The End of all Days -A Zombie Novel


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"The zombies in the park are looking for my heart

A dark world aches for a splash of the sun"


-Cough syrup, Young The Giant





Everything was fine. Yes there were a few riots outside the hospitals but according to the military officials and doctors, they had everything under control. As long as they kept the bodies of the deceased quarantined, they could keep the rioting groups under control. It was supposed to be a vaccine for Ebola. It was already tested on infected monkeys and when they were checked for the deadly disease, it was gone. It was then announced that the cure had been found. Everyone was happy and during the first day, about 100 people were vaccinated with the Ebola vaccine.


Three days after, half of the human population that was vaccinated started showing signs. High fevers, muscle pains and flu. At first it was put away as side effects of the vaccine but then things got worse. People started throwing up blood, bleeding from their ears and noses. The test monkeys went violent and feed on each other. This horrified the doctors and they were forced to stay at the research center to find a way to fix this outbreak. Any doctor found trying to contact the outside world and inform them of what was happening was shot dead.


The people who were showing signs were admitted into hospitals and a law was passed saying that whoever died in the hospital was to be left there quarantined until further notice. No one was allowed to visit or take their dead loved ones home. This angered families, relatives and close friends took their complains to the hospitals. Starting riots.


There was one brave researcher. And she knew that what they had done could not be fixed. She knew what was about to happen. She had seen it with the monkeys. She was part of the group observing the monkeys. She had seen them die from excessive loss of blood then come back to life and feed on the ones that had not yet died. She had to warn the one she loved of the horrors to come so that maybe, just maybe he could escape them. She sneaked her phone out of the offices were all confiscated phones were kept and she looked for a dark room.


She dialed his number and she was led straight to voice mail. She knew she had to try because she wasn't getting out of here. Dead or Alive. "Adam you need to leave town." She whispered into the phone. "Go without me. Something bad is going to happen. Don't wait for me. Run! Save yourself! Please!" she said crying. "I love you" she whispered ending the call and shutting her phone. She fell to her feet crying. She put a hand over her mouth to muffle her cries. She heard a low groan on the other side of the room. "Hello?" she asked wiping her tears. "Is anyone there?" she was replied again with a low groan. She ignored it thinking she was just tired and hearing things. She leaned her head against the wall and shut her eyes thinking.


After a few minutes, she opened her shut eyes and she felt her heart jump to her throat. Before she was given a chance to run away, she was bitten by her co-worker. She screamed painfully as he sunk his teeth in her neck. She was able to push him off and she ran to the door tripping over her own feet as she tried applying pressure on her neck wound.

When she got to the door, she tried turning the door knob but with shaking and wet hands, she failed miserably. She kept on looking behind her as her co-worker approached her dragging his feet on the ground. He had his arms stretched out to reach her as he groaned. Her fresh blood now dripping down his mouth.

Just as he was about to grab her, she was able to turn the knob and run to the corridor. She bumped into someone sending them both crashing to the ground. She quickly stood up as she now felt her right side soaked with blood.

She looked down at the doctor she had just bumped into and to her horror, he had an ashen color to his skin. His eyes had sunk into their sockets but she could still see his missing iris's in both eyes and the creamy white feelings his eyes. He snapped his teeth at her and what looked like skin chunks flew out of his mouth.

As he slowly stood up, she took steps behind and away from him. She had her hands over her mouth as she cried and looked on in horror. The pain in her neck at started to worsen and she felt light headed from the all the blood she had lost.

She heard a low groan from behind her and she turned around just to face her co-worker standing in front of the door she was now wishing she had closed.

She was inches apart from him and the fear and pain seemed to freeze her body movements as she just stood there crying and shaking.

Her co-worker took a huge bite off her face and this new pain seemed to awaken the fighter in her but it was already to late.

She grabbed his head at both sides and pulled him away from her. He came off with half her face in and hanging from his mouth. He was able to land a huge bite tearing off half the top part of her head starting from her fore head to her nose.

