pant as though I am begging for more. I need to be fucked now.

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Chapter 2

Why do we dream? I know we like to dream of our future, our wants, and our needs. In fact, I keep wondering why everything happened the way it did. How our people came to be like this, like slaves to another group. I was born in this camp, you see. The adults around would tell us how these camps came to exist. That the Ruffeil people came to attack the Somel group of people. The lands were divided between ethnicities of different kind of people. Ruffeil people are vicious and uncaring to others, whereas Somel is caring and understanding. When I asked why the Ruffeil came to create these camps I was told because they can and they were strong. They were far more advanced than our people since our people were more concerned about not being apathetic. The adults that are in these camps, usually are sent out to do more productive work. Basically, only women who are pregnant reside in this camp. After having their kid, they are immediately taken to another camp. Their newborns are taken to a different camp until they reach the age of 8.

What an idiotic thing to think about. I mean nobody can understand why people do what they do, so I try not to think about it. I can remember the day I turned 8. I had a best friend named Leon Drapes. Leon was strong, by appearance. He was tall. He had burnt red hair, with freckles that covered his whole face. He had a light tan skin. His hands were full of calluses and he was missing a pinky on his right hand. He was caught stealing food one day. So, the price was to cut a digit off, although now it’s different.

Anyways, after I turned 8, I had to go into my first fight. I didn’t know who my opponent was nor did I know if I would come out alive. I remember smelling and tasting the blood in the air, as I approached the metal gate. Dust flying everywhere, screaming, chants filled the sky. It was nerve wrecking. The back of my hair stood up while goosebumps came upon my arms then legs, which made me shiver down to the bone. I remember the clanging noise that came when the metal gate open. I recall walking through the gate then a connected long hall. It was just worn out white paint with handprint bloodstains on the walls. The screaming of the chanting became clearer then louder. It was echoing through the hall, in addition, made a ringing noise in my ears. It made me dizzy, faint. I finally get to the second gate then see dirt along with rocks. It was surrounded by a white wall with blood stains all over the ground also the walls. There are people sitting on the ground, as well as the stadium. It was enchanting at first until I looked across and saw Leon. I realized, right then that I had to kill my best friend. My only friend. I started to sweat heavily. I became scared. Furthermore, my hands wouldn’t stop shaking. I wanted to leave. I wanted to play dead. I wanted out and I wanted my freedom.

As soon as the second gate open I knew right then that I must fight to the death. Only one person is allowed out of these sand grounds alive. I start to shake more. My fingertips become numb. My stomach growling for food. My eyes feel heavy and tired. My mental state started to go blank. I finally get right in front of Leon.

“Don’t be scared. We must fight. Remember I will fight seriously and you better not let up either. I don’t want you to die just because you took it easy so I could win, got it stupid,” Leon said nervously while the words came out a bit shaky, while stern.

“O-o-okay, I am sorry. I will do my best,” I said with tears welling up. I knew one of us will die afterward one of us will mourn the other. I am scared. I don’t want to be here.

Commander Luke shouts anxiously and excitedly “Now, everybody shut the hell up! The bets are all in and now the games shall begin, shortly. Let us all say thanks for the entertainment and excitement that we will get from Leon and Damon. I have already bet on Leon. So, have many of you, so Leon, don’t let us down!” Leon stared at the Commander afterward at the chanting of people in the crowd. Then turned to me while he smirked like he got it in the bag. I realized then that our friendship is futile when fighting. In other words, he will kill me if I don’t straighten up. I look around me and saw all the slaves that live with us scared, nervous in addition wishing we didn’t have to go through with it. Then there were some who were like the Ruffiel’s they smiled then chanted for one of us to die. I turned towards Leon then glared at him by saying that I will kill him after that I will kill everyone.

Finally, the referee comes out, hands us both steak knives. We stare at the steak knife; it was dull with a red and white striped handle. Then finally Commander Luke shot off his pistol. It was time to fight.

