Dissertation Proposal Writing Dos and Don’ts


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What are the dos and don'ts of dissertation proposal writing? 

What are the dos and don'ts of dissertation proposal writing? Are you scheduled to present your dissertation proposal with your committee but are unsure where to begin? This article is going to teach you the dissertation writing Dos and Don’ts to help you prepare successfully.

So without wasting your time, let’s get into it.

Understanding the Dissertation Proposal Structure

One of the crucial elements of the dissertation proposal is its structure. How you organize your points, ideas, and arguments can make or break the strength of the proposal.
As a rule, you’re required to present your points in a hierarchical order. This involves discussing the most important points first in the opening paragraphs, followed by the less important ones. Your opening paragraphs need to be succinct with the major points of the proposal presented concisely.

That said, here are the dissertation proposal writing dos and don’ts you should know:

Dissertation Writing Dos

First, let’s talk about what you should do when writing the dissertation proposal.

Identify the Main Topic

When it comes to dissertation proposal writing, you must make sure you nail the topic at the very opening of the proposal. You may also seek dissertation proposal help online if you’re unsure about how to identify the main topic. Nailing the topic of the proposal involves presenting the main argument or question in the introduction section.
A mistake most students make is to engage in preliminaries where they provide extensive background information and present the central argument last.
When you do this, you make the proposal lose its meaning earlier.

Understand the Central Question and Subsidiary Ones

One mistake most people make is to present a multitude of specific questions scattered throughout the proposal without identifying the central argument and subsidiary ones. Putting the scattered questions together can help to benefit the reader and yourself as well. This helps to provide clarity in the formulation of the central question or argument.

State Your Intention Up Front

Anyone reading your proposal would want to know what you intend to do with the topic. Oftentimes students hold back the intention while avoiding the use of active voice. It’s also a good idea to make your intention as concise and compelling as possible. To maintain clarity, use fewer words while stating your intention.

State a Single Version of the Topic

Another mistake students make is to present multiple versions of the topic differently hence leaving the reader confused. Once you present the topic clearly and concisely up front, you don’t need to repeat it.
When you have to present further elaboration on the topic, be sure to stay as close to the opening paragraphs as possible.

After presenting a concise and compelling statement about your topic, present a brief statement of the importance of the project to your field of study. You should also elaborate on how the project intends to bridge the gap and make a difference in the way people think about the subject.

State the Topic Before the Background 

While it’s important to present enough background about the topic, particularly for non-specialists, it’s also as important when you hold back on the background until you state the topic to enable the reader to understand the relevance of the background to the topic.

That said, let’s turn the coin on the other side.

Dissertation Proposal Writing Don’ts

Here are the dissertation proposal writing don’ts:

Don’t Shy Away From Presenting Plenty of Information

While you’re required to be as concise as possible when writing your proposal, two short paragraphs might not be enough to present the topic and elaborate on why it’s important.

Don’t Forget to Add an Attachment

When you fail to add an attachment with your dissertation proposal, you risk losing marks for incomplete submissions.

Don’t Forget to Keep the Deadline

Missing the deadlines for submitting your dissertation proposal can hurt your grades. As a rule, you should make sure you observe the deadlines and ensure you submit your proposal on time.

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