She screamed in agony as she tried getting away from him. She couldn't see as her co-worker was able to bite deep enough in her eye socket to pull out her left eye out. She stumbled trying to get her balance using the wall as she tried getting away. Her lab coat was now fully stained with her blood.

She didn't far as the other doctor grabbed her arm and bite her. By now she lost all the will to fight and screamed. Her blood now chocking her. The pain was extreme and she lost consciousness as the two men tore her apart and stuffed their mouths with her insides.


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Bill J. Gregory

This looks cool! Gonna add it to my ridiculous TBR list.

Chapter 1

Allison chewed the end of her pen as she stared boredly at the clock waiting for the bell to ring. Just five more minutes and she will be on her way home. She didn't really have friends so she needn't stick in school after school hours.

The cracking of the intercom to life grabbed her attention. "Attention students," she heard the familiar voice of her principal "The school if going to be on lock down due to the outbreak of the new disease." There were a few protests in the class. The teacher had to shush everyone so that they could hear the rest of the announcement. "We are only doing this for your safely so please try to understand." And then the intercom went off.

Allison put the pen back into her mouth and continued chewing at. A loud bang on her window startled her making her jump in her seat and dropping her pen. There he was. A young boy banging her window snarling. He had a skin the color of ash. His eyes were sunken in his sockets and they were a pale white. There was no sign of an iris anywhere. He's face covered in blood. He had a neck wound where his blood was still gushing out from. His teeth had what seemed like skin in between them. He hit the window harder and harder snarling at Allison.

A scream ripped its way out of Allison's mouth as she backed away from the window tripping on a bag that was on the floor. Now the whole class's attention was at the window. The teacher at the front told people to calm down but when the window cracked and broke, all hell broke loose in the class. The kid crawled his way into the class as everyone ran for the door.

Due to fear, it took them longer to get the door opened and when they finally did, it was too late. The kid had already sunk its teeth in one for the student's foot. The teenage girl let out a loud scream crying and begging someone to help but of course no one came to her rescue.

Allison watched in fear as the small kid ate at the girl's foot. When he looked up at her, Allison's limps and brain seemed to come back to life as she bolted out of the classroom. Outside the classroom, there were more people with ash colored skin feeding on the students. Teachers that she knew, the janitors, security guards, even the students themselves were eating each other. Allison felt sick and dizzy as she made it for the school exit.

When she burst through the double doors, she bent trying to catch her breath. The horrors of what she saw replayed in her mind over and over again. People feeding on each other. This thought made her sick and she emptied her stomach's contents right where she was standing. She ran her fingers through her butt lengthened Caramel hair pushing it behind her ears before she ran to the school gates.

She saw havoc all around her. People attacking people and eating themselves. People screaming for help.

Allison had one thought at that time. Her mom and her 6 year old brother.

She sprinted through the streets bumping into people and pushing them away as she made her way to her house. It was only about a few minutes from her school so it didnt taker her that long.

Even though the sirens, bullet shoots and screams were deafening, all she could hear was her heart beating really fast.

When she got to her house, she was completely out of breath but she had no time to rest as she saw the door to her house ajar.

If it was even possible, her heart beat faster than it was before. She took in heavy breaths as she slowly opened the door and stepped inside her house. "Mom!" she called out. But there was no answer. Her heart felt heavy and she called out again. "Toby! Mom where are you?!" her voice cracked this time.

She heard a grunt coming from the kitchen and she quickly ran into it and there her mom was. On her knees, bent eating something. Allison gasped getting her attention. Her mom turned to face her and at the sight of her, Allison felt hot tears slide down her cheeks. Her mom no longer had her tanned healthy skin but she had the same ashen color Allison saw on the kid at her school. And like the kid, Allison's mom's eyes were white with no visible iris. She had scratches and bites all over her arms.

Allison's mom stood up giving Allison a view on what she was eating. It was their cat. Allison put a hand over her mouth as she cried harder. She took steps back as her mom took steps closer to her. "What is happening?" she asked aloud and the only reply she got from her mom was a snarl and low grunts.

She was scared shitless. As her mom approached her granting and snapping her teeth at her like a wild dog, Allison could not think of anything else but to go grab her brother and ran away.

