Forced Romance


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Chapter Two: Not A Dream Anymore

 When I open my eyes, I'm in my silk night dress and tucked into the covers. I look out the window. The sun has only just risen. Shades of orange, yellow and pink fill the sky. It's beautiful. Leanne enters the room. 

"Good morning, your highness." She greets me. She doesn't have any breakfast in bed. That's unusual. She notices the expression on my face.

"There is no time for breakfast today, your highness. You must be dressed and, sniff, take the carriage to the palace of Araldon."

My dressers enter the room and put me in a beautiful golden dress, with sparkly lace and pure gold jewellery and heels to match. Leanne, sniffing wildy, leaves the room. I walk down four long corridors, take two lefts and one right, and find myself standing out front of the palace. A beautiful white carriage with golden edges and ebony holding it all together, is ridden in by the driver and stands tall in front of me. There are six snowy white Shetlands, and the reins are made of velvet. I wave a solemn goodbye to my kingdom, and step into the carriage with some help from the doorman. Two guards are sitting on the velvet seat in front of me. I smile at them, and one of them gives a sweet smile back. I stare out the window. It's going to be a long ride.

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