I slowly back away from Leon and start making an uncoordinated circle around the stadium ground with unequal zigzags. Leon cautiously followed me like I was an undesirable prey. The only thing Leon doesn’t know is that I know his weakness. He is slightly blind in his left eye since he is right handed it may be a tad bit hard to use a steak knife. In other words, his force when trying to attack me will be a bit weak. He jabs his knife towards my face, I jerked my head back while simultaneously thrusting my knife to cross his, since I am left-handed. After the jab, the knife comes backward then slices my right cheek. My head jerked to the left so I jumped further back. I stopped in my tracks while deciding to do a sneak attack. As Leon started walking towards me at a faster pace. I rolled my body towards his left hand then stuck my knife in his lower left side in the back. He screamed in pain for a few seconds and jerked his body around, assuming that I would be standing up by now. As soon as he turned I jumped up and stuck my knife up his chin towards the left side of his jaw. He dropped on the ground like a dead fly, afterward, I climbed on his stomach.

“Finish it, Damon. This is how it’s supposed to be. Please don’t let me suffer,” Leon begged.

“I can't-do it,” I said crying “I can’t kill you. I don’t want to. Please don’t make me do this.”

“If you don’t I will hate you forever. I will make you feel my wrath. Let me die in peace. Allow me this freedom, Damon, please for me,” Leon whispers. I looked at him with a smile. As soon as I heard the word freedom I knew right then that he will be free.

“I will let you be free my friend. Please watch over me and guide me. I love you, my brother,” I said as my voice cracked. I clenched the steak knife while driving it into his beating heart. I stayed on top of him. Watching the blood run down from his shirt, where I stabbed him. The same blood filling his shirt with the color of red. I stared at him as my tears start to fall uncontrollably. My tears, in addition, my screaming echoing throughout the stadium. My eyes became blurry. I kept crying even though I murdered my best friend. It is my fault. Why? Why did he have to die? Why was he chosen?

“Brothers and sisters, we have a winner, however, I have lost all of my money on this game. Leon is pathetic. He should have won. Disgusting,” Commander Luke said angrily, in contrast, smiling in a cold tone. He may be a kid, but still, that infuriates me. I jumped up from the gut of my friend. Walked towards the wall where the Commander’s seat is. I had the steak knife in my hand that I was holding before I killed Leon. I clenched the knife then swung my arm towards the side in addition to propelling the knife towards Commander Luke’s face. The damn bastard jerked his body towards the right. Then bent his upper body downwards. I glared at him with tears running down. My eyes felt even heavier. I now hold a huge burden on the death of my dear friend. I kept glaring as I want to stab the Commander in the face. Stabbing both Commander’s eyes, up both nostrils, in both ears, and through his mouth. I loathed him.

I finally faint with the remembrance of the chanting and the cheering of my win. Although I became too tired to remember anything after that.

I wake up in a comfortable position. It felt fluffy the pillow I was laying on was soft whereas it was not hard or full of sweat or the smell of blood that was laying on our mattresses in the Bulls room. I open my eyes then jumped up from shock. I looked around the small white room. I saw a wooden rectangle box that had handles on them and a large mirror attached to it. I saw a rolling chair that was black, as well as long, in which stood against a wooden desk. A white door with worn down paint. I looked to my left and saw Commander Luke in a chair that was red with a cushion under his head and a blanket that rests on him. I shoved the blankets off when Luke hastily opened his eyes.

“So you are finally awake, huh,” Luke said. I glared at him. “You are angry because you killed Leon. You know you didn’t have to kill him; you could have let him kill you.” I kept glaring with streams of salty water running down my puffy red cheeks. The Commander took the soft blue quilt from him and slowly walked towards me. He slowly climbed onto the bed and wrapped his arms around me. “A pretty face like yours shouldn’t shed tears.”