If her mom had whatever the child at school had, he sure as hell didn't want to stick around. She had to go get some help.

Her mom was now dangerously close to her. she quickly put her hands out abd pushed her mom away from her. Seeing her mom like this made teara spill from her eyes.

"Toby!" she screamed running up the stairs two at a time to get to the boy's room.

she barged in only to feel her heart drop to her stomach when she didn't see him. "Toby?" she called out but it came out more like a question. "Toby where are you? she asked feeling like she was losing her mind. She almost sat on the floor to start crying when the little boy jumped out of his closet holding his brown Teddy bear close to his chest with a tear stained face.

"Toby!" she said relived and kneeling to his level to cup his face in her shaking hands. "did mommy hurt you? " she asked the boy wiping his tears. he shook his head but remaind silent. "ok we have to go and get mommy some help okay?" she said throwing a sweater on the boy. even if it wasnt cold, she wasn't sure when she'd be coming back home. with all the crazyness out there it was hard to tell.

she grabbed his arms and just as they were about to exit the room, their mom grabbed Allison by the arm and brought it to her mouth.

Allison cried in fear as she quickly pulled her arm away screaming "Mom its us! me and Toby! what is wrong with you! but her mom just responed with a snap of her teeth. As Allison tried to get past her, she pushed her mom down the stairs by mistake. "come on Toby" she said lifting the boy in her arms and running down the stair and out of the house frantically sparing on last glace at her mom who was granting and trying to stand up at the bottom of the stairs.

She ran to the road and didn't see the car coming until it almost hit her. She heard tires screeching and she shut her eyes and held Toby closer to her waiting for the hit but it didn't come. The crazy hooting of the car forced her to open her eyes and come back down to earth.

She looked at the van that almost ran her over. In the driver's seat was a well built blonde man who couldn't be older than 35 hooting angrily at her. He stuck his head through the window and shouted "Get out of the way girl!" But Allison didn't listen. Instead of getting out of his way, she ran straight to the front of his car and started screaming, crying for help.

"Are you mad little girl!" the man barked at her. "please help me!" She screamed "My mom was eating my cat and she doesn't seem to understand anything I say! Please come make her feel better! She's all me and my baby brother have!" She said hugging Toby tighter if that was even possible.

Adam would have left her there but her last statement touched his heart. Just like him, that girl and her brorher were also now alone. When he got his wife's voice mail, he tried calling back but there was no answer so he did what she requested him to do. He left without her and it pained him.

And anyway the girl wouldn't make it through the night. For one she was weak and didn't know what was happening. Secondly she has a child in her hands. As he got out of the van and went to help them into the van, he knew he was going to regret it. he just hoped later rather than sooner. "Come here." He said walking her to the van . "Crying won't do you any good. Come on let's find shelter." He said helping her into the car. "And what about my mom?" she asked as he shut the door. "Don't worry." He lied "The doctors will find her and help her." He said.

Even if he lied, he knew the girl was in shock and things didn't register well in her head. And thw kid she carried was even in more shock than she was so at the moment he isn't a problem.


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Chapter 2


They sat in complete silence. Allison wanted to ask what was happening but the words failed to come out of her mouth. All she could do was look at her baby brother who now sleeping in her laps. How she wished she could also shut her eyes and sleep, but alas that wasn't possible for whenever she shut her eyes, all she could see were the memories of her mom eating their cat.

She stared outside the window of the moving car and she watched in silence as cars crashed, buses over turned, people running in every direction, buildings on fire and the one that made her sick to the stomach, people eating each other. 

"Were you bit?" Adam asked. "Come again." She said turning to face him. "Why are you asking if I was bit?" She said confused. Adam tightened his grip on the steering wheel. "Just answer the question. Were you bit? And have you gone for any recent vaccination?" Adam said through his teeth. "No." Allison said running her fingers through her brother's hair. "And him?" Adam asked looking at Toby who was asleep. "He wasn't vaccinated recently and as far as I know, he wasn't bit either." Allison whispered. Allison wanted to ask what was going on but before she could, the car came to a sudden halt throwing the passengers forward. If it wasn't for the seat belts they wore, they would have been flying through the wind shield.

