FNAF Children


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 Once there was a pizzeria where you would work as a night guard. The kids there had to scare the night guard to death which was hard seems as they were kids. They tried so hard every night and eventually got it. The kids there were called Freddy,Chica,Bonnie,Mangle and Foxy. Freddy had to dress like a bear when he went there. Chica had to dress like a chicken when she got there. Bonnie had to dress like a bunny when he got there. Mangle had to dress just as a dismantled body and Foxy had to dress like a fox. They had to stay up really late to do this to get dressed in time and to get there. One night they had a night guard called Mike,also known as Purple Guy. He was a night guard also at FFP which stand for Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria. He was an evil man and tried to kill the kids there but that didn't stop them. Bonnie jumpscared Purple Guy first and Purple Guy nearly died but didn't and then stabbed Bonnie. All of the kids were would which means they are ghosts so they cannot get killed. Purple Guy was shocked when he saw Bonnie twist the knife onto him and nothing happened. Chica then jumpscared Purple Guy and Purple Guy knew that Chica wasn't a soul. That was very true,Chica was the only alive kid and Freddy went in the main room where Chica and Bonnie were so he could save them but couldn't. Read on to see what happened to Freddy.

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 Freddy went in to the main room and saved both of the kids. Freddy then stabbed Purple Guy. Purple Guy died. "Good shot!" Called Chica,safe in the hallway. "Thanks!" Called Freddy and now we have reached the end of the story so NEVER go to Freddy Fazbears Pizza Jr if you don't want to die the same way as Purple Guy did. The end. If you want to know more about me click on my profile and BTW I'm working on part 2 of this story :D

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