“It’s all your fault, dammit if you wouldn’t have set us up then Leon and I could have still been together you dumbass,” I said in a high-pitched cracking voice. My voice kept cracking while sniffling irrationally. My nose was running down my lips then dripped down to the chin then finally on my dry tanned body. Luke threw his rough hands against both sides of my cheeks, finally pressed his lips down on mine. He licked my lips. Then parted them so he could grapple with my tongue. His left hand slid down my naked body. His rough hand rubbed my right nipple then he started to pinch it. The moans I was making was echoing throughout the small room. The way he rubbed while pinching my nipples aroused me. He then slid his tongue from my mouth down to my chin. To my neck. To my chest then finally landing on my pinched nipple. He licked it in circles while slightly biting my nipple. The feel of his saliva on my body felt warm, but the Commander’s temperature was ice cold. His right hand threw the blanket off my bottom half of my body. The Commander started to rub the tip of my penis. He rubbed it in circles then slid his hand down to the hilt of my penis. He started to stroke me while using his left thumb on the tip of my penis.

“Ahhhh, no more it, it feels strange, stop,” I said moaning. He stopped licking my nipple for a few seconds then continued to pinch and rub my nipple, again. His mouth still sliding downwards on my body. I can feel his tongue sliding down to my penis. He glanced at me then shoved my penis into his mouth. Oh, god, it felt hot and it felt as though my penis is going to melt from the heat of his mouth. His tongue encircled the tip of my penis. Oh, god, I want more. I don’t want him to stop. He is making me feel fuzzy my head is starting to go blank. I feel as though something is going to shoot out. He forced his mouth all the way down to the hilt. Then he removed his fingers from my nipples to my mouth. He kept thrusting his fingers into my mouth. My mouth feels full of those thick fingers. More. I want more. He finally takes his fingers out of my mouth.

“Spread your legs for me,” Luke said with his mouth full of my penis. I couldn’t help but shiver because of the vibrations of his words arising on my penis. I spread them slowly. Luke took his fingers towards my ass then started to thrust them inside of my body.

“Wait, they don’t belong there. It’s dirty. Stop ahh ahh,” I started moaning after the full thrusting of his fingers in my ass. He watched me while thrusting his fingers in deeper. At first, it was just one finger in addition to more fingers thrusting inside of my ass. I can feel something shoot into his mouth. He stared at me in a cold way. The trembling kept vibrating throughout my body just from his icy cold stare. He took out his fingers then continued to grab both of my legs. The Commander threw my legs around his shoulders. He looked into my eyes then shoved his tongue into my ass. Oh, god, it felt so good. I want more. I want something bigger to fill me up. To make me scream to make me beg for more. With every lick, it was pleasurable. Exciting.

As I am moaning “please more. I want something bigger. I want you to shove your big penis inside my ass. Make me scream louder.” Luke grinned at me and took his tongue out. He grabbed my arms and put me on all fours. He grabbed his penis with gentle force. Poking me at the entrance of my ass, teasing me before roughly forcing his thick rod inside. The feel of the pressure. The rougher thrusts it feels as if he is ripping me open. He finally gets the whole rod in. He stopped only for a moment or two then continued thrusting inside. “Ahhhh, more. Harder. Rougher. Faster. I want to cum. I want to scream.” I can’t help but succumb to my desires. He kept thrusting. He took his left hand and placed it on my penis then stroke me. His right hand in my mouth. He thrust his fingers inside and outside of my mouth. I cum again. He took his fingers out of my mouth and shoved them into my ass. He kept thrusting his penis with his fingers in my ass. With these sensations running through my body makes me feel lost in the fantasy of sexual pleasure. I remember cumming again then darkness.

I wake up again, but this time in my own mattress. I remember waking up and not being able to move my body. I didn’t even try sitting up. My ass hurt so much just from slightly moving my body. Remembering what had happened, yesterday was dreadful, I killed Leon then succumbed to my vulnerability of lust and loss. Knowing the fact that I killed my best friend, but also provoked by the rules of this camp it was devastating. Even so, I know now that he is free in spirit. So, I don’t lose anyone else I’ll make sure not to get close to anyone, ever again. In which went on for 4 years. I acted cold towards everybody. I wouldn’t get close to anybody. I would get fucked repeatedly by Commander Luke, who was at first 11 years old. Until one day when I was 12, I met Micah and Ryan Schyl.

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