"Second time today." Adam muttered under his breath. Allison looked up from her brother who was now awake because he hit he's head on the dash board when the car stopped to the front of the car. And there stood two boys. One in a hospital gown. He had blonde hair, pale blue eyes that were behind a pair of nerd glasses. Standing next to him was a boy a few inches taller than him. Black shinning hair and chocolate brown eyes.  He was supporting the guy in the hospital gown.

Adam stuck his head out and yelled "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" and they did. But their faces had panic and cries for help written all over them. Adam took his leg off the brakes and started driving away. "Your seriously going to leave them there?" Allison said staring at Adam. "I don't know them." He said plainly. "You don't know me either!" Allison shot back, but soon regretted it as the thoughts of her savior throwing her out of the car settled in. "They can handle themselves." Adam said "They are grown men." Allison forced a chuckle. "If by grown men you mean teenagers. Please let's go back and help them." Allison said pleadingly. "Fine!" Adam said already regretting bringing Allison with him. Turning the car and driving back to the direction they had just come from.

They found the two boys still standing where they left them. "Get in!" Adam said stopping the van in front of them. "Thank you so much!" the boy in the hospital gown said as they settled in the back of the van.  "Am Simon." They boy in the hospital gown said smiling at Allison who was now looking at the back of the van, Toby still in her hands. "Jack." They guy with black hair said coldly. "Am Allison" Allison said waving "and this is Toby." She said pointing at Toby. Everyone quietly waited for Adam to introduce himself but he obviously didn't. "Are you bit?" He said increasing on the speed at which he drove. "No." the boys in the back said in unison. "Then how did you land yourself in that hospital gown?" Adam asked stopping in front of a supermarket. "My stupid step brother," Simon said pointing at Jack "Thought it would be funny to give me expired food. Leading to food poisoning. Then today when he came to visit, there was commotion outside my room and he went to check it out. He came back saying we had to leave immediately. We witnessed people eating each other and I am seriously confused! Can someone please explain what's going on here?" Simon finished pushing he's glasses behind.

"So both of you were not bitten or scratched?" Adam said opening his door and pulling out a gun from the glove box. "No." Simon said with a shaky voice. "Why are you getting a gun?" he said scared. Jack on the other hand was quiet and his face showed no emotion at all. "We need to get supplies. We won't be able to go back to our homes for a while. And we need things to survive." Adam said opening the back to the Van and handing Jack an axe and ordering him to follow him.  Allison also opened her door and jumped out. Toby wanted to follow her but she wouldn't let him. "Stay here Toby. I'll be back ok." She said shutting the door.

"Where do you think you're going young lady?" Adam asked pulling a hammer from the back of the van. "If you're going to raid a supermarket, you're going to need all the help you can get." Allison said grabbing the huge hammer from Adam and almost dropping it on her feet. Adam shook his head and turned towards the supermarket with Jack closely behind. "You coming?" Adam asked Allison and she quickly ran behind them like a little kid. "So what's your name?" Allison said walking next to Adam. He shot at the padlock that held the chains wrapped on the door handles of the supermarket. "Adam." He said yanking the chain away from the door and opening them wide. "Stay here until I instruct you to enter." Adam said cocking his gun and walking into the supermarket.

Only after a minute did Adam shout "all clear. You can come in now!" They entered the small supermarket  and Adam handed them a few baskets "Get canned food, any food in packets, don't get stuff that will get spoilt in a few days." He instructed Jack. "You." He said pointing at Allison "Grab medicine and clothes for all of us. Preferably tight clothes." Allison gave him a quick nod and went to the clothes section.

They met outside, each had two shopping baskets filled with the things they were instructed to get. Adam quickly loaded the van and soon, they sped off to the out skirts of the town. "What is going on?" Jack asked opening a box of water and taking out a bottle. "Why are people acting crazy" He said chugging half the bottle in one go.

 "Are you familiar with the term Zombies?" Adam asked increasing the speed of the van. 

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