The Mystery Aboard The Bells Romance


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Chapter One

 As I slowly awake I hear gumtrees whispering in the wind. I struggle to  open my eyes as the bright light tiptoed through the window.                    

'Come down for breakfast!' Mum called. The thought of leaving my nice, cozy bed sends chills running down my spine. I love how my sheets hug me in the morning. 'Come down!' Mum yelled once again. With a THUMP! I hit the floor. I wasn't sure if I fell out or if the bed pushed me out but either way I'm now out of my warm bed. 'At this rate we are gonna' be late for our cruise to America!' Mum said feeling stressed. 

'By the way have you finished packing your suitcase for America?'Mum continued. I shook my head. 'WHAT!' Mum yelled at the top of her lungs. 'I haven't even started' I said shaking with shock. Mum looked like her head was about to explode. 'I thought you had started last night!' Mum said. ' kind of... I forgot' I said finally spitting it out. 'Quickly come to your room after you have finished breakfast and we will sort it out' Mum said calming down. 

'Your room looks like a hurricane just blew threw it!' Mum explained. 'I put a list on your bed of all the things you need to pack' Mum exclaimed. When Mum left I took out my green suitcase from the highest shelf in my wardrobe. After I finished packing I heard a knock on my door. 'Come in' I said casually. 'It's time to go' Mum told me looking at her watch. 

In the car we were all packed like sardines but happy to be on our way to America. Within an hour we finally could see the pier. I winded my window down so I could feel the cold breeze flowing onto my sensitive skin. I could also hear the waves crashing down hard onto the beach sand.    

'All aboard!' yelled the captain. As soon as he said that I knew this would be the start of our adventure!

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