How to Behave Inside An Interview Hall


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Chapter 1

Interview is the major part of any job. Often there is written test followed by interview. And the written test & interview, both have the same weight age. So it is very important that the candidate clears both written test & interview. Written test is primarily based on the knowledge of the person & interview is based on knowledge & presentation of the candidate.

In the interview, not only the knowledge is important, but the way of custom term paper writing in the interview hall is equally important. In an interview, the attitude, confidence & knowledge, everything is taken into account.

Tips to how to behave in the interview hall : The point, the candidate enters the interview hall, his / her, each & every moment is taken into account. The way he/she walks, the way the candidate sits on the chair, way of talking, way of addressing, style, presentation etc , everything is noted. On the basis of this all, selection is made.

  1. The moment you enter the hall & come near the group of pane taking the interview, wish every one, good morning or good afternoon as per the time. Be very calm & soft in wishing them. Then when you are offered the seat, sit quietly & calmly with confidence.
  2. Try to be comfortable on the seat. Keep your back straight & keep the arms on the side of the chair. Don’t stoop forward. This doesn’t look nice.
  3. Start answering when you are asked only. Don’t start yourself. Let the interviewer check your profile. Be confident & clear while answering. Don’t talk too much or too less. This shows your nervousness. Answer only that much what you know very nicely & you are sure of its correctness.
  4. While answering or talking to the authorities, don’t look at the ceiling or around the room. This shows that you are not interested in conversation. Often try to look at the interviewer.
  5. In case, you don’t know the answer, say it directly to them instead to giving irrelevant or vague answers. This gives a bad impression. Also while thinking, don’t bite the nails or scratch the head or close the eyes etc. These are not good at all.

Don’t repeat the answer. This gives the impression that you are not prepared & have poor understanding of the subject. This again leads to negative marking.

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